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The Multiverse



A grandiose marble temple; It lays on the shore of Eden Isle closest to the city. A long, twisted pathway conects the two. The tower is simple and white, adorned with moldings and marble bricks. Within the temple are three large doorways, and one small gate. Where these gates lead has long been unknown as a result of the large angelic creature that resides in the center of the temple and threatens anyone who dares to open them.
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Temple of Eden

An ancient temple of marble and glass, it is said to contain the gates of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.


Temple of Eden is a part of Garden of Eden.

1 Places in Temple of Eden:

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Lisette Aeona [17] The One Girl Army
Shi Zhen Li [16] Shi Zhen Li is the 23rd human avatar of the Chai Mo Buddha, reincarnated as a peaceful warrior monk with the natural ability to bring balance and harmony wherever he goes.
Ria Murdock [16] "I'll be floating like a butterfly, and stinging like a bee."
Al'myaz Malgun [16] A hot-headed and arrogant Muhari assassin-in-training

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Character Portrait: Kamala Ainsley Character Portrait: Anton Valerian Character Portrait: Al'myaz Malgun Character Portrait: Lisette Aeona Character Portrait: Shi Zhen Li Character Portrait: Ria Murdock Character Portrait: The Laughing Figure
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Valerian quietly narrowed his eyes at the monk’s response to his question, by asking another question. Valerian dismissed it though for the moment, briefly turning back towards his small hut. He checked the readout on the return tether through a small handheld device that displayed the status on a small screen. The calibrations were running, and eventually they would interlink, and a return portal would be formed.

Valerian watched the device flash green, and a platform inside the small prefabricated domicile flashed green as well, there was a positive lock between this dimension, and his own. Valerian smiled.

“Excellent.” He thought to himself, with a two-way portal established through the platform, he could return to his people, and organize a more appropriate reconnoiter of this strange area.

He turned back to Li.

“I asked what this place was, if you knew anything about this place.” He said aloud, turning back to his handheld. He would have to get a seismic scan set up, and see what kind of valuable resources could be exploited here.

You never told me your name, I said mine was Anton.”

His gaze was locked onto Li’s, carefully watching his movements. “I’m going to be returning to my people soon.

Samus Macron has arrived, coming from Purgatory.
Samus Macron has left the area, heading down towards Temple of Eden: Hell.
Swan the River King has arrived, coming from Purgatory.
Swan the River King has left the area, heading up towards Heaven.
Swan the River King has arrived, coming from Heaven.
Swan the River King has left the area, heading south towards Garden of Eden.