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The Multiverse

The Dolrion Woods

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.

LookingAtPerks holds sovereignty over The Dolrion Woods, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

3,501 readers have been here.


It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.

And while monsters and the like can also be hunted here, this place has also been used by Astrius Academy and other places for field trips and camping trips. Unless one goes too far in, the monsters are normally not that strong in this region so it can make great training.
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The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


The Dolrion Woods is a part of Rosetta Continent.

8 Characters Here

Meeko Maow [68] "What was done cannot be forgiven."
Atrix Akir [68] "Where I am from and who I am does not matter...I have to succeed!"
Hayden Oakley [58] "I got the tech touch."
Valiance [1] "I Don't Speak For myself"
Vailframe [1] "The end is to come"
Dolrion [1] "I am the sentinal of the forests"
Kro, The Wood Walker [0] *Ghostly Whispers*
Orion, The Forest Sentinal [0] "I am the sentinal of the forests"

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"Aww, I was so close" Atrix pouted as he lost to Meeko. He was amazed he had managed to endure being hit so much, and managed to get to the top. "Well, the reward for second place is still good, and Meeko got first place so its fine".

He said that as he climbed down, which invited giggling and looks from Ixian. "Oh got really dirty now!"

" are one to talk! Besides, we are camping! Of course we would get dirty! Anyways, the rewards are pretty good! The winner gets him and his roommate spending money for the Oka Island Field Trip, and second place is a grant of research money to you or someone of your choice! With this, I can get a lot more materials for my work!"

Ixian just looked at Atrix, and then turned to Meeko.

"You are right....just, how much of a workaholic is he exactly?!"

"Nevermind that! Its lunch time! Lets go eat!"

Atrix, with a very quick and powerful subtle topic change in hopes that Meeko forgot the punishment all together, tried to push everyone to go and have lunch.

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Meeko took note of the prizes and knew that he had made the right choice in continuing to keep Atrix in his bed at night.

"Well he's very focused on his work, but I think Hayden is going be a good influence and a big help on some of that. He can give him some outside perspective and still understand all that technical stuff." Meeko replied to Ixian.

The four of them went back to the main camp to eat. Everyone was given an hour break for lunch before the next round of activities began. Meeko was surprised by how many people were congratulating him on the tree climbing victory and the whole team on the dodge ball victory. He honestly expected more animosity or sore losers making nasty comments, but it seemed like the fresh air was putting everything in a good mood. Meeko decided to go for the easy route for lunch and put a couple of hot dogs on a stick and roasted them over the fire. He figured the unlimited food would be dispersed later in the trip. He then fixed the buns for the hot dogs and put them on after.

"So I was thinking Hayden and I would take you down to the river and give you guys a bath." He gave a devilish grin

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"I see I see. Its just, his journal was filled with all sorts of notes as well. Like, notes on a homonculus of himself he was trying to make for whatever reason. Or, some new type of golems that had internet access. Or, the creation of a Sword that can hack any computer it gets stabbed into. Some really cool ideas in there, really".

As Ixian explained some more things that he saw in Atrix's journal, he mentioned his impression about how he seemed almost feverant in his research and work. One might think that this was Atrix coping with the loss of his clan, however...

"And based on the dates on some of his notes, its been going on for at least three years".

Ixian also indicated he read enough of Atrix's journal to see this. It might make one question just how much he did read.

And as they were eating, Meeko had a devilish grin on his face as he brought something up.

"Wait,! You know, its okay to be dirty when at camp right? Meeko, don't you think you are keeping up this joke a bit too much now?" Atrix said, knowing full well the chance of this being a joke, or that Meeko would change his mind, was very low. " now, now that I think about it, I should work on a new magic formula, so you all should go on without me!"

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Meeko chuckled. He was actually playing a prank on Atrix. It was fun to watch him squirm.

"Actually, I meant before dinner, so don't think you're getting out of it with your science stuff." Meeko laughed at the way Atrix was trying to get out of his punishment.

He watched in awe as it seemed to be the first time Atrix had stopped eating while at the table. Was the thought of a bath really that bad for him?

"You know, I don't plan on doing this in front of everyone, so nobody is going to see it. The punishment is how cold the water is." He reassured Atrix. He really didn't even want to punish him, he just wanted to get his point across that he needed to slow down and get more rest for his own health.

It did seem odd to Meeko that Ixian was able to read that much of Atrix's journal, but he just assumed that he had a photographic memory.

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As Atrix seemed to panic, it was not just Meeko that was curious as to why. Ixian was also generally getting curious, and he thought Hayden might as well.

"Boo Boo!"

Suddenly, in front of them all, a small ghost puppet like thing appeared in front of them. It kind of looked like a Children's toy, but those around it (AKA those four) would be capable of sensing a large amount of power from it, and if their senses were acute, they might even be able to recognize it as Spiritual Power.

As for Atrix, due to the Demon King's Blood, he actually was good enough to tell that before it awoke, but after it, his senses were more precise. Plus thanks to his research, he realized what it was instantly.

"A Spirit Guardian?!"

"Huh, you guessed it rather quickly. That's right, its my Spirit Guardian, Boo Boo. Boo Boo can do a lot of things I cant, including communicating and reading directly into people's souls. Now, Boo Boo! Read the soul!"

