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Temple Barracks

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The temple barracks is heavily fortified and currently manned by the Knights of Le'thorian.

ColeMaibara holds sovereignty over Temple Barracks, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Though far less extravagant than the temple proper, the barracks is an impressive
structure all of its own. Far more militant in design, the building has been designed to be
defensible in the event of an attack. It also provides lodging for the Knights of Le'thorian
and their Captain, Arrow Flight.
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Temple Barracks

The temple barracks is heavily fortified and currently manned by the Knights of Le'thorian.


Temple Barracks is a part of Mountain Side Temple.

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Noah Aldwell [9] ...
Alexei Belitrov [1] Chitonic soldier.
Xari [1] Destruction
Nick Fenrir [1] He's shy, sticks to himself, but don't mess with him.
Sean Seam [1] A guy who upholds the laws... Of physics.

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Alexei Belitrov arrived in a flash of brilliant light, rippling with rainbow-like distortions. His hardened shell glistened beneath the dust as the vortex disappeared behind him, taking the luminary disturbance with it.

Collecting himself, he rose from the prone position he ended up in and began to look around.