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'Terminus Cave' as it is perhaps misleadingly called is a very deep and expansive abandoned mineshaft that was at one point used to mine a great deal of coal. It was abandoned, rumors being that a powerful pokemon chased the miners away. In spite of the rumors of dangers it is somewhat common to find several trainers seeking to train here against the relatively powerful wild pokemon within.

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Terminus Cave

A very deep abandoned mine shaft. 'Terminus Cave' was abandoned after a rumored powerful pokemon chased the miners away.


Terminus Cave is a part of Kalos.

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Astralini [11] Mega Absol | Wild

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  1. (co-written by HolyJunkie, ClockworkTowers, LawOfTheLand, and NeverEndingFlip)

    by NeverEndingFlip

4.75 INK

(Co-written between NeverEndingFlip, LawOfTheLand, ClockTower, and HolyJunkie)

Suros looked to Radegast as the two of them crossed a wide open plain. Once more, they were headed across Kalos- albeit in a different direction. The Talonflame knew about Terminus Cave, as well as the secret Elder and the others promised not to disclose. As much as she wanted to tell Radegast, a promise was a promise. The Lord-Regent would learn soon enough, and the Demonslayer could vouch for him later.

Shalour City grew smaller and smaller, as Radegast used psychic power to launch himself forward at high speeds. He wore his Go-Goggles underneath his helmet in order to protect his eyes as he effectively leaped and bounded like no human ever could. Reggie's single eye watched their back while Suros zipped around in the sky. Between the three of them, they didn't have a single blind spot for an incoming ambush.

Several hours later, a rest stop was taken. While Suros roosted like usual and Reggie hovered at-attention, Radegast meditated to rejuvenate his mind. The trip was uneventful, but a welcome respite after that close call with Lucy Reginald. The skies were only beginning to darken to twilight by the time they arrived.

The entrance ahead was somewhat obscured by the treeline, but he did sense a presence ahead. Before making their final approach, Suros swooped down and slipped back into her white-shelled Pokeball. With Reggie remaining fused and on his back and his Go-Goggles removed, Radegast stepped up the stone and gravel leading up to the cave entrance. He was in his full armour suit, and thus unrecognizable to pretty much everyone save for Crimson and his own family.

They weren't alone in heading to Terminus Cave. Turns out that a couple hours before, they had sent someone else there to learn the secrets of Mega Evolution as well, and prove her worthiness--because sometimes it takes more than defeating the right people in a battle to get what you want. An older-looking woman was standing at the entrance with a Lucario, apparently practicing martial arts...and mimicking the jackal's moves. She had gotten to the place, but was either too scared or working up the courage to go in.

"Um...who the fuck are you? Were you the guy they sent to make sure I do the trial correctly? I don't know about this...why couldn't I have just fought Korrina to get a key stone? Aside from the type disadvantage, I mean." She shrugged and went back to her kata, but now they were both watching him. The aura was of someone who was on guard and more than a little frightened, with a tinge of darkness suggesting past trauma. There was a reason they were being so paranoid and defensive.

Radegast was taken aback at-first. However, as he felt the aura around the two of them, he quickly shook his head. He might as well answer quickly and truthfully, especially with another Lucario around. "Nope, just a traveller," Radegast replied as he shifted his stance awkwardly, "Actually, I'm looking to find some key stone as well." He watched the exercise. The movements appeared to be quite different compared to the movements he had learned in the schools of Fuchsia, and more recently from Janine. "You uh... planning to head in?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am. But it's really dark and scary in there. Huntress here was showing me a few moves to calm my nerves." The Lucario gave a grunt of approval. "Well, no sense wasting both of our fuel with a battle. I got this mojo going, time to use it. Let's now we can watch each other's backs. This wouldn't be the first time I've had something bad happen to me in a dark cave. You're not who I thought you were, so I'm probably a's Titania. Maybe you've heard it."

Radegast nodded, "Dreads," he returned with his old nickname. Nowadays, 'Radegast' was not a name to be thrown about lightly, "I'm afraid to say i didn't know yours until now. It's a pleasure to meet you." Titania's time would have ben during a time when Radegast was deep in the wilds, away from civilization.

Radegast slipped the shield and blade into his hands, and with a quick wave of one arm, the white circle on the shield lit up, filling the forward path into the tunnels with light. Reggie wasn't called the "Shield of Light" for nothing. "I'll take point," Radegast offered as he moved in.

"That's...very kind and gentlemanly of you, Dreads." A brief shudder of her shoulders as the two went into the cave, filled with unknown horrors. After all, if it wasn't, it wouldn't have an ominous name like supposedly there was a legendary Pokemon living here. Perhaps that was the test, to wrest it from its clutches, or to complete a trial it gave? "Either way, I'm glad you're here. I didn't like the idea of coming down here all by myself." The way she talked, her thoughts were clearly still racing despite her earlier attempts to put the brakes on.

"Don't trainers usually have Pokemon?" Radegast asked, somewhat puzzled by the word 'alone'. Even he wasn't alone. He did, however, keep an eye on the forming shadows on the walls. He made a note to shine the light into the shadows to make sure there weren't any hidden passages. Between the light and Radegast's and Huntress' ability to feel auras, (Though Radegast's ability is nowhere near as potent as a Lucario's) they should be able to catch anything planning to attack from out of sight.

Something was still eating at this older woman, though. She was flinching at shadows that Radegast and Huntress weren't paying a second thought. Her muscles were getting tense and she was tiptoeing, as if a panic attack was in some sort of slow motion onset. "I...I have to fight this off. I did it just to get in here. I got my team, I got this dude, we're gonna be OK. It's not like those old guys would set me up for anything..." Then, a thought. "Say. Dreads. How do you know there's even Key Stones in here?"

Radegast stopped. He glanced back. His faintly glowing blue eyes shone through the visor of the helmet. "I was told there was, and it's my only lead at the moment. More importantly, Reggie..." The Aegislash unfused, and the ancient blade and shield's aura enveloped them- an air of machine-like calm, as Radegast softly pat a hand on the woman's shoulder. The glow in his eyes noticably vanished as the Aegislash unfused. "Are you gonna be alright? Do you need to rest?"

"I'm...I'm not tired." Titania pushed his hand away. "And please don't touch me. It's just...this legendary Pokemon, it could be anywhere, and who knows what it's capable of. Not to mention that there are apparently people with the power to harness their power into terrible weapons. If they knew something this strong was here, who knows what they'd do to get it, and what they'd do to the ones who stood in their way? That's what has got me on a razor's edge."

Radegast moved his hand away as he looked at her thoughtfully. After a pause of thought, Radegast then spoke. "If they're cool, we talk with them. If they're a threat, we beat them. That's the way of the wild." He replied as he turned back to continue forward, "Though personally, I don't like fighting..." The Aegislash fused once more. "I'd like to talk with such a Pokemon."

" can talk with Pokemon? That's incredible. I've always known that they can understand us, but not that it was a two way street. And I say this having met some that could talk like us. Sure, most of them wanted to split me in half, but it's still a lot to take in. Also, where do you think I can get a Pokemon like that sword and shield you have there? I'm fairly interested in the steel type, you see." Titania almost lost her balance, but managed to get it together at the last moment.