"Huh...wait, hold on! Please do....hahaha...what the....hahahaha!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to warn you that it was ticklish".

Suddenly, Boo Boo extended several lines of white cloth and they stabbed right through Atrix's chest, though it did not appear to hurt at all. However, it did appear to be very ticklish as Atrix collapsed to the ground laughing. Incidentally, this was in a way exactly the same thing as reading Atrix's journal, only probably worse, but Ixian lacked the understanding to know that. However, after Boo Boo made a bunch of squeeks and arm movements that were entirely non-sensical to Ixian...he gave Atrix and cold stare.

"...Meeko, you should change that punishment. You should make him bathe in the river for the entire rest of the camping trip, and do it when you get back home as well in the bath or shower. You should personally wash his whole body for extra measure. Not just that, but you should cling to him really tight when you sleep. I don't care if I have to do it as well, its worth it".

Atrix heard that and quickly went on his knees.

"Wait wait! Ixian! Thats unfair, I didn't mean any of that! And please, please! Take it back! Reading a soul..."

"Is more accurate then reading a journal" Ixian said, and then he turned to Meeko. "Don't listen to his pleas, lets go do it now before the next activity. Actually, I dont really understand clothing all too much yet...but can you keep him like that?"

It seemed whatever Ixian saw was a serious issue. He didn't say anything...yet, but then he started to.

"In addition to learning what he had thought about doing to me before I got to know him better, I learned that although his words and actions might not have suggested it, maybe he himself didn't know, but Atrix actually got a bit jealous. You became a brother figure to him, so me coming in, he looked at me like a little brother that would compete with him. Furthermore, he got embarrassed because he wants to be seen as someone great by you. He treated me well because he also sympathized with me and is usually a nice person, but...he also could have alerted me to that dodgeball. Though part of this is unconscious and he was not aware of it. But thats just the tip of the iceberg..."

Ixian then proceeded to explain some other, darker things. Well, dark was a relative term, but that was besides the point. Atrix tried to stop him, but was restrained by Boo Boo. Although nothing was really seemed that Atrix had been hiding the fact he was having more nightmares then he let on, and had been a bit childish. Atrix didn't want Meeko to do this because he wanted Meeko to praise him, not call him cute and adorable, even though Meeko always tell him to accept it according to Ixian Atrix was not good at listening, another major reason why Ixian said Meeko should go all out to make him listen. It was probably refreshing, since Atrix didn't always act like a child his age, but also...well, some of it was concerning. Like, how he considered hurting all the bullies who tried to do bad things to Meeko just for being his friend. Or that, Atrix wanted to look cool in front of Meeko, and thought if Meeko bathed him that he would be considered less cool, or that Meeko might even find him bothersome and leave. Basically, Atrix was being extremely silly and unreasonable, so much so that even Ixian knew it was abnormal...and a bit stupid at least...and told Meeko to go all out.

That said, what Ixian did himself was not good, but it seemed he was aware of it and did it anyways because he thought it was a bit ridiculous. He also pointed out that naked bonding time might help them, but that was not all. At the end, he leaned towards Meeko and whispered into his ear.

"...and finally, it will help you keep an eye on him. There is something really dark, hiding inside his need to keep a careful watch on him, But, do not let him convince you he does not need help...because his soul was crying...I know it was probably wrong of me to do that though. I will accept my punishment, but you should punish him now. And repeatedly. So that he finally learns you wont leave him for such stupid reasons he fears. Besides, in a way, he also wants you to do it so that he knows you don't plan on leaving him...are people normally as complicated as him?"

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Meeko was a bit overwhelmed by all the information he was just given. He sat there in silence for a few minutes trying to process everything that he just learned.

"Atrix, come with me." He said and took his hand. "You two stay here for now, we need to go have a little talk."

Meeko took Atrix out into the forest, away from everyone else, and then stopped when they were far enough away that no one would hear them.

"I know that what Ixian said was true. I know he shouldn't have done that and revealed all that stuff about you.However we can't just go on like I didn't hear it either. You're hiding things from me and there's no reason too. You're the coolest kid I know and nothing like nightmares or typical little brother stuff is going to make me think you're any less cool. I may have gone a bit overboard in the bathing punishment, but it was because you were hiding the stuff. Now I find out that you're hiding even more stuff, but I know punishing you isn't the answer here. You're having more nightmares, you stay up working on projects because not only are you afraid of falling behind in your work, but also afraid of falling asleep too. Ixian said your soul is crying and there was something dark inside you. I want to help you, but I don't know exactly what is wrong and I can't help you if you don't talk to me. I know enough about you to have a basic idea as to what's going on, but here's what I need you to do. I need you to tell me about your people and I need you to tell me all you remember about what happened to them. I think you're repressing something about that and that may be causing your nightmares. If we can figure that out we might be able get you passed all of this." He said. His tone was both serious and concerned.

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"But...but....even I don't know everything..." Atrix said, as he looked away in embarrassment and shame. "Listen okay! What Ixian did there...Soul really cant be called accurate! Well, it both can and cant. That is because a lot of stuff can be misinterpreted...and also, it can reveal things that the person themself don't know or aren't aware of...not to mention its a major invasion of privacy".

Now that Meeko was acting this way, Atrix felt a bit guilty and fidgety. Especially when Meeko asked about his people.

