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The Multiverse


This is the headquarters for all Tech Con's activities on Terra, it houses it's business offices, as well as the command staff for the RDA PMC, the Executive suite is a cordoned off area where the Hagan Family and the Board of Directors resides, and is on the top floor.

The Embassy of the United Aschen Empire is also located here on the ground floor, it is where tourists receive their visas, and Citizens can receive services from the Empire when abroad on Terra.

The Embassy is a large section of the ground floor, protected by a state of the art security system, and the LDA's Elite Shore Patrol Division.
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Tech Con Terran Headquarters

Tech Con Tower is the Terran HQ For Tech Con, and houses the Imperial Aschen Embassy.


Tech Con Terran Headquarters is a part of Hagan Avenue.

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Cyprus Valgardd [1] Prince of darkness, lord of the wild
Project-S ALPHA [1] Like the Bioshock big daddy; it is weakest at the back, slow, but packs a powerful punch when provoked
Logan (Leo) [0] Leader of the Fire team for the Zodiac Society
Derek Sheem [0] Relentless miner who has stumbled upon his greatest treasure yet
Acilino [0] Sir I am sorry could you please repeat that.
Self [0]

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It was the closest thing in his life, by far. Right as the very bright flash went off near at hand, he finished his spell. Directly before him opened up a world gate, a portal that acted as a window, tying two locations together, regardless of their distance or dimension.

As he readied to leap through, he felt someone rushing towards him, and barely had the time to look over his shoulder when she tackled into him. The Positioning of the world gate however meant that her tackling into him drove them both through the portal and beyond it.

It was merely bad luck on the part of the security forces that their anti magic grenades would come just barely too late, forcing the gateway shut, and cutting them off from both N'dal and Callandra.

Those two were now far far away, in a place N'dal had chosen specifically because of it's distance from the city. They would now be in The Forest of Twilight