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The Multiverse
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Home to Blue Heaven and Terra, ostensibly the gambling and trade hubs of the Orion Spur.


Sol is a part of Sol: Deep Space.

18 Places in Sol:

28 Characters Here

Admiral Gorshkov [23] Cybran Admiral of the Fleet
Aion Farlaeris [22] A dark and strange man, no-one know much about him, not many have seen his face. All they know is, he looks like someone you don't want to start a fight with. Even though he is blind...
The Automated Multitronic Interceptor (Ami) [21] A sentient ship with a mind and emotions of its own, she roams the multiverse looking for a purpose and battles to fight.
Paro Temaru [16] Unforgivable!
Tabitha (Shadow) [10] A princess turned assassian and murderer
DHEED [9] I have a nightstick. You have coffee. I think we should trade until I drink the coffee.
Reian [9] Cocky, but calm. Doesn't pay much attention to people he finds to be lower than himself. dark red hair, right eye is blue, left eye is green.
Jaydenn Mera [7] The well known rouge assassin with the abilities to shift at will, she roams the northern European regions with a bloodlust and will to survive anything. With an enhanced ability in every aspect of physical nature she is a formidable force.
Classis XII Sector Thraecia [5] Aschen fleet assigned to the Thraecia Province
The Divine Shadow [5] God-Emperor of the United Aschen Empire

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The Kefalonia

The Orbus

Rhaaze Skuyla has left the area, heading in into The Medium.
Rhaaze Skuyla has arrived, coming from Sol: Deep Space.
Rhaaze Skuyla has left the area, heading south into New Terra: High Orbit.


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Character Portrait: Jaydenn Mera Character Portrait: Aion Farlaeris Character Portrait: Reian Character Portrait: Paro Temaru Character Portrait: Samantha Anne James Character Portrait: Shinklaire Character Portrait: duke thorson Character Portrait: Almira Mahala Character Portrait: Ellis Avery Character Portrait: Penguin Character Portrait: Frank Cethin Character Portrait: Avi Deomanti Character Portrait: ADAM:00 Character Portrait: john bishop Character Portrait: Toronto Ontario Cananda Character Portrait: Tabitha (Shadow) Character Portrait: Spine Industries and Security Character Portrait: Daigo Yutani Character Portrait: The Devil's Businessman Character Portrait: Naoki Character Portrait: Annalise Funsch Character Portrait: The Divine Shadow Character Portrait: Admiral Gorshkov Character Portrait: The Automated Multitronic Interceptor (Ami) Character Portrait: DHEED Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: Moon Moon Character Portrait: Solaris Character Portrait: Rhaaze Skuyla
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The ship was unremarkable as it drifted into Sol. The only thing strange about it was that it came from a part of the multiverse never before ventured into by any being.

On board the ship, two beings were awake. They were Oberon, a race very similar in design to the Terrans they were here to learn about. The ship itself, the Expedition IV, was very simply designed. It was in the shape of a pyramid with a narrow base, a shape seen all around the galaxy in ship design.It was unmarked except for two parallel lines intersected by another line, marking that the ship had a skip drive. The little ship just stayed where it was, and the people inside began to prepare for the next part of their mission.

"The Orbus" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Veronica Crowe exits "The Orbus".
Veronica Crowe has left the area, heading in towards The Medium.