"The Akir clan was a nomadic clan that traveled around in the wilds. That said, we did have technology and such. We traveled around in wagons like tradition, but advanced wagons adapted with powerful technology. Everyone was really close together, and there were many rituals and traditions that we did to strengthen those bonds. There were...friends, family, all of us were a close knit group".

Atrix then began talking about them all, both as a people and individually. Although they were not all actual siblings, the entire Akir clan was like a family and they all shared the same last name. He carried a lot of names with him. Jaco Akir, Kota Akir, and Yosu Akir, his three best friends. Especially Yosu, who he had confided in on everything. There were the elders, who helped teach him how to hunt, how to use technology, and how to use magic. There was the one who had helped him preform his first Kap'to, a ceremony of friendship between two members of the Akir clan. For an entire day, they would feed each other without doing anything themselves other then chewing and swallowing, bathe each other without doing any of it on their own bodies, play with each other, and share the same bed together.

There were other ceremonies too, that Atrix would never get to experience such as the Right of Adulthood, where a member of the Akir clan would hunt a powerful monster, usually one that was terrorizing a region nearby, on their own. Afterwards, they would mark their faces with the blood and other members would wash their body before they got what was called "The Honor Seat" at the eating circle (often the Akir Clan just ate in a circle holding their meals or having them in front of them then using a table, but tables were also used at various times), and with countless friends and family, they would feast together.

Incidentally, several details would probably stand out to Meeko. For starters, was the strength of the Akir clan. From what it sounded, Atrix who had already proved to be incredibly strong even before he awoke those strange powers while protecting Meeko, was actually considered weak and childish in the Akir clan. In fact, it sounded like the entire Akir clan was made of people who not only had spectacular charm and looks, but they were also made of people who were powerhouses. But also, it sounded like his clan had an eating ability similar to, if not greater then, Atrix himself.

It was no wonder his clan was nomadic. If they stayed in one place, they would probably do permenant damage to the envirornment from their eating habits, or just cause a starvation. But also, it would let them hide their true strength from people.

"I actually never knew who my father was though. He stayed with the clan for awhile, but after my mother finally convinced him to be with her...there was some sort of complication and he had to leave. I was told I was similar to him though, in the fact that I could sometimes be rash and...well, stupid with my decision making. From what I heard, he could take on one hundred orcs at the same time, barehanded, and not get a scratch on him! If I tried that, I would surely get roughed up at least, if not seriously wounded or worse".

After that, his eyes looked down as he recalled what he saw.

"It...I couldn't even recognize any of them. It was mayhem. I don't even fully recall what happened, I just was disasterous...mama....grampsy...Jaco and Kota...and Yosu..."

After that, he gripped Meeko closer and started to cry into his shoulder.

"...I don't even know for sure what happened to them..."

It was a very serious and touching moment. Which made Ixian feel just a tiny bit bad he had pulled Hayden over to spy on it all. However, a thought occured to Ixian which he tried to whisper to Hayden so no one could hear.

"Hey, correct me if I am wrong here but...doesn't it sound like there is no confirmation that he is actually the last of the Akir clan?"

On a side note, Ixian would definently still need to be punished as he had not learned his lesson at all of staying out of people's personal stuff. Reading Atrix's journal, reading his soul, and now listening in on this personal conversation.

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Meeko listened to all that Atrix told him about the clan and all the stuff he would be missing now that they were gone.

"So that's all you can remember about it? I thought there might be more that might explain some of the nightmares, unless you're repressing that part." He said as he held Atrix close and hugged him. He knew dragging up the past was painful and he was hoping for something, some key from his past that could help clear this up and help him.

"I know Ixian needs to learn to respect other people's privacy." He said before turning to glare directly at Ixian, as he knew he was there because Meeko was always aware of his surroundings. "But he will be PUNISHED severely for what he did. But I also need to know that I can trust you too. You know that over working isn't good for you, you're always going to be a genius it's not like it's going to fade away. But you don't have to worry about me thinking you're cool. However, you did hide things from me and you lied about over working yourself so I should give you some sort of punishment for that. But bathing you in the river might be a bit too extreme given the circumstances." Meeko scratched his chin and thought for a second. "Maybe I'll make you go over to the girls side of camp and ask one of them to give you a big smooch in front of the whole camp" He grinned and chuckled at how adorable Atrix looked while trying to squirm away when he said that.

Hayden grabbed Ixian by the collar and pulled him back to the main fire. "I think it's best you stay over here and out of trouble for now."

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"It....I have tried memory restoritives in the past, and magic and such, but the memory is really deep in there that its hard to reach. Its...kind of abnormal. I was told it might be related to trauma, but I have always wondered..."

Atrix continued thinking about it, but then Meeko cutting off and glaring at Ixian behind him started Atrix and made him lose his chain of thought as Meeko went on about punishments and about how he was bad. Atrix himself felt really bad now and thought he should probably be punished severely for that, among other things. Apparently Ixian was in a lot of trouble as well, and to be fair Atrix was still kinda mad at him for doing all that.

Although Meeko's new suggestion sent a chill up his spine.

"No no no! If I go over there, they will rip me to shreds for sure. Alright, I give I give! I admit it, waht I did was wrong and stupid and childish. I am just a small, stupid child. I will let you bathe me and scrub me all over even, just don't give me to them!"

