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The Multiverse


Teleri is a rocky world with no large oceanic bodies and instead is a network of rivers and streams. The planet has a population of only around 10,000 individuals living in small clustered mining colonies. The planets mines are rich in Iron and other common metals but recently deep down in the planet some crystals have been sighted. The planet has no large military force the defense is left to a small planetary militia comprised of about 1,000 individuals. A small orbital outpost is positioned above the planet, the outpost is entirely automated.

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A colony world of the Confederation, that is situated close to the Enterprises outer boarders.


Teleri is a part of Celi-Venari System.

1 Places in Teleri:

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Melusine Rika Ocean Huntress [0] A great, female dragon with the ability to control weather, and loves the sea

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Asteroid materializes from the void.
Asteroid vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Asteroid ascends towards Celi-Venari System.
Asteroid materializes from the void.
Asteroid arrives, coming from Teleri.