At this time, Huntress would be able to pinpoint an aura. An aura that glowed a mystic purple color, though it seemed somehow apprehensive, perhaps even frightened. Yet, at the same time, it was also quite strong and confident. It would not be much longer beyond the first detection that Radegast would sense it as well, just as a woman standing a short distance away came into view. She was timid in stance and seemed to be a scientist of some kind. Despite her nervousness, her labcoat, her cards, her notebooks, and her specialized equipment was a dead giveaway as to her standing in education. With the scientist, a smart marine blue aura, faint, reserved, but chaotic, wavering in and out in equal measure, almost with no patterns. She was an individual who was quite intense as she too stared into the dark, her large grey jacket quite the fashion choice with its unusual zipper and oversized sleeves. This woman was shorter than the scientist and had magenta stockings and a cream dress underneath the jacket that gaveaway her identity to anyone native to the region. Her green hair was short compared to the scientist's longer onyx hair, and magenta eyes contrasted the onyx eyes of the scientist.

As the light shone closer on the two, catching their attention, it was clear the scientist had what seemed to be scarring covering the left side of her face, tucked underneath hair. It was also clear she was not expecting them, her face panicked. The woman in the jacket was indifferent it seemed, almost as if she expected this, unlike her companion. Neither spoke, seemingly awaiting the newcomers to do introductions.

"Sup?" Radegast called as he waved his free hand. Reggie's blade remained on his back in order to make him seem less threatening. "Just lookin' for keystone. You guys doing an experiment?"

Titania didn't say anything. She couldn't. She just stood there frozen in fear, her hand twitching as if it was trying to grab a Poke Ball, but she couldn't. " Should I run?!"

The scientist stammered.
I... Uh, I w- was just...

Fortunately, the other woman intervened.
There's nowhere to run. So you shouldn't. Running in caves is a bad idea anyway. You can trip and fall. I wouldn't recommend it. Well, anyway... I wasn't doing an experiment. She was. I was in here waiting for something. Maybe a Pokemon. Or a Human. I wasn't sure, but I felt I had to wait here. She found me. Well, I'm not sure if she found the actual me. The me that is what I am. As opposed to the me standing before you.

The scientist pulled herself together.
Y-yes! I stumbled across her while doing my experiments! The energy in here i-is rather suitable for p-purposes related to forces of the earth itself. Perhaps more... I haven't seen any Keystones yet. But I heard they can be found in places l-like this!

Radegast nodded very slowly. I didn't just have a stroke, did I? he thought in the communication channel he shared with Reggie.

It would be humiliating for me to lose you in that way, Reggie returned the thought matter-of-factly.

"What sort of purposes?" Radegast asked with apparent interest.

U-uh, um. Studies of the Legendary Pokemon known as Zygarde. It's home was said to be somewhere around here, and that's why all the miners were scared away.

The woman with the jacket raised an eyebrow.
Zygarde. It's not only found here, you know. My father discovered items related to it on the islands of the Alola region. Something must involve it there. But regardless. You guys are here for Keystones. Perhaps that is why I was sent to wait. I am still unsure, but I suppose you both want to master the secrets of Mega Evolution. There'd be no reason to be here otherwise.

"T-that is correct. I'm a petitioner from the Tower of Mastery." Titania was finally starting to find her courage after that freak out a moment ago. "The sages of the Tower sent me here to prove I was worthy. Something about how not everything can be won through battling alone. Do you speak for Zygarde? Are you here to give us our trial?"

I'm unsure. A trial is not what you need. This should be a test. Then it'd be more accurate. However, battle is a part of any such test. Mega Evolution requires a bond with your Pokemon that exceeds the normal relations Trainers have with them. You must be inseparable. To be so trusting of each other that the immense release of energy can be controlled. This would be what battle would demonstrate. However, battle is half of the battle. The other half of the battle is simply finding your stone. Some say each stone has a specific attuning to the Trainer. I do not know how true it is. But I'm sure you'll find out.

" why didn't they just have me fight Korrina? Why make me come out all this way?" Titania still sounded nervous, but was slowly edging back into a standard battle ready distance behind her Lucario, who remained relaxed, aware that there was no real threat just yet and trying to communicate that to her paranoid Trainer.

Because, as I just stated. Half of the battle is finding the stone. If you cannot even manage that much, then you are nowhere near ready to actually try the fight. Korrina tested those who already found their stones. You do not have yours yet. So she cannot test you, nor can I.

The scientist nodded.
That seems to be the case. Um... If you'll excuse me! There are rock formations deeper in the mine... Perhaps you should take a look? I... I-Ihavetogodomyresearchnow!

As if suddenly spooked by something, she took off running, leaving Titania and Radegast alone with the woman that Titania had only encountered once prior.

"Uh...Dreads? Flip your flashlight, sounds like we need to find the stones first, then we have a battle coming up. I'm ready for this if you are."

Radegast didn't take his eyes off of the scientist who ran off. He didn't like the smell of the situation, but the presence of some sort of trial meant there had to be key stone here somewhere. If all else fails, he could simply unfuse and let Reggie carve a line in the proverbial sand. The last thing he wanted was to let his new companion lose herself to her plainly obvious anxieties. "I was afraid of that," he replied as he gripped and drew the silver Aegislash blade- which glinted in the light of the shield. "Did you bring any other buddies?" Radegast asked.

"A whole team. Huntress is more of a scout. I've been ambushed before, you enemies so powerful that my team couldn't save me. That's why I'm this way. I'm scared of it happening all over again. What if while we're down here, Zygarde comes out and I can't beat it?" The Lucario barked sharply and Titania finally snapped back to reality. "Right. Right. Now what the heck would a Key Stone even look like? I take it we have to dig for it? Hopefully we can find or make some tools."

The woman spoke up here.
The stones will be easy to see. They're shiny compared to the dull rocks in here. I am assuming you have your Mega Stones already as well. A Keystone will only be nice to look at without one.

Radegast, as always, took point. The Aegislash shield, after all, was capable of withstanding Lucy Reginald's Psybeam. Even Reggie was impressed at the durability of the shield, even though the impact nearly broke every bone in his body. "I don't have a good long-ranged attack," Radegast said, "So I'm counting on you guys."

"In that case, time for a switch. Huntress, return." Now that she had a role in the little group, it was easier for her to find a hidden reserve of resolve. Out came a Magnezone in her place. "Using its radio antenna, it should have some kind of ground-penetrating radar that we can use to find our way around, plus a compass. Onward, Tesla." With a series of beeps, it levitated out a sketch pad for Titania to use to map out the cave as they went. "Oh. Okay. I usually use this for when I'm designing a part, but it'll work." She had a plan now. That was a good step towards being less scared. "I guess I could use some of the tools I have in my box to improvise digging. But what was that she said about having a Mega Stone already in order to find these things?"

"I imagine something like this," Radegast produced the Galladite and held it up with the hand that held the shield. He was expecting some sort of effect, some kind of "hot and cold" sensation associated with the Mega stone he held.