Atrix knew very well that if he went over to the girl's side, especially given how dirty he was right now, and had to do that, he would get swarmed and bathed by a bunch of girls for sure. At least, that was his impression. Didn't necessarily mean it was accurate, but it certainly was not impossible.

In truth, it was even more likely if the Demon King Blood caused certain effects to happen.

And meanwhile, Hayden would probably notice his load got a lot lighter. That was because Ixian slid out of his top clothing and ran back over towards the other two, not understanding at all there was a moment going on.

"I don't really get it, or why I need to be punished, but I don't wanna be left out! Hey, we should invite Hayden too! Oh, here, let me help! Boo Boo, help them out of their clothes so we can all bathe in the river!"

Suddenly, a much larger Boo Boo appeared in front of them. Although it was true they were far away from anyone else, and close to the river, while Atrix wanted to be punished now due to overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair, Ixian was both starting to scare and concern him as Ixian himself undressed.

"Hold on! I know you are only like eight, but dont you feel any embarassment at all? I cant believe you would be this ignorant if you managed to escape and operate on your own for so long!"

His question temporarily stopped Ixian and Boo Boo in their tracks.

"Why? I mean, this is my natural body. Its how I have been this whole time!"

"Your not getting it at all!"

At those words, Ixian...actually started to look upset, which kind of looked adorable...but also he looked just generally sad.

"Yeah, I dont get it! Because the lab I was raised in only gave me what I needed to live! They never gave me clothes, games, or anything! So how can I understand why people feel the need to wear clothes?! Look at this!"

After that, he pointed to a mark...or rather, a barcode, on his cheek under his left eye as he ran up to them, pretty much embracing them with a hug.

"They treated me like an item. And ever since I got out, most people who were strangers just treated as bothersome. But you seem nice, there are other nice people here. And, I am interested in this new idea of a bath. In the lab, it just meant getting sprayed with a huge blast of water all over in a room, by a machine. So I don't really get this punishment thing, but I am interested in the idea of being bathed by a person and not a machine. I am finding a lot of new experiences interesting, though sometimes weird. Like silverware".

As Ixian explained all this, Atrix actually started to cry a little. In fact, with such a close up and awkward distance between them now, they could probably notice details that certainly seemed artificial. For one thing, Ixian's skin was perfect. Not just the look, but the feel as well. He was still completely dirty, but that also seemed to bring out the perfection. His hair also seemed like the perfect white. This was beyond normal cloning, an extremely important detail. Because it showed that while he was considered an "item", he was a luxury, expensive item. It might make one wonder just how they managed to do such a thing.

"To be raised alone like that...without any human contact at all...I mean, getting bathed by someone can be embarrassing, but for the ceremonies like the Kap' always felt special".

"Oh! Thats a great idea! We should all do that!"

And then, Ixian landed another critical hit on Atrix as he went all red.

"You should do all those traditions and ceremonies together! Not just that one, but also the others! Like, that one you mentioned....that....what was it called, marriage ceremony? I dont know what marriage is, but it sounds cool and pretty! Oh, and how about that one...waht was it called, a birthday ceremony? Oh, oh! And what about that holiday ceremy you mentioned? Or that good luck ceremony where you eat a food of each color of the rainbow before some big event for good luck? Or how about that lulluby song?!"

Ixian continued to score critical hit after critical hit. Some of the stuff he said Atrix never mentioned, but he probably learned those from Atrix's journal or the soul reading.

At those words, Meeko might expect Atrix to act his usual self and be all denial, which often forced Meeko to convince him to do so. However, the Atrix right now looked embarrasseed and uncertain.

" do all of that again...would they be mad at me for doing it with someone not of the, maybe...they would be happy...but, after everyone disappeared, to be able to do it again..."

"See, he wants to as well! Alright Boo Boo! Oh and dont worry, since he is a Spirit, he wont rip your clothes or anything, he will just phase you out of it! Hayden too! Lets all have fun! Oh, and after that, I saw something else in Atrix's soul called Karaoke! When we go back to the city, I wanna try that!"

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Meeko felt like he was quickly loosing control of the situation, but he still did his best to keep everyone calm and clothed for the time being.

"Okay, it looks like I got my work cut out for me when we get back. Atrix, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you and you're going to be sharing a bed with me until you've proven that you can be trusted not to over work yourself. You'll go to bed at the same time as I do. No exceptions. Iziti, when we get home, I'm going to explain to what boundaries and privacy are because you never got any when you were in the lab." Meeko was beginning to sound exhausted.

"I hope you guys realize that he's not doing all this to be mean to you. He's doing it because he cares about you and want's you to be healthy and happy." Hayden added as he walked over.

"Yeah, I do care about you two. Now as for all those celebrations, I think it's a great idea for us to do some of them together. Not all of them at once, but it would be a great way to keep the traditions of your people going." Meeko smiled.

"But, since Boo Boo here already phased us out of our clothes, we might as well go get this bathing thing done with. Sheesh, after chasing you two down all day I need a bath anyway." Meeko chuckled as he took each of them by the hand. It was right about then that Boo Boo placed his soul reading cloth strips on Meeko and Hayden. They both froze up as Boo Boo looked into their souls, it seemed only fair as Iziti and Atrix had both had theirs revealed.

Meeko relived everything as Boo Boo did his soul read. This time, however, Meeko and Hayden were the ones who did the talking as if narrating from outside their own bodies. Meeko went first, speaking in third person.

