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The Multiverse


The Galactic Bar is a dense region of systems, and home to the most abundant resources. It is the center of the galaxy, and often referred to as "The Core Worlds".
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The Galactic Bar

The Galactic Bar is a dense region of systems, and home to the most abundant resources. It is the center of the galaxy, and often referred to as "The Core Worlds".


The Galactic Bar is a part of The Milky Way.

2 Places in The Galactic Bar:

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#, as written by Awinita
On the ground

"It will take more than clone troopers to destroy Skytroopers" Snowbund mumbled in Catharese as she finally got her lightsabers freed from her companion, Nexi horked up another hairball, this one aimed at Kaal directly, soaking the armor yet never hindering the mans movements. A snap and snarling energy formed a mostly solid blade of energy as Snowbunds twin vented lightsabers rumbled to life as they tore at the air. It was time for some fun as Buzzy horked its own load on a skytrooper, rusting it within a few seconds

Within Kinaras flagship

As Vinh stepped from her shuttle she saw her target through her visor, the broken mind tried to rebuild memories of where she last saw the Jedi before her. then she remembered and chuckled behind her mask "It cannot be... not the child who tried to attack me for destroying her master." An unstable blade sprang to life, the pulsing red blade sparked as the unstable blade fluxed between solid red and a pale silver.

Even with a single blade Vinh was deadly. And fast. But she had two. And was already using one. But she had her armor, the beskar designed armor made by Mandolorians of all things, resisted lightsabers easily. But then, her armor did have some cortosis additions to it. As Vinh spoke the blast door to the hangar started to close on its own sealing Kinara and Vinh inside alone.

Vinhs second lightsaber activated for use in her other hand as she settled into form four

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Character Portrait: Choi Character Portrait: Kinara Character Portrait: Snowbund Character Portrait: The Grey Battalion Character Portrait: Buzzy the Baby Harrower
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Kinara Vs. Vinh.
The Duel.

As Vinh settled into Form IV, Kinara settled into her modified Form III, modified of course by the addition of the Guard Shoto in her extended left hand. The arm of her lead hand was bent a bit, providing a defensive shield of sorts against attack from the front. Her blade hummed beaufitully next to her ear in her right hand, and she closed her eyes as she remembered the death of her master by Vinh's hand all those years ago. It mattered not; though. He was one with the Force now, and the Force was with her.

"You look rather disheveled, Vinh. I doubt you could take on Androth now, let alone me." Kinara goaded the Sith right back. Kinara wasn't a Jedi; she was a Grey Jedi. A walker of the Area between Light and Dark. She could do what she wanted; she had the most freedom of both sides. And with that freedom, she would win.

Kinara began to circle the Sith, her Clones lowering their weapons as the tension in the room quickly rose to a simmering boil. Slowly the Clones backed away, out of the room so that they couldn't be used as targets by either of the force-users in front of them. The doors slammed shut, leaving the two women alone in the Hangar. Kinara flourished the Tonfa-like hilt of her Guard Shoto and smiled. Her body was wearing of course her ancient Jedi battle Armor she'd found a long time ago. It still fit perfectly; and it resisted everything from blasters to sabers to a degree. She'd need new armor after this battle, she felt.

Behind her mask Vinh smirked. "he is dead, I am free, I've a new master and he taught me more than you will ever know" She matched Kinaras movements, countering the circling with the footwork as her blade sprang into being, the cracking energy just barely contained in the hilt. This was going to be fun.

A quarter turn of the circling and she tested the waters, poking out her saber, a fast jab to get a reaction. How calm and collected could this Jedi be ? Of course Vinh had no clue that Kinara wasnt a Jedi anymore, the jedi order had long since been disbanded.

Kinara didn't do much in terms of blocking or even parrying the poke that Vinh launched towards her. The Grey Jedi merely took a half step back, out of range of the initial thrust, before resuming the circling, her feet never crossing, her stance low and strong, yet also agile and ready to move when needed. Another flourish of her shoto hilt revealed another smirk from Kinara, her whole body lurching in an extremely capable feignt that would make even a seasoned ring-fighter flinch and react.

This was her turn to test the waters.

Vinh easily span her blade to defelct the sudden movement, the fent was expected, but not exactly as Kinara had positioned it within their circle. No matter. Vinh smirked again behind her mask. her broken brain going through all sorts of calculations on how to easily make her target suffer the quickest way. One saber against another was one thing.

She ignited her second blade, just as unstable as the first, she held both in a defensive stance briefly before once more poking at first with one saber, then quickly spinning and stabbing out with the second saber at Kinara. quick succession and just as fast she was circling.

Kinara's stance heightened slightly when Vinh ignited her second blade, and then before the Sith could strike, Kinara's body began to glow dimly as she imbued the Force into her bones and muscles, rooting herself to the ground and making herself twice as strong as normal. Just as a starter, anyway.

