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Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels
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Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels

Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels


Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels is a part of Niihama Sewer System.

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Hoargraskr [1] He appeared as a giant, legged serpent of snow white scales. Though he was lesser than his siblings, he was the most cunning and brutal.

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It was quiet inside the massive Ten-shi Zaibatsu complex, only the sound of dripping water on concrete filled the empty void of silence as the massive gear shaped nanosteel, and tungsten door remained shut, cutting off access between the worlds of Gaia, and Niihama. Since the first incursion at the hands of the Harii warriors years past, the Taiyou Empire spared no expense in ensuring the area was secure, and now housed an expansive military command and control facility that controlled access between the two worlds. Two Taiyou soldiers stood in silence on the other side of the door, one of them was looking up at the massive gear shaped door that loomed over them, he marveled at the engineering, two solid meters of nanosteel plating, which protected a solid titanium-tungsten composite, and was filled with lead. Naoto Kojima, one of the soldiers guarding the door knocked on it twice, and the door gave him a solid, and reassuring sound.

"It's meant to withstand a hit from a nuclear bomb." Corporal Fujiwa said while giving Kurasawa a sidelong glance. "Nothing's getting through unless we let them." He said, hefting his Seburo C30 assault rifle across his chest, letting it rest from it's sling across his back while Naoto checked his watch.

"Aren't the Argosians supposed to be checking in by now?" He asked, and Fujiwa shrugged, looking towards the indicator on the door. The door itself was recessed back away from the portal far enough, that the technology would work, and there was a single CCTV Camera wired through the plascrete, to allow the Taiyou authorities to see who was on the other side, and so far nothing was illuminated by the brilliant high pressure sodium floodlight that illuminated through the portal, and into the Rikkisopi cave system, the only source of light within. Silently, Naoto looked up to the control room, and the officer within shook his head, signalling that there was nothing on the other end. They were overdue for check in and it was time to relay that information back to General Hama. So the officer picked up the telephone, while looking down into the main portal room through two inches of ballistic glass, and he nodded to the soldiers below.

Naoto cast his gaze around the large rectangular chamber, there were two reinforced nanosteel blast doors on either side, and two heavy MGs positioned against the doorway, where soldiers could take position and defend a potentially breached doorway. Naoto then cast his gaze to two levels of bullet proof glass, the operations center, where they could see and administer the facility.

Beyond the pair of blast doors were large cooridors, that went to the rest of the facility, the breach into Niihama's sewers had been fixed with reinforced concrete, and the entire facility only had one way in, and out to the surface, and that was a large central elevator which was controlled by keycard access.

Overall, the entire facility was tightly secured against invasion, and General Hama wouldn't have it any other way.

So in the silence, Naoto checked his weapon one last time, and stepped down from the steel grated ramp that led away from the large gear shaped door, slowly he made his way, step by step towards the blast door on the left, before he stopped, and turned around to rest against one of the heavy machineguns, and cast his gaze upon the brightly lit, seven meter tall doorway to the other world.

Inside the operations center, General Hama was going over battle plans, since it had been some time since the Legion checked in, and they were drawing on roughly six hours overdue.

"Our men lack the technology, and the training to go in and perform an extraction." Lieutenant Colonel Shiro Makino commented, as he looked down towards the large map of Iskjerne Bay, along with small models of all of it's fortifications. "Our weapons don't work past the gate, and they have us both outnumbered, and outmatched unless we completely retool our loadout." He explained, bringing his hardened gaze up to Hama.

"We could send in the Umibozu, they've got hand to hand, and training with a variety of traditional weapons." Colonel Sanada remarked. "We could send in a squad, and have the entire situation assessed by sundown."

"No." Hama objected, splaying his hands out across the map. "We cannot have anyone with any cyberization, their prosthetics would shut down, killing them."

Hama frowned, and then moved over towards a console, picking up a telephone, and dialing a number.

Hoargraskr has arrived, coming from Oor Cavern.

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Character Portrait: Hoargraskr
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Hoargraskr slipped through the mysterious portal, a slithering shadow in the dank night of the Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels. This was a far different place than before. There was no looming oppression of Eras. No magical embrace, however restrictive, of Gaia. Here there was no telling what could happen. What fate would befall Niihama? A Titan had arrived.