"Meeko has always felt a sense of abandonment and a little bit of anger at his mother for not doing anything to save him or the rest of his siblings from the people who sold them into slavery. He doesn't like or trust doctors because of how he was treated by the scientists who gave him these powers he didn't want to begin with. He has a fear of needles as well because the serum that gave him his powers was injected into him three times a day for months before he developed powers. He's afraid to tell you that, in order to escape the lab he was trapped in, he had to kill the scientists who experimented on him. He thinks you'll be scared of him. He felt guilty for not helping the other people that were trapped in the lab to escape as well, but he didn't have time to. He thinks that this school will be a new beginning for him to try to get his life going in the right direction. He thinks of Atrix and Iziti as the little brothers that he never got the chance to have. He thinks that Atrix will always be adorable and the more he protests the cuter he looks. He forged the doctor's signature on the permission slip to go on this field trip because he didn't want to go to the doctor and he has been avoiding getting all his vaccines because he hates needles. He has also been tormenting Atrix and Iziti about the punishment because they both look adorable when they are mad or scared." Meeko rattled off in an almost monotone voice before he came back to his senses. He wasn't sure what had just happened, but he remembered everything he had just said and felt, it seemed like he wasn't in control. It was like Boo Boo was using him to talk.

Then the exact same thing happened for Hayden.

"Hayden was a trouble maker as a child. When he was four he realized he had powers to control machines and any form of technology. When he was six, people from the academy approached his parents about enrolling him there. His parents were rich and snobby and couldn't be bothered to constantly be cleaning up the messes their son was making with his powers, so they gladly got rid of him. Hayden has always striven for perfection because of this. He hopes that maybe one day he'll be good enough for the parents that threw him away. His goal of perfection has become an unconscious obsession for Hayden and was the driving force behind him creating his nanobots, which essential have made him immortal and why he constantly studies more traditional forms of magic in the hopes that he may one day be able to use any of them as well. He feels like a failure because he can't use any form of magic other than techno-mancy despite having downloaded nearly every bit of information he can on traditional magic directly into his brain. He's socially awkward and finds it hard to socialize with other students unless the topic is technology related. He has had one intimate relationship, since coming to this school, with a person who showed up from another dimension, but that didn't end well and as you're all a bit young the details will be spared. Even though he just met you guys a few days ago, he enjoys your company because you are the only people who didn't judge him when you first met him. He thinks that all three of you are adorable and he wishes he had grown up with cute little brothers like you." Hayden said before the trance-like state wore off.

Hayden and Meeko now felt a little embarrassed as they looked at everyone. Meeko knew he was going to have to be punished now too for the stuff that he was hiding as well. Hayden on the other hand was worried that he was going to have to explain the nature if his relationship and how it ended which would be a whole new can of worms.

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When Atrix and Ixian heard those words, Atrix felt like it was really embarrassing and Ixian...Ixian just listened. And after listening, he ran up to both of them and gave them a big hug...which in their current state, was probably super embarrassing. Atrix listened to parts of that, and then he heard something from both of them he did not expect, and one thing from Meeko that was in no way good.

"Meeko! Why would you do such a thing!? Don't you remember what happened on your first day?! You think you can hidde that from him?! The headmaster has cheat like abilities! He will find out for sure! I hope...I hope his door is not a slime anymore...if you did not get your vaccine shot, because I am your roommate, he will come for me too in case you accidentally transfered something to me! I hope they don't draw blood again! And what was that part about adorable?!"

As Atrix began to panic, Ixian looked at Hayden.

"Don't worry, its okay. If your parents threw you away, then you can just get new ones and don't have to suffer them anymore! Not to men....mhhhmmmh?!"

As Ixian started to open his mouth and say dangerous things, again, Boo Boo decided that he would pick all four of them up and move them the short distance to the river. His plan was a simple one, he would dip Atrix and Ixian in the water. The dirt was really stuck on them so without a good scrubbing it would not come off, and the river did not have the force to do it alone. So afterwards, Boo Boo put them so their butts were sitting on rocks that stuck out of the water, but the water was still up to their ankles so there was plenty of it around.

Boo Boo also planned to put Meeko and Hayden behind Atrix and Ixian. It was a pretty simple idea that Boo Boo had. Now that the two were wet, Boo Boo would give soap and sponges to Meeko and Hayden. They could switch off or share if they wanted to, but Boo Boo gave the soap and shampoo to Hayden and the sponges to Meeko. Notably, he gave nothing to Atrix and Ixian, and told them to sit there.

"Wait, why?! I thought..."

Atrix started to say that, but then when Boo Boo responded to him...well, it was an incomprehensible and totally random and uncoordinated series of arm movements and squeeks.

"Boo Boo says its because you deserve it for being a baby and not trusting Meeko, and that I deserve it for not listening to anyone and being oblivious to...intruding personal space? But that makes no sense. I was never in the same space as anyone else. Anyways, this feels really nice...but also kind of ticklish, getting a...hahaha...wait no, ahahaha!"

"I guess he is weak to...pff...haha...what?"

Boo Boo then looked at the other two, and nodded. After this there was more of course, but the total removal of dirt from their bodies was the technical reason they were here. Meanwhile, Atrix looked back at Meeko with a very...emotional...glare.