"Oh, one of those? That shiny marble...that's a Mega Stone? Huh. I expected something more. I might have it in here somewhere, but let's use yours as a detector. I don't feel comfortable with stopping to rummage around in my pack for it." Titania started scribbling faint lines that looked like the outlines of the corridors, along with a compass rose with Magnezone's help.

"Best make sure we mark our location too," Radegast used the blade of the Aegislash to carve in a single slice. "That's 1." He also added an arrow pointing to the exit. "You got that on the map?" He asked.

"I do now. Good idea. Let's keep going."

Radegast marked forks in the road as Titania whipped together the map. Reggie said nothing- the blade hadn't dulled in generations, despite slashing against hides far tougher than stone throughout those many many years. Elder would have had a quip to say here; thinking about that made Radegast miss his friends- currently doing some field work for the Crimson Guild.

It's so different now... How did it all go so wrong...? Well, there was only one person to blame, but blame meant spit when there were steps to take. There was no such thing as destiny. However, there is his plan- Radegast's plan to make things right again. The only destiny at play was what he made himself.

The four of them- Radegast with Reggie, and Titania with Tesla, continued down the cave, marking and noting landmarks as they moved. Radegast kept an eye on the Galladite, though he wasn't quite sure how exactly this small stone was going to help him find the key stone material. He had no idea what it would look like if the stone reacted to the presence of such material- or would it even react at all? As their sole light sources moved, the change in light shining over the stone sometimes made Radegast think there was an unusual change- only to realise it was simply a false alarm.

Eventually, with a somewhat detailed map with at least one clear path quickly leading back to their first marking, the four of them arrived in an enormous expanse. The stench of stone and dust gave way to a less suffocating smell. Abandoned mining equipment lay scattered around the opening- which had been mostly left collapsed. Rubble had been moved aside before, likely due to trainers and explorers seeking glory and/or fortune in the previously unexplored tunnels. As for said unexplored cavern, natural formations of stone pillars and stalagtites held the ceiling over a somewhat smoothed-out cavern floor, pockmarked with pools of glowing green fluid that flowed to one another either visibly, or under cracks through solid rock.

Radegast felt an unusual warmth in his shield-bearing hand. Evidently, the Galladite reacted. He held it up to Titania's line of sight and nodded. There was key stone in this cavern... probably...

Radegast was about to ask what colour the key stones usually were. However, with the sickly green light emitting from those pools, everything nearby would appear green. Radegast instead kept a grip on the Galladite, feeling for any change in the warmth he now felt. The warmth grew and faded as he stepped cautiously, which led him to try to search for where it got warmer. Eventually, he came across a spot where any direction resulted in the warmth fading. Radegast shone the shield-light over the rocky ground, not seeing anything at-first, save for cracks. "Might be hidden in a vein," He noted.

With Titania's tools and Radegast's grasp on telekinesis, chunks of stone were dislodged and carefully removed. The Galladite grew somehow warmer, until eventually they saw what they were looking for.

An obsidian-coloured ore absorbed the surrounding green light, as well as the light of the shield. Radegast noted that it seemed oddly similar to the prismatic material that comprised the Limited. With a few taps along the outer edges, the vein was loosened, and Radegast hoisted the raw chunk out with unseen hands. There was plenty of keystone in this particular vein, although it would have to be refined into a usable state. Given the potential loss of material from said refinement, the two of them continued their exploring through the cave. They kept an eye out for wild Pokemon as they found a second and a third vein. Radegast slipped the raw key stone into his backpack for safekeeping- at least until they get out of the cave. They would have to forge them into the proper accessories in a workshop anyway.

"Welp," Radegast shone the light around for a quick scan. He then pocketed the Galladite and jerked a thumb toward their entrance. "Let's not overstay our welcome, eh?"

As if the timing was perfect, they would hear a low thud from the depths of the cavern...then another...then another. Each step was louder than the last and made the surrounding environment shake a little more. Then...a voice...a voice that would come off as a growl for Titania, but for the other three, they would hear this:

"Who dares enter my cavern?"

"Whoa," Radegast shifted his stance as he searched for the source. "Hey man, what's up?" He returned as casually as he could. "We were just leaving, actually."

From the darkness in front of them, two eyes appeared from the shadows around them. They glinted a bright blue as it reflected off the light the two were giving off. They did not seem friendly, "And what are you taking with you?"

"Ah, just some key stone," Radegast produced one of the chunks from his backpack. "I need it to Mega Evolve, same with them." He hesitated to explain his personal reasons further with Titania around.

"Hmm..." the voice seemed less mad this time around, but... "That's disappointing. All you humans ever seem to do is take." They heard a step rumble forward, "Take what you want. Take what you claim to need. You don't consider all the bad things your actions lead you towards. The terrible state that you as a species will eventually leave this world in. You've already taken most of the resources we've already had. And yet you still...keep...taking..."

As the eyes lumbered forward, a shape started to take form. A huge hulking figure with thick arms and legs and sharp, steel claws to match. Now that he was closer, they could hear the tail being dragged along the cavern floor, the slight screeching sound that accompanied it. It's head was fairly close to rhino shaped, but with two horns beside each other instead of one horn in front of the other. It's eyes seemed to only grow angrier and it's jaw clamped shut, giving the impression that it could crush diamond if it wanted to.

"I'm tired of seeing people take what they want. I'm sorry Brother, but I think...I should start doing something about it."

"To be perfectly honest, I don't like it neither," Radegast tried to reason, "But the people who want me dead won't defeat themselves anytime soon." He readied his shield all the same. An Aggron, a Steel and Rock-type. Radegast considered tapping on Suros' pokeball, but thought against it. There was still an opportunity to deescalate the situation. He lowered the sword, but kept the shield up so the light could still shine on the Aggron. "Is there a price I can pay in order to leave peacefully with what I need? A favour, perhaps? Arceus knows I don't want to make any more enemies."

The Aggron looked down, postulating Radegast's request, before asking another question, "The two women closer to the surface. Are you with them?"

"I never knew them until we entered these tunnels," Radegast honestly replied, "Are they bothering you guys?" He made a quick aside to Titania, "He's talking about the other two women."

"Never seen them before in my life. And if I had, I'd have regretted it a few times over by now," came Titania's answer. This Aggron clearly wasn't here to fight, but if not that, then what? Was it...talking to Dreads?! Wouldn't even crack her top ten of the weirdest shit she's seen, but definitely up there for the year.

The Aggron continued, nodding to the question Radegast had asked, "They are disturbing our home for the sake of their own desires. I don't know why they want to set up their noisy equipment here, but it won't be long before they do something horrible. Get rid of them and I'll have a reason to trust you'll make good use of that ore."

"Um, Dreads? What did he say? I'm kind of afraid to turn my back on this guy." Tesla moved into a defensive position in front of Titania, ready to cut loose as soon as she gave the word.

"What's your name?" Radegast asked the Aggron.

It did not hesitate to answer, "Scourge."

With a nod, the armoured Gallade turned to Titania. "Scourge says the wild Pokemon here are being bothered by those two ladies and their noisy equipment. We get rid of them, and we'll have this keystone with a clean conscience." Or at least, I would.

