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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The great universe in which all observable reality exists.

Remæus holds sovereignty over Space, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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To think about all of this, to think about the vast emptiness of space...

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The great universe in which all observable reality exists.


Space is a part of Miðgarðr; Realm of the Man.

17 Places in Space:

96 Characters Here

Jyll [154] Jyll Ava Bespoke, a revolutionary and a surly bitch.
Isenbrandt [150] A tall, somewhat fit man in his early thirties. Around his neck is a mote of iron, showing him to be a Sorcerer from the north. He walks with a sure stride and gazes about with keen eyes.
Emperor Kaisaar Aster I [83] Emperor of the Asteran Empire.
Troven [72] A hyper intelligent AI that enjoys booze, the ability to ingest food and an overactive libido off the clock.
The Pandorian Alliance [43] "Though Challanges are always present, one's strength will determine the outcome, not the difficulty of the challange itself".
The VARIAtech Consulate [41] "Facilitate Innovation to Enable Progress"
Hamayoun Sadir [38] A technological magnate and industrialist who has unlocked the secrets of teleportation. Co-Founder of the Publicly traded company Polyverse.
Djoser the Sun Blooded [32] The ageless mad god king of the Jackalites. A brilliant scholar, scientist, inventor, philosopher, politician, navigator, engineer, architect, physician, tactician and warrior. Currently in constant hibernation by choice.
Zor [26] Possibly the sexiest human being alive.

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The Auroragon


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Character Portrait: Wōđanaz

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Wōđanaz peers out over Mjötviðr, The Realms, sitting upon his throne Hlidskjalf while gazing over the Multiverse from his high seat beyond. He was accompanied by two wolves which rested at his feet at either side of Hlidskjalf, while they themselves were accompanied by two ravens which perched above the king's chair on either side of Wōđanaz, one of them whispering everything into his ear, recalling all manner of thoughts and accoustics, the desires and schemes of those with hearts, all imaginations and even some hidden fates and futures. The other raven, although less verbal than the former one, was distinguished by it's one milky white eye which seemed to be blind, yet remained open and staring. It's other eye was pitch black, and whatever that raven's eye could see, Wōđanaz could see it too.

Gripping the shaft of his magical spear Gungnir, on which the tip had been engraved in dwarven runes, enchanted so that the spear, if thrown, would never miss its mark, with its shaft crafted by the Sons of Ivaldi under the mastery of Dvalinn, forged from the magical branches of Yggdrasil itself, Wōđanaz peered out over the realms. His one eye watching everything which transpired below, like a god-king sitting atop of his mountain throne looking down at a live-action tabletop roleplaying game. Asgard, Midgard, Hel, and those places on the gameboard below seemed ever so small to Wōđanaz from Hlidskjalf, in that great hall of his called Valaskjalf, located high above Asgard and everywhere else in Mjötviðr, posted like an eagle's nest in one of the highest branches of a forest canopy.


Above his mighty black mountain in Valaskjalf, above that great big silver canopy was nothing but open sky and darkness, a swirling storm of purple, black, pink and grey, a void-like cloudy shadow illuminated by spurs of flaming smoke and flashes of mostly silent light, almost like rainbow nebulae, gamma rays and heat lightning, and the only thing in that endless vastness were blue and white twinkling stars and galaxies, or what looked like them anyway. This space-like dome ceiling over Valaskjalf's silver rooftop was actually the grand Multiverse itself, and what appeared to Wōđanaz like distant stars in deep space were actually distant parallel universes in the cosmic ocean of that never-ending Multiverse, separated by millions of billions of light years and time distortions in the void that very few in the whole grand scheme of things could see, let alone imagine.

Wōđanaz looked beyond all the citadels in Asgard, beyond his other throne at Valhöll, gazing over the tallest peaks in Jotunheim, past its giant stronghold at Utgard, beyond all the halls, forests and oceans of Vanaheim, beyond Niflheim, beyond Muspell, and into the great primordial void from whence all existence came to be, from a time before time, a space beyond space, to the great paradoxical singularity that is both all and nothing. There he fixed his gaze for a while, entering a trance-like meditation, a motionless death-like state of being without pulse or breath, sitting upright with one eye open, firmly gripping his spear without slouching or blinking. Wōđanaz was like a statue as he sat on his throne, gazing into the endless expansion, Geri and Freki laying on the floor beside him. One of them appeared to be napping or sleeping on his side with his eyes closed and head down. The other wolf was also laying down, but his head was up and his eyes open as he lounged quietly, taking a deep yawn before laying his head down and watching the entrance to the hall as if lazily guarding his master.

Soon, the one raven with the milky white eye, Muninn, would cawl once before flapping its enormous wingspan and taking flight, shrinking both in size and nearness to Mjötviðr as it dove down into the realm of Miðgarðr far below, and descended further upon the vastness of Space, its one black eye sending everything it saw back to Mjötviðr, back to Valaskjalf and to Hlidskjalf where the raven's master was seated. Once in Space, the intelligent and sentient corvid would glide effortlessly through the universe, looking at all the different galaxies scattered about as if trying to decide which one to descend upon. It was difficult to decipher the raven's actual size from a distance in Space at that moment, for it had seemed to change in size and shrink from its otherwise massive galaxy-sized form in Mjötviðr, becoming more star-like in size as it flew into Midgard, continuing to seemingly shrink more and more now as it dove down into the open vastness of Space, its black feathers extremely difficult to see in the darkness as it soared in search of wisdom and knowledge to share with Wodanaz.