" all that to me because you thought I was cute and adorable?! will take it nice and soft, only wash certain areas and not do it in the ticklish way right?"

"Why would he waste the opportunity to totally wash you? After all, you two really are like brothers! Besides, wont it be nice being cared for by someone who loves you? He should totally use this opportunity to do that Kap'to thing with you! Didn't it involve totally cleansing each other? Not to mention...".

"Wha..what?! Ixian, please stop talking!"

"Why? There are all those other ceremonies you still have to do. Oh, what about that thing called marria..."

"Ixian stop talking!"

"But, you clearly want him to do the Kap'to with you and scrub you head to..."


Ixian then turned to Meeko and Hayden.

"By the way, am I really cute? Being cute is a good thing right? Should I have Boo Boo bring some girls here and get their opinion too?"

Ixian was clearly a very dangerous person.

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Meeko was already embarrassed enough, having all his fears and intimate feelings thrown out in the open along with the other three, but it seemed that Ixian was recklessly naive of privacy and shame.

"Ixian, NO!" Meeko shouted. "I know you haven't grasped this yet, but bathing is something that you usually do alone, or in this case with people you trust. We don't go flashing our private areas to the girls or strangers we don't know. It's mostly for your own safety. But yes, you and Atrix are both incredibly cute and that is definitely a good thing, though you're still a bit young to understand how it all works with girls and stuff like that." Meeko smiled.

"Now what was this about ticklish places and cleaning everywhere?" Meeko grinned playfully and started scrubbing in all of Atrix's ticklish areas like his armpits and the bottoms of his feet. Hayden followed suit getting Ixian's ticklish areas too.

Meeko waited until he Ixian was distracted by Hayden washing him and whispered in his ear.

"I don't know what Kap'to is, but if it's really something you want to do, I'd be willing to give it a try. We can talk about it later if you want."

Hayden was glad that Boo Boo hadn't made him explain that the person he had an intimate relationship with was another guy. He thought a little at how simplistic Ixian's thought was though. His parents had just given him up, but could he just make the best of all this? Maybe these guys could be his new family.

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"Huuuh? Really? But, when I was traveling I used various public bathhouses and they were really nice and kind to me. Actually, now that I think about it, whenever I ended up walking into the females side by mistake, they were always very nice, but sometimes they giggled at me and called me cute also..."

Ixian said something that also sounded dangerous, but also accidental. Atrix wanted to side with Meeko, but it was not entirely accurate what he said. It was not inaccurate either though. But, he decided to do his best to assist.

"Listen, Ixian...society is really complex and its hard to explain. Although there are various cultures and traditions, in many places on Origin and in other places in the Galaxy, bathing is indeed normally done between close friends and family. There are also individual baths. However, for the most part, its okay to bathe with the same gender...cause...well, we all have...well we...we are all boys! Its that simple okay? That is why bathhouses only allow men into the mens side, and women into the women's side".

"Really? But, then why did the women allow me to stay in the female's side?"

" were just really innocent! And you were probably young enough that they were okay with it".

" then, its okay for us to then, but because Hayden is here we can't?"

" don't really get it, but...that is close enough for now".

After that, Meeko asked Atrix a question that made him go red with embarrassment as Meeko began to scrub him all over. There were various areas that Atrix really wished he didn't, but unfortunately in his pleading he had said he would let Meeko scrub him all over...though, Atrix wished Meeko did not take that so litterally. Of course, he had difficulty megging for mercy because he was also tickled as well.

Incidentally, Meeko would learn that in addition to the arm pits and the bottom of his feet, Atrix had a few other sensitive areas such as his chest, under his jaw on his neck, around his collar bone, around his waist and tailbone, and a few other areas. Additionally, Meeko could also notice something seemed like Atrix actually felt pressured, because a lot of the spots on his body would feel tense and desperately needed Atrix to lie down and have someone give him a massage.

"Did...did you really have to wash everywhere on my body? And those ticklish know, people can laugh to death. So, you shouldn't use those".

After that he heard Meeko's whispers, and the thoughts of doing that again...well, he clearly wasn't against it.

"That would be...nice..."

Meanwhile, Ixian looked back at the others.

"This is really nice...maybe I should try this with my brothers sometimes. Plus, it would be great if you guys could meet them. After all, we are still quite friend-deprived! And you can never have too many friends!"

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It didn't take too long for Meeko and Hayden to get Atrix and Ixian completely cleaned and they clean themselves as well as the dodge ball game got them all pretty dirty. They got dried off and went back to the camp as the sun was just starting to set.

"So I heard that a bunch of the students are going to be playing truth or dare after dinner. I think that might be fun for getting to know other people here." Hayden smiled as they were all getting dressed.

"Wait, what?! Truth or dare? That's the game where you either have to do something crazy or answer really embarrassing questions. You really think that's a good idea for the four of us?" Meeko said with a note of panic in his voice. He had already been embarrassed several times today and had his soul spilled out for his friends to hear about, he wasn't sure how much more he could take.

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Atrix did find it a bit embarrassing, especially after what Meeko said, to be washed everywhere without doing anything himself, but he still felt really bad about earlier and accepted his punishment. Ixian meanwhile seemed to enjoy it completely.

"So we can all do this every day right? After all, we really enjoyed it! And that soap stuff was really fun and slippery!"

"Ixian! Please stop talking!"