"All right. Good thing I made the map. We can retrace our steps, confront them, and we get out of here with the Key Stone. I guess that's our trial. I'm ready if you are, I'm certainly eager to avoid facing Zygarde if I can." Already Titania was unrolling the map and finding which ways to turn to get back to the entrance. "Tesla, return." She'd have to figure out what to lead with based off what they felt confident in running, the better to get an advantage before any moves had been exchanged.

Running back to the entrance was simple enough, and as surely as was expected, the woman in the jacket was still there. With her was the scientist again, having apparently been reassured by her. She turned around at hearing footsteps, and alerted the scientist to them as well.

So, you found them. Good, I suppose. Those stones are hard to come by. Well, they don't visit people on their own, so they can't really come over at all, but if they did, it'd be a rare occasion. I'd make some tea or something.

The woman gave a close eyed smile, the sleeves of her oversized jacket that ran above the elbow lifting to the side, while the length of the sleeve below the elbow was hanging loosely, drawn by gravity. The scientist nodded.

Yes, those stones need to be refined properly so they can be used. My machine would allow us to find them and refine them far easier... But I need to go deeper to set it up.

"Yeah, about that...the wildlife aren't too happy about how people come in here and just take, take, take. Dreads here was able to translate what an Aggron told us earlier. We can't leave unless we stop you from setting up your mining equipment...and I think we both know what that means. Get ready to lose!"

Radegast didn't like the idea of combat, but negotiations amongst humans was definitely not his forte. Titania seemed perfectly versed in the typical human traditions in striking bargains. There was plenty of light in the immediate area, so the Aegislash shield's light faded once more. Hesitantly, Radegast readied his blade. "Guess we're doing this then."

A fight? Well... For my research, I guess I'll do it. I can do this...
The scientist seemed to be shaking a bit, but she nonetheless fetched a Poke Ball. It seemed she was the type to toss underhanded. The woman in the jacket then spoke with a smug smile.
To lose? What will I lose? I have all my things. Because we all have things. Well, except for you. Your things will soon be what is lost. I think that much is true. You will have to payout to the winner. Because it's a contest. Well... Enough of that. I won't hand you a victory. I can't do that, actually.

You are challenged by Mysterious Scientist Megirege and Pokemon Trainer Rachel!

In what seemed like it would be a Multi-Battle, the scientist spoke again.
T-Two Pokemon each! No more, no less! Let us do our work, Gothitelle!

Rachel also spoke with her smug smile as she used an awkward leaning motion, letting a Poke Ball drop onto her knees like a hacky sack before she kicked it forward.
Look, Probopass! No hands!

From the Poke Balls emerged a Gothitelle and a Probopass, both assuming their standard positions, ready for battle.

Titania was quick to assess the lead. "Dreads. Start with something quick. Neither of them are very fast, so I'm thinking Gothitelle might have Trick Room. These battles go too quickly for hazards to be worth it. So if we can remove Gothitelle, we can make their lack of speed a weakness. Let's go, Mawile!" On hitting the field, it turned its back to present its fearsome horns to the enemies, trying to Intimidate them.

Radegast opened both hands, and the Aegislash hovered away to unfuse. The room would flood with Reggie's particularly imposing aura, but otherwise have no affect on the trainers, nor the fight proper. What do you think, Reggie? Radegast thought.

Sound tactics. Your parents would approve.

Radegast smirked. Though the faint glow behind his visor was gone, the armoured figure didn't seem any less imposing. Radegast put up his dukes, and loosened his stance with a couple of short hops.

As Radegast finished his lossening, Rachel maintained her smug smile, but raised the sleeves to her sides as the length below her elbows hung limply.
As I noticed. This will be interesting. Almost as interesting as Mawile being unable to leave now.

Megirege tried to put on a confident glance.
You'll also find your shadows are pinned in place. You're going nowhere! Gothitelle, use Flatter on Probopass!

"Didn't plan to," Radegast quipped as his legs glowed slightly pink. By applying Psychic energy into his legs, he willed his body to make a leap forward that normal humans couldn't do. He closed the distance to Probopass to send his fists flying. Radegast was quite good at close combat, even without the recent training.

"Wait, what the hell? I thought the Aegislash was gonna be...ugh, never mind! Mawile, use Crunch on Gothitelle!" With a high pitched battle cry, the little Deceiver ran into action, whipping its head around to bring its fake horn's powerful jaws to bear on the Psychic-type.

As Mawile closed the gap, the Gothitelle's neck accessory would shine bright, issuing a blinding glare that would make Mawile miss the mark. With Probopass surviving the Close Combat, albeit with plenty of damage, Gothitelle would proceed to Flatter Probopass, powering up its own Special Attacks while also confusing it. In its own duress, Probopass ate something it seemed to have been holding in wait, and afterwards, seemed perfectly ready to continue, issuing its own expanded version of the bright light, a pink magical shine of light that assailed both Mawile (to little real effect), and Radegast (to super powerful effect) simultaneously. After the attacks, Probopass seemed relatively weak, though Gothitelle was ready to take on its next order.

"Grrrrr...fucking hax!" Titania was visibly red in the face from the long walk and her anger at this unfortunate turn of events. Not knowing what Dreads had in the back, she changed gears and instead ordered a Sucker Punch on Probopass, trying to finish it off before it got off another dazzling gleam.

Radegast, on the other hand, shook his head. Dazzling Gleam's a pain indeed. The Gallade darted back a step to give Titania's pokemon the space needed to land a hit. He then focused on himself, and took a deep breath. If they were going to use attacks like that, he'd need to steel himself. Radegast's meditative breathing calmed his mind.

Megirege was emboldened at Probopass' success, and kept going.
Excellent! Gothitelle, use Psych Up on Probopass!

As she gave the order, Gothitelle prepared to use the move before being caught off guard at Mawile's sudden movements at Titania's equally as sudden command. Probopass was also almost caught off guard, but Rachel had her own quick thinking.

"Probopass, Protect yourself!

With an acknowledging noise, the Probopass shielded itself in green energy as Mawile connected, the energy exhibited by the clash being quite the spectacle, breaking the Protect, but leaving Probopass unharmed. Gothitelle would finish its chant as it copied the buffs Probopass had received the turn before.

Radegast, feeling tougher once more, darted forward after the Protection was dropped. He unleashed another flurry of blows against the Probopass. "Sorry buddy, not so sturdy now, are you?"

"Okay. That's some good information. Mawile, they're trying to wipe us out! Iron Head on Gothitelle!" This time, instead of trying to whip the fearsome maw around, it simply lowered its head and ran forward, using the horns to try to block the sudden glare of the Bright Powder and deliver the hit.

Before anything else could happen, the Probopass took the next blow and found its large form pushed back into Rachel, knocking the woman down as it returned to its Poke Ball. Seemingly unfazed by the act, she lay on her back for the moment, pondering what just occurred.

Megirege noticed the Mawile's new actions, and quickly gave orders to Gothitelle. No time to worry about Rachel.
Gothitelle, Substitute!

