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The Multiverse

Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The eastern bay of the Solinus Sea. Resting just off of the beach, this area is a famous spot. Known for the massive reefs, great fishing, and old mystique The East Bay is experiencing a tourism boom. Even if vessels still vanish from time to time.

Sambea holds sovereignty over Solinus Sea Eastern Bay, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Proud host of a pristine beach covered in smooth white sand, freckled by a few large boulders, and dozens of assorted seashells, the Bay is synonymous with luxury. This manicured beach looks out across the Solinus Sea, a glittering blue, and white-capped treasure of Terra. Here waves lap gently at the shore while boats, yatchs, and floating establishments battle for the best aquatic real estate. Welcome to paradise.

That said, the Bay has always drawn another sort of attention too..

On dark, overcast nights you can still hear the Old Legends at the right campfire. Legends that tell of a rare, once extinct fish within the waters of Solinus Bay. Many older fisherman will swear to have seen this legendary fish. It has translucent skin revealing the internal organs, and two unblinking white eyes. The movements of the fish are quick and graceful, almost like an angel of the sea.
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Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

The eastern bay of the Solinus Sea. Resting just off of the beach, this area is a famous spot. Known for the massive reefs, great fishing, and old mystique The East Bay is experiencing a tourism boom. Even if vessels still vanish from time to time.


Solinus Sea Eastern Bay is a part of Eastern Seaboard.

2 Places in Solinus Sea Eastern Bay:

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Coral Crystallina [205] Coral is a rainbow coral naga, a very rare type of naga...
Mary Bloodtear [146] Mary is a half demon . She looks mostly human exspet for a long thin lizardlike tail that drags the grown behind her.
Hisao Tanaka [144] A Dark mysterious character, that enjoys flirting and has some dark secrets about Chise that she doesn't know herself...
Saleen [100] She is a werewolf who loves to play and at times will do anything for attention.
Bo Morghan [60]
Josh Tellin [52] Kept secrets on his pillow for way to long...
Molly-Anne [49] She has found Oblivion
Jaxon [32]
Kino [29]

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Karla Wender has left the area, heading south into Hidden Cove.
Karla Wender has arrived, coming from Hidden Cove.
Karla Wender has left the area, heading west into Solinus Sea Coastline.
K'gara has arrived, coming from Solinus Sea Coastline.
K'gara has left the area, heading south into Hidden Cove.
K'gara has arrived, coming from Hidden Cove.
K'gara has left the area, heading east into Solinus Sea: Coastal Waters.
Selerei has arrived, coming from Hidden Cove.

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Selerei continued to follow the trail towards the east, the sea bubbling as the creature passed shallow beneath.

Selerei has left the area, heading east into Solinus Sea: Coastal Waters.
God Killer vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.