"But, it seemed like a part of you really enjoyed it, having Meeko take care of you, and showing you trust him with that!"

"Ixian! It was super embarrassing!"

"Besides, it is really hard to reach the back on your own, and I learned all sorts of things".

Given the amount of stuff that surprised Ixian, like what real soap was, it was pretty clear he did not even know how to bathe himself properly. But now that they were dressed, Atrix just wanted Ixian to stop talking now.

And then Hayden brought up something dangerous. Atrix immediately double checked his barriers.

"I heard that anyone who doesn't participate will get tied to a tree in their underwear, or less..."

"Would they do that really?"

"Yea...wait, why does that concern you?"

"I don't like being tied up or put in a cage".

Atrix immediately looked over to Meeko. Atrix was already forced to tell the truth to Meeko, but if Meeko decided to do an embarrassing dare to him as well...well, Atrix decided to change the subject abruptly.

"Didn't I hear dinner itself would have an activity, a cook off, also? I think we should focus on that and not unconfirmed rumors".

At that question, Ixian went over to Meeko and Hayden and whispered a question into their ear.

"Hey, so I know Atrix eats a lot...but, can he cook?"

Atrix had never cooked before as far as anyone knew, but...if he did, wouldn't he just eat it all?

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Meeko grinned a little when Ixian pointed out how much Atrix enjoyed the bath. He also chuckled a little at the fact that Ixian was being completely oblivious to the fact that he was being punished.

"I don't know about that, I've never seen him cook, but then I'm not sure I'm gonna do so great either. I guess I could make a big pot of chili or something. That's like the one camping food I'm really good at making." Meeko said.

"Well, if were working in teams, I can make some really good corn bread to go with the chili. Do you two know how to make anything else to go with it?" Hayden asked. He was doing a good job of not freaking out about the truth or dare himself. In his mind he was going over all kinds of scenarios in which some one might ask him who he had a crush on, or dare him to kiss someone who he didn't like or worse, some one he did. But he was keeping his composure well for someone who was freaking out on the inside. He was doing exactly what Atrix suggested and focusing on the cook off.

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As the others discussed that, Atrix who was roughly able to hear the whole conversation clenched his fist and turned around.

"First off, no way am I going to eat all the food! What do you think I am, some food vacuum?!" Yes, several people did think that. "I will have you know I can! I can totally cook!" The voice he was using was the one he usually used when he was trying to convince people of something that probably wasn't true but he wanted it to be true. "I am especially good at roasting things! My specialty was Gordego Roast! So if you get me some of that meat, I can totlaly make a dish that will knock your socks off!" That last part....actually seemed a bit more sincere.

However, roasting things mainly involved using heat to get it at the right temperature, and not the use of ingredients, so it was questionable if one could call him skilled if his specialty was roasting things.

"So there! Now lets win this!"

At those unusually fired up words, it then came to Ixian.

"Oh right! Now I remember what the prize was for the cook off! It was a choice of some of the most recently developed school gear or lab equipment of your choice, and you could get five dishes from others of your choice from the event!"

At that comment, Atrix stumbled a little.

"Thats besides the point Ixian! The point is to eat a bunch of delicous and tasty food! So forget that, and help us set up! Its teams of four or five!"

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Meeko chuckled at the way Atrix avoided the comment about the prize.

"I think we have some Gordego meat over in one of the coolers there." Meeko told Atrix as he started making his own chili to go with the roast. He had set out a big spread of just about every spice that he knew would taste good in the chili.

"I learned this recipe while I was stuck on a freighter for a few weeks. The smell was so good I had to go watch the ship's cook and I leaned how he cooked it." Meeko explained as he started to brown up a large amount of beef and he started adding seasonings and spices. It was already starting to smell great as he cooked it over the campfire.

Meanwhile, Hayden began making his cornbread to go with the chili and wrapped it up in foil before adding setting the pan in the hot coals at the edge of the fire.

"So, what do you think you'll do with the lab equipment if you win?" Meeko asked casually as Atrix started his stuff.

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Atrix continued forward and pretended like it wasn't obvious he was overstating his abilities, focusing on the roast instead. He found the Gordego meat, and proceeded to take a big chunk of it. A Gordego was a fairly dangerous monster, so although it was not particularly rare, it was not common either. Maybe Meeko didn't know much about the various types of monsters, or Demon Beasts, of this world, and had not payed overly much attention to the classes that taught about them, and Ixian certainly would lack that knowledge, but Hayden likely had a likely chance he wound understand that saying he could just casually make Gordego Roast was tricky.

But it would probably be the most surprising for Ixian and Meeko about what would happen next. As Atrix put the meat over the fire and began to cook it, one student took notice...

"Oi! Someone is preparing Gordego meat! Stay on alert!"

Ixian looked clueless as other students took out weapons and prepared magic while staying alert. It seemed totally normal...that is, until a strange tendril emerged from the meat. However, armed with a cleaver, Atrix quickly chopped it off and kicked it away.

Gordego: A highly dangerous monster. It has high magic consentration and is therefore known for using magic, as well as having renegerative and adapting abilities. Furthermore, even when killed, if heat is applied to cook it, its magic will spark up and attack others while trying to revive it. However, in relation to the danger and chaos, Gordego meat is extremely delicous...and nearly impossible to cook into something that tastes bad.