The Astral Body Pokemon spread her arms wide and quickly replaced her form with that of a small doll of a Gothitelle. It looked cute, and was made of stuffing, stuffing clearly showcased as Mawile's Iron Head almost literally made the doll explode on impact. Gothitelle was a short distance to the side of the decoy, ready to issue her next move.

Rachel, at this point, glanced idly at the ceiling, and rolled her body to the side awkwardly, fidgeting to release another Poke Ball. She then angled herself to nudge the ball enough to where she could kick it into the air and push it forward.

"Mawile, what's your name?" Radegast called as he took a quick step back and focused some energy.

In Pokespeak, it shouted back something that sounded like Pyrite before rushing back to a ready stance. Rachel had to summon her replacement to the field before the Multi Battle could continue.

Radegast nodded. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, buddy." He then began pulling the few photons that bounced around within the cavern, and focused them into one of his elbow blades.

From the Poke Ball, a Gourgeist emerged. It seemed to be a Large one, and it's purple arms and darker body gave away its status as one of those rare Shiny Pokemon. Upon landing after being released, it would use those very arms to ready itself for the fight at hand.

Megirege would help Rachel onto her feet as well.
A-Are you okay?

I'm okay. Not good, nor bad. Okay. But I'm not named okay. So don't assume my name is okay.

"Dreads, I'll keep the Gothitelle occupied! Be careful, your defenses are very weak! Mawile, use another Iron Head on Gothitelle!"

Radegast nodded, but he wasn't about to drop anytime soon. From the experience taking on the Probopass just now, he knew that the Gothitelle would likely utilize supportive moves in order to make the Gourgeist just as much of a hassle. Can't have that He also considered his current state. I'm gonna have to heal up. He assumed a quick stance and breathed in and out. Within a moment, a wave of energy washed over himself and everyone around him- filling everyone present in a rejuvenating light. While the present humans wouldn't see it, the Gothitelle, Gourgeist, and Mawile would all catch a glimpse of a field- a foreign field, with pink-petaled trees bordering one visible side. An outstretched arm pointed skyward at a cloud that resembled nothing specific. To the right, a Gastly with a scar over one eye soundlessly guffawed at an unheard joke. As quickly as the vision appeared, it vanished, and the fight was their reality once more.

Radegast didn't mean for a memory to slip, and yet.

Gothitelle made note of the memories. That was all it needed to see, but more on that later. Right now, it found its wounds being patched as it noted the charging Mawile. Nodding to Gourgeist, as if sharing some mental note, the Gourgeist proceeded to vanish from sight somewhere with an eerie giggle as Rachel gave the command for Phantom Force. At Megirege's following command, Gothitelle proceeded then to face down the Mawile as its eyes flashed green, causing a small green circle of energy to expand outward from Gothitelle and encircle the Mawile before it shrank into the Mawile. The green orb formed from the process then returned to Gothitelle, suddenly making the Gothitelle appear a lot more menacing and Intimidating then it was before to Radegast and Mawile (though Mawile's jaws would mean it wasn't properly affected beyond a mental note). It then put up its arms as it took the Iron Head attack reasonably well, still standing afterwards.

Perhaps to Megirege's surprise, Mawile wasn't intimidated in the least! He still charged forward and rammed hard into her Gothitelle's lower body, but Titania had a new problem. "Dreads! I don't see Gourgeist anywhere! I have a bad feeling about this! Mawile, get ready to crunch Gourgeist when it comes back!"

"Phantom Force," Reggie spoke up, recognizing the attack immediately with his generations-old experience, "Do you require my assistance?"

"No need," Radegast replied, "It'll go through your protection." He then darted after the Gothitelle, forming a Leaf Blade with the few photons that crept through the cave from the distant entrance. He moved in close to slam the glowing yellow-green blade against the Gothitelle's form.

As the Mawile's Iron Head connected, and then Radegast's bladed arm connected, with the Gothitelle, it fell back, knocked unconscious by the intense blows. However, it was now that Gourgeist would reemerge from a purple portal behind Radegast, wrapping its arms around him as it squeezed tight, lifting him before slamming him hard a couple of times against the walls in the small cave they were fighting in for what was surely going to be enough damage to knock him out. This left it open to Crunch, but the Gourgeist didn't seem to be too hurt by the attack, albeit, it did float back a short distance following the bite.

Radegast's vision grew dim as he was slammed against the wall. Before he could hit the floor, he felt his heavy body grabbed. The Aegislash had darted over to him with untold speed.

"Phantom Force wouldn't go through me, mind you," Reggie pointed out.

"Probably not," Radegast admitted weakly,

"Should I just end this?" The Aegislash asked, albeit with some reservations regarding what the question implies.

Radegast shook his head with an almost drunken grogginess. "By Arceus, no... if we're gonna... get these guys out... for the guy... we gotta beat them... on their terms- not ours."

Reggie carried Radegast next to Titania. Radegast kept one eye open, but he did hurt all over. "Well now," The Aegislash moved into Radegast's place. He spoke to Titania and her Mawile. "How are you holding up?"

"I still got some fuel left in the tank. Good trade. Still interested to see how you're intending on continuing this fight, though. Gotta know so I know what to do going forward, depending on what comes out on the other side." Mawile let out a battle cry, which needed no translation...though Reggie would catch the subtle nuances, being a fellow steel-type. He complained of some foot pain and fatigue...he wasn't used to being forced to battle for this long and was ready for a rest now that the shadow tag user was gone. But if he had to keep the pedal to the metal, he would.

"This cave does limit me for safety concerns," Reggie admitted. If he went at full-speed, he'd unwittingly cause the cave to collapse. He'd have to make sure impacts against opponents wouldn't send them against the walls any harder than the Gourgeist opted to send the poor 16-year-old. The single eye glared at the Gourgeist with a cold fury. "As for you," Reggie spoke up, but said nothing further. Instead, the ancient powerful blade crackled with a deathly energy and fired a Shadow Ball at a terrible speed, directed at the Gourgeist.

Megirege would then send out her Beedrill.
Alright, Beedrill! You're up! Let's get some data!
The large wasp would begin glowing with energy as it Mega Evolved into a Mega Beedrill, though it seemed to hold its turn until after the Aegislash's Shadow Ball was fired. Before Gourgeist could do anything, it found itself being struck by the orb and collapsing to the ground, where it was returned to Rachel's Poke Ball.

The Beedrill then rushed down Reggie with a Drill Run, at the order given by a slightly razzled Megirege. Pointing its barbed stingers forward, they began to spin as if actual drills as they sought to strike the Aegislash hard in his recovery from Shadow Ball's firing.

Titania was able to recognize the danger as the Mega Beedrill geared up for its Drill Run. After all, her Excadrill used to do the same thing. "Mawile, use Sucker Punch!" Willing itself forward once more, the deceiver slammed into the bug at incredible speed, making sure that it would pay for trying to hit Reggie while it was (relatively) vulnerable.

