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The Multiverse


This region of Midland is dominated by rolling grasslands and sparse stretches of thickets and woodland.
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Southern Grazing Lands

This region of Midland is dominated by rolling grasslands and sparse stretches of thickets and woodland.


Southern Grazing Lands is a part of Midland.

6 Places in Southern Grazing Lands:

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Shourina-Lynn [38] Part human, part wolf. -- She is possessed; has a dark mystical power that she cannot control, and can shift into a large white wolf. She is mostly seen with her newly met companion, Shourou Kobayashi.
Luli [38] The enemy of my enemy is my tool.
Ezrael, The Atrocious [36] If ever was the chance to change, it is now.
Shahaf Nof [21]
Calleigh [20] Deaf slave girl
Unremarkable dog [13] An unremarkable dog. Born as a stray behind a diner in the city of Flora.
Kelsa Whitesun [4] I know the path I walk.
Tiallo Ja'kett [4] Calm air at all times, always seems sure and never surprised.
Isenn Kahfdal [1] This young military knight has found his loyalty shifting to come dangerously close to becoming what he once despised... His pure, though fickle smiles come as easily as they go. Sleepless nights are often the cause of those dark rings under his eyes.
John Titus Templar [1] An immortal over 2000 years old and the protector of both Christendom and numerous powerful artifacts. He has been watching the world for millenniums.

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Character Portrait: Nadya Alexeev Character Portrait: Ezrael, The Atrocious Character Portrait: N'dal Mua Hanai
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N'dal's fur bristled as he let Nadya pull him to Ezrael. The hair on the back of his neck and down his spine was especially long. He kept mostly quiet though, seemingly more hungry than anything else, and that probably dampened whatever other emotions he had at the whole of this thing.

He did sniff at the food, and then said to Nadya in his tongue "Do you have a nakmar'toli, or do your people not cook their hunt?"

Once again the translator would hit a word that it could not comprehend, there being no direct translation available between the two languages. The nearest the Translator could tell was that the Nakmar'toli was a description of a device, similar to a stove or fire pit, over which a stone or iron bowl was hung upon a tripod.

3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nadya Alexeev Character Portrait: Ezrael, The Atrocious Character Portrait: N'dal Mua Hanai
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Ezrael stared at Nadya as he listened, a blank expression on his face as if he were merely reading a passage from a book, then finally he nodded. "If your matron is displeased with your disappearance, I can have a talk with her, and a talk on the matter of temporary accommodation for N'dal. And if she will not have him, he will have to stay with me for the time being, though I imagine he probably wouldn't like seeing my face too much. People rarely do."

His attention turned once more to N'dal, though he continued to talk to Nadya, as understandably she could understand him where the feline could not. "Do you suppose... That there is such a thing as fate or destiny? This device was not designed by accident. it was designed to seek those with specific possessions so that should the time come, I could call them to a central location."

Always the practical, the seal over the chicken split with a gesture of Ezrael's finger, then one breast began to suddenly warm, an even heating spreading through it, cooking it quite quickly until the pink flesh cooked white. It would be far from delicious as there was no technique or flavouring, it would just be a dull plain chicken. He almost seemed absentminded, thinking on his conversation rather than his actions.

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