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The Multiverse


An ancient, mysterious, ominous cube. It is believed to be older then the multiverse. Whether created by gods, advanced beings, or such, it is truly a mystery of universal proportions.
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The Black Cube

An ancient, mysterious, ominous cube. It is believed to be older then the multiverse. Whether created by gods, advanced beings, or such, it is truly a mystery of universal proportions.


The Black Cube is a part of AP-755.

7 Characters Here

Yodjryn Akeri [12] Lead researcher aboard the Void-Seeker science vessel "Endless Horizons".
Aegero Hissania [10] The duke of the Phi Class Sky Fort Aldramonia
Giselle Monroe [10] *under construction* Fairly normal high school student who aspires to be an astronautical engineer.
Sorre [5] A pink-furred 5'10" anthro cat.
Daravis Gervana [4] Pandorian Codebreaker and a former agent of the PSF (Pandorian Service of Financials).
Steve Fletcher [1] A fatter Q who is also a wereT-Rex
Larry [1] WereT-rex mixed with Q

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Character Portrait: Yodjryn Akeri Character Portrait: Daravis Gervana
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Yodjryn strode along one of the many hallways of the orbital ring surrounding The Black Cube, a heavy, tanned leather coat covering most of her body, a large bag slung over her shoulder, the weight of its contents forcing her to lean slightly to one side as she walked, a hand being occupied by a pane of crystal mounted on a portable mana point, the large metal cylinder glowing softly with a soft pinkish light and the other hand scratching at the green tinted skin of her cheek before pushing a lock of auburn hair that refused to stay in her pony-tail behind her ear.

The scientist strode into one of the laboratories, placing her bag on a free counter and giving it a pat as she unslung it from her shoulder and placing the Info-Pad down next to the bag then walked over to the viewing port in the room, leaning close to the thick glass to peer at the gibberish flowing over the immense polygon suspended in space.

"So..." She began in her thick accent as she returned to her bag and began unpacking several items from within it, everything from a large box of chalk sticks to a rather bizarre copper microscope. "Any new developments on this cosmic anomaly of yours or is it still making out to be the biggest and most complicated puzzle box ever conceived?" The Aeon gave the younger Pandorian an appraising look, here almost black irises making here pupils look far larger than seemed natural.


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