"Appreciated," Reggie's body thrummed with dissipating kinetic energy as the Beedrill- having just been sucker-punched- managed to land the drill attack regardless. "I believe you are in our way," Reggie's eye glowed as his image seemed to vanish on the spot. If he couldn't overwhelm them with raw power on account of causing a cave-in, what was needed instead was precision. Reggie reappeared, swooping in seemingly from nowhere, and slashed at the Mega Beedrill with an Aerial Ace.

After its successful attack, having been struck twice, the Beedrill collapsed with expected posture as it was returned, though Reggie's apparent imperviousness to the attack did make Megirege panic, with the scientist's eyes wide in fear once more as she leaned back.

I-Impressive! Nowimgoingtogostudymycollectedatabye!

As the scientist began to run, Rachel smiled.
Well, you don't win them all.
The girl in the jacket stood there with her incredibly neutral smile, watching Radegast and Titania closely.
You win. I guess that means I must go. Well, I need to decide where I will go to. My father should be about finished with his grand project, so he may need me to help him with managing the after effects. But I suppose I should go solve the Lumiose disputes too. I have a lot of messages for those. Or maybe I stand here and assess the two of you.

With a bit of an uncertain look to the side, she returned her gaze to the pair, though she did not turn her head to face them.
Assessing you wouldn't accomplish anything, however. There is nothing to assess. You are solid Trainers. I wonder if you're ready for what challenges are to come? I wouldn't know, since I'm not you. That would just be weird. Like Ditto weird. Pink and gooey. Now I'm uncomfortable. Just like that time when...well, I don't need to say it. It's already awkward now.

Returning to her smile, she nodded.
The two of you should probably go and get those stones looked at. My father might be able to help, but any scientist here in Kalos would do the trick. Well, assuming they know the trick. Tricks are strange like that. Some know them, and others don't. They're tricky, because they're tricks. They aren't always funny though. Then they'd be jokes. Anyway, I've rambled enough. We will meet again soon. As friends? Or foes? Who knows? I'm happy either way, I guess. I can never tell.

Rachel then turned her back to the pair and proceeded to leave the cave at her own slower pace.

After a moment's pause, with the two women gone, the Aegislash looked to Titania, and Radegast- who had his eyes closed to rest. "Did I ever mention that I never liked Kalos?"

Radegast mumbled, which prompted the Aegislash to lift him gently to a seated position. The Aegislash's paper-thin hands carefully snaked between the joints in the armour suit. With a well-placed couple of pricks with the paper-thin fingers, Radegast gasped- suddenly awake. "Holy sffg-" The armoured Gallade clutched at his helmet. "Urgh.."

"I believe you used to do the same for your friends," Reggie noted. It did take precision and care, which wouldn't be achieved in the heat of battle.

"I didn't use any sharp bits, jeez." Radegast stumbled back to his feet. He reached into his leg satchel and produced a Super Potion. He popped the cork off and drank it directly.

"It worked regardless," Reggie's aura almost flickered with a feeling of pride, "With no wounds, I should add."

It was true, Radegast didn't feel any wetness on his back or chest. Even if there were any, this potion's effects would've been nearly immediate. "Thanks," He spoke after a deep breath.

"Where to now?" Reggie asked.

"Well, I think we're in the clear," Radegast replied, "But I'll check in with Scourge. Reggie, would you be able to escort Titania to the entrance?" He had a feeling she didn't want to be in this cave any longer than she needed to.

"Whoever or whatever the fuck you are...I've seen more than my fair share of weird shit, and this whole day is right up there. Come on, champ, before I cram you in a ball and take you to a Pokémon Center." Titania chuckled to indicate how she was half-joking, and made for the exit according to their map. After this, everyone could definitely use a long rest.

Radegast nodded slowly, but headed deeper into the cave as he looked for Scourge once more. Reggie watched Titania leave for a moment, making sure nothing befell her before she reached the exit, and then followed Radegast.


"Scourge?" Radegast called, "We got rid of'em, so we're square, right?"

The caves were just as dark as before, if a little more isolating, given the one fewer companion. Reggie had arrived by then, and the two of them fused once more. Reggie's shield shone its light once more.

"The sooner we get this refined, the sooner we can get back to fighting the rebellion," He muttered, frustrated and not thinking straight in the wake of his poor health status. The potion helped, and fusion gave him more strength, but his body still felt weak. He made a mental note on how he could potentially stop such an attack like Phantom Force. It was tailor-made to counter him, and the Psychic Rebellion would definitely have such abilities learned among their members. Heck, if Lucy Reginald could figure out how to emulate ghostly energy, she'd definitely learn to harness it.

"Scourge?" He called again, "We sent them packing, like I promised. Is, uh... Is everything cool?"

There was no reply, but there was something that caught Radegast's eye. Deeper in the cave shone a soft light. It was faint and hard to detect due to the contrasting light Reggie's shield put off, but it was there, adding a slight greenish tint to the depths of the cavern.

And they would hear another that didn't belong to Scourge, "Come closer please..."

"Uhh," Radegast spoke, as if he was feigning any time to think about his response. He was still weakened, and the last thing he wanted was falling into what could be a trap."You ain't Scourge, man. Do you know him? Not to suggest everyone in this cave knows each other."

"They might," Reggie spoke up.

"I just don't like assuming things, you know?" Radegast replied, "It's like talkin' about fate and stuff."

"I assure you I know Scourge very well," the voice answered, "The Aggron is a close friend of mine."

Radegast nodded. He didn't mention Scourge was an Aggron, so this voice had to know him. "Alrighty then," He stepped forward, deeper into the cavern. The green hue grew brighter, but no source was visible as of yet. Glancing around, he noticed a few green specks floating in the air, minuscule in size and not bright enough to be the root of the light. But he couldn't shake the feeling that this was related to it in some weird way. It felt eerie stepping forward.

The voice grew louder. "Closer. You're almost to me..."

Radegast shone the shield light around the walls, just in case, before entering a larger chamber, where the source of the green light was. This was different compared to the huge opening where he and Titania found the key stone. However, any geologist would know that the two were related. The light on the shield flickered off as the room was surprisingly decently lit, like a green drape across the atmosphere. The only light that remained on his person was the slight purple ripple that radiated from Radegast's body, as well as the glowing eyes that were barely hidden under the helmet's visor. It was a brilliant contrast to the look of the room, shining radiantly against the green hue.

The walls suddenly spoke, loud and clear, echoing across the cavern, "So you're the ones who rose up to protect our home?"

"To be fair," Radegast produced the keystone he kept, as Reggie's blade and shield moved to his back, "I kind of invaded first."

"That's not true, actually. They had arrived before you did." Now the green aura seemed to shift around them, ever so slighty as to give the pragmatic image that it was the one speaking to him, "But I see your point. Scourge explained what he saw. I wish to seek a better clarity of your rationale. Tell me, what is your name?"

"Dreads," Radegast replied automatically. The last time he encountered a friendly-looking stranger, when they discovered who he really was, he almost got killed- and even then some could argue on the nature of almost.

"Dreads," the voice repeated, "That name sounds familiar. But not around these parts."

"Well, I'm not from around these parts," Radegast shrugged with a chuckle.

"I agree," the aura continued, "What is your quest, young one?"