Sudddenly, blades of wind and spikes of ice began to shoot out as Atrix continued his attack on the meat to "tenderize and prepare" it. Other students were thankfully there as well to help, but Atrix was actually managing to solo the entire thing on his own, showing a level of skill and precision that made him seem kinda cool as he kept focus. Meeko had probably seen those eyes at least once by now. If he had those eyes, Meeko would have to do something big to even have a chance of breaking his focus and making him realize that Meeko was there. Atrix could be talked to, poked, even pushed and prodded, and he might not react. You would have to do something like throw a pie in his face, or take off all his clothes while he was awake and conscious, or hit him really really hard to even have a chance to snap him out of it.

It was the face he made when he was fully engulfed in a task, when he had gone down that rabbit hole to the deepest depths.

Even though it seemed dangerous, Atrix seemed to be in full control of the situation as he prepared the meat. Ixian meanwhile, who had only seen people cook in front of him on times that could be counted on one hand, looked in awe.

"Wow. So cooking can be fun an exciting like this?! I want to help, I want to help!"

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Hayden grabbed Ixian by the shirt as he ran to try to "help" Atrix.

"Not with that one, it's a little bit dangerous and Atrix is concentrating. Looks like he's in the zone right now, don't want to distract him too much." Hayden chuckled

"How about you help me and Meeko?"

Meeko caught a glimpse of the look in Atrix's eyes as he got into his cooking and fighting the chunk of meat. He knew that he was incredibly focused, but he also knew that Atrix was more than capable of handling himself when it came to the piece of meat, after all he had seen him take down an Eldrich horror on his own the first day of school. Meeko smiled as he watched Atrix go to work on the thing, his brotherly instinct making him feel proud of him. While he still looked adorable as could be, he did look cool as well as he cut off one tentacle after another with out even looking at them it seemed. It looked like he was only staring at the primary piece of meat as he used wind blades and ice spikes to take out the new things that formed.

"He looks so cool while he's cooking." Meeko smiled as he nudged Hayden.

"Yeah he's a pretty cool little kid there."

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"The hell is he doing..."

"Is he...not only suppressing but even cooking the Gordego meat solo?"

"I thought he was wimpy....doesn't he get bullied all the time? With this strength, couldn't he pulverize anyone who tried to mess with him?"

"Even when fighting, he looks so cute! I want him all to myself!"

"Oi his age even in the double digits?"

That last comment actually hurt Atrix just a bit, because even if he looked smaller he was indeed ten years old, but he was so focused on cooking that it got pushed out of his mind. That said, it was getting the attention of the other students...but it was not bad attention.

After all, even if Atrix and Meeko were targeted by bullies, it was not like everyone was a bully, or even a majority. A lot of people just didn't want to get caught up in it, or didn't really know them yet to approach them.

And indeed, Atrix was not the strongest, or the fastest, but he was by no way weak. Especially since, while unaware of it, his Demon King Blood had awoken, Atrix had quite a good deal of power. But, the issue was that the bullies were smart, and rarely tried to actually hurt him physically and instead embarrass him or such, since even if they were caught it wouldn't be as bad if it did no physical harm.

And if Atrix counter attacked like that, it would be him that would be at fault because he would hurt others. He would have stooped to their level, or worse, gone even further then them.

But at that moment, in the setting of this camp right there, he was fully able to show his strength and abilities. That he was not only smart, but he was able to stand up for himself. And also that he could prepare Gordego meat solo.

Ixian, who was stopped by Hayden, looked in awe.

"He feels really strong...and really connected and whole...making use of the darkness to stand in the light..."

Although parts of what Ixian said might not make sense to Meeko and Hayden, that was because Ixian was ultimately able to sense the Demon King Blood inside of Atrix powering up. Incidentally, against what one might expect, it did not feel evil to Ixian....just old, and powerful, and something that belongs to Atrix. Maybe dangerous, but not evil.

"...he looks really happy..."

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Meeko had taken the chili as far as he needed to and let it simmer as he moved it away from the direct heat of the fire to the outer edge of the coals. He stood in the crowd cheering Atrix on as he prepared the Gordego meat. Hayden had stopped to watch, standing next to Ixian, and heard a little bit of what he said and the bit about darkness concerned him a little. Meeko was too focused on watching Atrix cook to hear what Ixian said. He was sure by the way the crowd was cheering them on that Meeko was going to win the cook off, but at this point he was happy to loose to him. He had far more skill than any of the other kids entering the competition.

"Go Atrix! You got this, buddy!" He cheered and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

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Eventually, Atrix finished his preparation. Maybe, if one felt very carefully using their sixth sense, they would notice a sort of dark energy eminating from the area now, but that was besides the point. After all, weirdness seemed to run in Atrix's family.

And so after everything, Atrix delivered a final blow, a pulse of magic delivered through a kick into the meat that finally seemed to subdue it.

"There...would have done that earlier, but if I do it too soon it messes with the meat".

Needless to say, Atrix was now nearly finished with the cooking preparations after making such a fantastical display, but moreover...there was the smell of truly delectable meat in the area, meat that would attract the attention of all sorts as the smell captivated countless people.

And so, after awhile and some more preparations, it was finally done and everyone began serving.

"Hope you enjoy!"

Rune Walker has arrived, coming from Hayslem City.
Rune Walker has left the area, heading north into Shavnar Savannah.