Radegast never thought about how to describe the thing he'd been working so hard to do. He knew what he was training for...he sought justice... or revenge.. or whatever... but there was a greater goal beyond all of that, like those two things were a mere stepping stone.

"I just wanna hang out with my friends again," Radegast sighed, "Despite myself, I've made enemies, and they're trying to kill me and others- er, I mean... they have killed others and... anyway, I feel I have to stop them. To do that, I need to get stronger. This keystone, and mega-evolution, that's a step to getting strong enough to fight back."

For a time, the aura was silent, as if contemplating what the knightly-clad Gallade had just said. The air shifted slightly, but never stirred too much. A slight wind here...a small breeze there. Finally, he spoke again.

"You have waged quite a war, young Dreads. Not just here, not just in a physical manner, and not just for yourself. You fight the very thing you don't wish to fight, take the route you don't wish to take, in the hope that one day...things will return to the way they were. That you will reclaim the peace you so desperately desire. And not just your desires, but for the desires of others...your friends...your family, to an extent."

Family? Radegast didn't mention family. He tilted his head at the mention of them.

"Yes, I know who you are. Even though you may not know me."

"Seems to be a running trend," Radegast muttered to himself.

"Worry not. I don't care where you came from. I care about what your intentions are presently, and going forward."

"Pokke for your thoughts?" Radegast asked sheepishly.

A deep rumble of a chuckle echoed through the cavern, "In light of things, and from what you've told me, you don't seem to be one to take advantage of the world around you. You seek to do things your way with as little dependence as you can possibly allow. And while that trait can be dangerous, you harness more good from it than evil. You've just stumbled into trouble more often than you want to admit. But not with the intent of provoking your will or demanding respect...more out of curiosity and a willingness to defuse trouble before it starts. You may mask it behind your friends, but you carry the same adventurous spirit as they do. You don't take them along for your ride. You go where they go. That and all of these things have made you into the individual you are today."

There was a slight pause, then, "Now how much Pokke was that worth?"

Radegast moved the keystone in one hand under his arm before he produced his coin pouch from the leg satchel. He then paused as he sifted through the coins. "Wait, if you're like a haze, how can you carry these?"

Another rumble emerged, "You can put that away. I have no use for money. And to answer your question, I'm not always like this. It just takes so much strength to muster a form that I can't always keep it. But I can still do many this..."

At once, the mist seemed to swirl around him, permeating in the space around Radegast for the first time. The keystone ore moved on its own, popping out from underneath his arm and floating in front of him. In front of his very eyes, the rock protruding from it seemed to erode away, crumbles of stone and dust whithering to the floor. What remained was the keystone, bright and shiny, smooth and refined, ready to be taken by Radegast.

"As a token of thanks, for your actions and your convictions, I have lifted a small burden from your arduous journey. I hope this stone tends to your liking."

"It's perfect," Radegast plucked the refined stone from the air to get a closer look at it. "I just need to make a bracelet, and I'll be set."

"Now you must be off," the mist said, retreating from Radegast's airways and giving him space once more, "You have your own journey to have I. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask them. You know where I'll be, young Dreads."

Radegast began to head off, but then something came to mind. "Do you know anything about something called an Apex?" He asked, thinking of his cousin, and the word she used to describe him.

"Apex?" the mist questioned, its voice puzzled, "That term doesn't sound familiar to me."

"I feel like it's important," Radegast nodded, "But that's alright. Thank you for everything." He then headed out of the cave. "Oh, and give Scourge my regards!" He called back while he was in the tunnels leading back to the exit.


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The Deathweaver ship coasted through the atmosphere like a phantom, and a faint hum drifted through the air as the vessel descended to its destination. It soared over rolling hills and darkened grasslands like a sliver of the void that was carved from the darkest corner of the night sky.

Several minutes later the vessel nestled between a grouping of hills, away from prying eyes, almost a mile away from the abandoned mines. The engines powered down, and then a small hatch on the side of the ship opened with a moaning hiss.

A dozen pools of miasmic black ink poured from the hatch and dripped onto the ground like tar. They writhed, churned, and morphed into grotesque humanoid shapes. Ichor dripped from wolf-like maws while long claws, like daggers, hung beside their incorporeal smokey bodies.

Then, as one, they vanished into the shadows and set out towards the cave.

The hunt was on.


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As Titania was leaving, she noted that she wasn't alone at the entrance. A bunch of clouds that looked like people were on their way inside, and that simply would not do.

"I thought today was already crazy enough, but holy fuck. Right now I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this shit anymore. Time to send you back to whatever hell you crawled out of." And with that, a quick count of the numbers revealed that even with her whole team, they would be outnumbered 2 to 1. Still, those were her best odds.

"All right, time to hit the gas! Everybody out!"

Six monsters appeared out of bright white flashes, each with a metallic sheen on their bodies.

One sported a mutated horn that looked like it could come alive and take a bite out of something. It turned its back to the group, letting its massive fake maw try to intimidate the lot.

The second looked like a massive, armored penguin, with flippers that gleamed in the ambient light like swords.

A third looked strange indeed. A metal body with three spheres joined to it, and a central red eye looked out at the foe from under a big golden antenna, the entire body floating in midair while spinning horseshoe magnets to generate the force needed to stay afloat.

The fourth looked like a blue jackal on two legs, with spikes jutting out of its forelegs and chest, assuming a fighting stance as soon as it materialized.

The fifth was partially buried underground, and seemed to be three faces with flowing golden locks, moving up and down to keep the soil loose and ready for action.

The last one resembled a massive fruit, but covered in spiked armor, using three vines to keep itself anchored to the ceiling of the cave and swinging about in a threatening manner.

"You don't belong here! I'm sick and tired of these motherfucking invaders on my motherfucking planet!"


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2.25 INK

a great stirring

deep in the cave.

the green fluttered

as it stirred

the light shafts flickered and deep from within there was a great rumble as it stirred, disturbed from it's casual slumber


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The shades snarled as Titania and her pokemon barred their path. Their eyes burned with primal fury as thin tendrils of crimson smoke leached from their gaseous eyes. They charged as one and slithered in the air like serpents with teeth and claws glistening with spectral frost.

The pack of dark spirits split in two, half ascending towards the roof and the rest slinking amidst the shadows. A deathly chill suffused the air as the upper shades opened their maws like pythons. They roared, long and terrible, with anguished cries that were like ice-cold daggers being driven into the mind.

Six Deathweaver Shades use Astonish!

Meanwhile, the other six shades vanished into the darkness. They become one with the shadows, stalking like silent wolves in order to surround their prey.

Six Deathweaver Shades use Phantom Force!


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Titania grit her teeth. She had to come up with a plan, fast. Ideally something cohesive.

"Ferrothorn, use Spikes! We can't let them get close! Same to you, Dugtrio! Sucker Punch the first one to get close!"

Man, already this horde battle fucking sucked. Half of them had already disappeared somewhere...she stood back to back with the Empoleon after ordering it to make a Substitute.

"Huntress, can you tell where they went with your Aura sight?" The Lucario shook her head. Aura was the force of living things, and these were decidedly...not.

"Mawile, use Misty Terrain! We can't let them inflict status, these odds are bad enough as is! Magnezone, wait for them to strike, then hit them with a Thunderbolt!"

Mist started to swirl about the battlefield, infused with a magical glow in stark contrast to the shadows before the well-seasoned veteran.

As the six in front rushed to strike up close letting out their unearthly wails, Titania's knees started to shake as fear started to coil around her heart and mind once more. "No. I won't let you take me. Never again. I'm stronger than this. I will win this time!" Her Pokemon all recoiled a bit as well, but maintained nerves of steel and carried out their orders. Hell, Lucario seemed mildly amused before lashing out with a Rock Slide, using material that had gathered at the mouth of the cave to strike at the six that were still present. They had been through too much together to be restricted by simple order and obey. Aura let them communicate without words, to fight as one.


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While each of Titania’s pokemon guarded themselves against ambushes, their shadows quivered and danced like flames. A shade shot out like a viper from each shadow, wailing their ghastly screeches, and slashed with their dagger-like claws. Each claw would deliver an icy chill and deep gash that burned to the bone.

The other six shades dove for their targets, aiming for their shadows.

Six Deathweaver Shades attempt to use Spirit Shackle!

Meanwhile, at the Deathweaver transport, a sinister presence stirred.

”My lord… Our scouts have encountered resistance at the recon site. Should I send reinforcements?”

”No. Let us see how the living of this world fair against our forces. If the tide turns in their favor, send the dreadwraiths and a brute. Leave no survivors.”

”Yes, Lord Deathweaver.”


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All of a sudden there were no shadows, as everything was shadows. The lights pulsed off and on quickly as the air took about a fearful aura. From deep within Terminus Cave, a strong Dark Pulse was activated, targeting the invaders.


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The shadows screeched at the interruption and some of them scattered, attempting to avoid the pulse of dark energy. Some of the shadows screamed in pain as the unexpected attack disrupted their spectral bodies. Though the damage was inflicted, the psychic effects of the attack would dissipate and be nulled - as if absorbed and diffused.


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An Absol coming in out of nowhere? It was said that they had the power to sense impending disasters...and in trying to warn others of it, became associated with their onset. Titania just had to pray that that wasn't the case here. And if it was, she'd have to make sure she had a way out when things went sideways.

"The fuck? It's like they're not scared at all? Like they're some kind of zombies or something?"

The Magnezone and Dugtrio unleashed their prepared attacks, but felt the wrath of their shadows being attacked and pinned in place. There was no fleeing now, at least for those struck by the Spirit Shackle. But thanks to the penguin's Substitute, he managed to escape the worst of it. He had spent less hit points to make the decoy than he would have lost taking the hit, so he came out ahead.

"Shit. No way out. I have to defeat them. Right here. Come on...wall of steel. Huntress, Rock Slide again! I think we can use that to make a choke point! Dugtrio, help her out! Mawile, grab one of them and Play Rough!"

Pause to think and catch a breath. "Ferrothorn, Leech Seed! Whatever they're running on, we'll use it to power us! Tesla, Flash Cannon if they try to hit us from the back again. These guys don't like the light, so let's see what happens when we hit it with all the light you can muster at once. And Ulysses...Roar. If I can get these guys to rout, that would be ideal."


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Leech Seed struck one of the shadows, and it howled. What Ferrothorn would find would be both interesting - yet terrifying. The shadows were bottomless and lifeless pits, but they were not empty. Rage fueled them, and agony filled their frigid and lightless husks.

A thousand thousand minds stretched beyond the empty voids of their souls, spreading across unfathomable distances like a massive interconnected web of consciousness. The dread hivemind knew no fear, for they were united in purpose and resolve. They knew no pain, for the collective shouldered the burdens of the individual.

The shadows, disorganized yet frenzied, attacked their targets with the reckless ferocity of rabid wolves. They twisted like ethereal serpents and slashed with icy talons.

Keep the brute on stand-by. If the natives do not break, then retreat and resort to probing attacks. Outlast them and stick to the shadows.


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    by TheNoremac42

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"What? What is going on? They're not living, but...something else is powering them. Enough to make Leech Seed effective." Suddenly she screamed in pain and shock as one managed to slash her, ruining her shirt and partially exposing her large breasts. Ulysses let out a terrible shriek, hosing the guilty party with a freezing beam of ice to lock them in place and remove them from the battle as the rest instinctively moved to form a perimeter around their Trainer.

"No pain. No fear. Only the fight. Reminds me of what I used to be. I've got to be that woman again if I'm going to make it out of this..." But as the shrieks of the damned closed in and attacks started going out all over the place as the Pokémon were left to their own devices, Titania was left to grapple with the greatest foe of all...her inner demons.

"No...not like this...not again. No...I won't let you break me!" Titania fell to her knees, clutching the remnants of her outfit together with thick forearms as she let out a panicked cry. "Someone! Anyone! Help me!!"


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The shadows reacted to the spike of fear like moths to a flame. They swirled around Titania and her pokemon like wisps of noxious smoke. Their forms were momentarily destabilized by the ice beams, but the cold energy was ineffective against their equally frozen spirits.

Shadows snapped at their heels and wriggled unnaturally along the walls, distorting the features of the cave into grotesque facsimiles of leering eyes and sneering grins. Their howls reverberated through the cave and filled the air with a predatory dread.

A hole appeared in the shadows’ macabre dance, just small enough for the woman to squeeze through and avoid the spectral claws. A random chink in their circle, allowing her to escape - or a feint to lead her into a killing blow?

There was only one way to find out...


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But they wouldn't even need to take the chance.

As the swarming, gaseous creatures tightened their circle around Titania and her Pokemon, they would soon discover that help was not too far in the chasms of Terminus Cave. Two Sandslash and two Durants emerged from the ground, striking the specters with Dig. Several Rocks were being Thrown from deeper inside the cavern, attempting to hit whatever they could with a spread shot approach akin to an arrow volley. At the same time, three more Rock Slides broke from the walls, two of which wedged into the cloud and formed a loose wall around Titania and her Pokemon. The intent was clearly to divide the shadow creatures.

And then they were swarmed. Gravelers emerged from the newly formed holes in the wall thanks to Rock Slide. Lairon and Aron were spilling out in droves behind them. From inside the main mining tunnel, Geodudes and Durants were slowly approaching, keeping their range as they continued their Rock Throw volley. There were even a couple of Larvitar hanging around the back, tossing the occasional Dark Pulse in conjunction with the Absol's. All attacks were directed towards the small group of shadow beings, who suddenly found themselves outnumbered and nearly surrounded with only one way to retreat...back the way they came.

For a group of wild Pokemon, there seemed to be a lot of coordination, indicating that they were being led by someone...or something.

Titania Brightsmith vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.


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The Shadows shrieked and scattered as the new pokemon entered the fray. They writhed like a disturbed school of airborne fish, dodging the rock volleys and dark energy pulses that disrupted their sooty bodies. Blood-curdling screeches filled the cavern, and fiery eyes glared at the interlopers with venomous rage.

Then, just as quickly as they appeared, the Shadows faded into the dark - their murderous eyes glinting like embers before being snuffed out.