As Vinh started to poke with the second saber, Kinara finally moved, using her Shoto-hilt to smack the blade away from her she stepped forward and aimed a downwards strike down across Vinh's body from the shoulder down. Not a Form III strike... but one of form VII. Vaapad... Kinara had been studying since the last time they met. Not only had she entirely mastered Form III, but she'd begun to understand Form VII as well. As she slashed with her blade, her feet shuffled, boot-heels clicking together as she then lifted her leading leg, in a round-house kick to the Sith's head, the top of the boot quickly flying for her helmeted head and masked face.

Vinh loved battle. But sometimes she hated her enemies too much. She brought uip her first saber, defelcting Kinaras strike as she used her second to aim at her still grounded foot while leaning backwards Briefly just barely dodging the kick to her face Vinh instead smacked away the offending foot.

Backtracking fast she kicked a tool chest at Kinara before following it with a uppercut from the left and straight on jab from the right and below. Aiming for Kinaras unprotected support of her other leg

Briefly their sabers caught and they circled each other face to masked face before breaking apart. Sadly, Kinara had in a manner ofspeaking, drawn first blood aas they broke apart. Vinh lifted her right arm, it smoldered where Kinara had made contact.

Kinara was confident; and she too loved the thrill of a battle; however she didn't let her emotions get the better of her. That was her Jedi teachings harnessing and reigning in the Dark-Side of her own ego. Kinara's smirk turned into a smile as she spotted the smoulerign portion of Vinh's arm where her saber had made contact during their exhange.

Now Kinara moved again, feignting to the left before stepping forward, her body moving and striking with the saber in her right hand going for a thrust and a flourished upward strike. She kept her guard Shoto close to her body, ready to reach out and counter any counter strike. After the upwards slash, Kinara's body turned, and the woman aimed an elbow for Vinh's gut with the elbow protected by armor and the hilt of her Guard Shoto.

Vinh countered the inital strike but barely dodged the thrust at her stomach, smacking aside the strike she blocked the next easily struck her second lightsaber at the offending arm, but as the blade came in contact with the armor, and that of the guardshoto itself the blade sparked and died. Forcing Vinh to hook it back to her belt and use one blade. She backtracked into a guarded stance before floursihing her blade around and blocking two more strikes before making one of her own

Snickering behind her mask as she came away with a mark on her enemy. "Your armor is old. Do you think it will protect you ?" She flourished her blade before settling into form V and shifting into another circle of movement

With her free hand she raised it, once more flinging a pile of scrap and hangar debris at the Jedi before her. Then she made a motion with her hand, The typical come at me motion as she settled into a form 3 stance. Free hand holding out two black gloved fingers

Kinara was able to easily dodge the pile of scrap thrown at her with a flip, landing and quickly facing Vinh as her eyes narrowed as the Sith settled into Form III. Interesting. She was well versed in all the forms it seemed.... Kinara would need to finish this quickly. "Your sabers are unstable; how long will they last before exploding in your hands?" She retorted before shifting her stance to that of Form VII, and charging Vinh.

She attacked first with her Shoto, aiming to trap the saber-wielding arm in her own arm while her saber arm was raised, poised to quite literally disarm the lower half of Vinh's appendage by forcing its way through her arm in its entirety, leaving Vinh defenseless. If she was stopped in doing so, an Elbow would be launched, her right elbow aiming to smash into Vinh's face as to stagger the Sith, leading up for a devastating hook kick to also be aimed at her face in an effort to knock her out and finish the fight.

Sadly VBinh might havbe been waiting for such a move. As her leading arm was grabbed Vinh simnply reared back and shouted a sheer blast of power at Kinara point blank dead in the womans face. Breaking the grey Jedi's grip and sending them flying apart Flouring her saber again Vinh reached out with the force and threw in quick succession, a pile of engine parts, and what had to be a fighter before jumping after the thrown fight, aiming to use the massive craft as a distraction to get the upper hand on Kinara

The only problem was, Vinh had used such moves on other enemies in the past, And her old jedi master, Mundi, had disapproved greatly of such tactics. But Mundi was dead now. So he couldnt give his approval or not on her movements and tactics

Kinara flipped, landing on her feet after being shouted away from the Sith. Using the Force to further augment her legs, she darted forward with great speed, slipping directly under the star-fighter, the hairs of her head flaring out behind her in the wind created by her movement, inches under the belly of the fighter. Her feet slammed into the floor, and she stopped, turning to face Vinh as the Sith landed behind the Fighter; having jumped after it to hide her approach.

Using her heightened speed, Kinara leaped towards the landing Sith, closing the distance in two quick bounds of her feet, and aiming an upward slash at the woman's body; aiming to cut all the way up to the top of her body, her guard shoto raised in front of her to counter anything the Sith had in mind.

Vinh was just barely able to dodge backwards, her saber swung wide, but she was too slow as she bent backwards to avoid getting vut asunder. However she was slower than hoped. The blade of Kinara hit sold mass.

The mask upon Vinhs face. With a pained yowl the mask came apart into two peices, clattering to the hangar deck as Vinh raised a hand either in surrender or defeat it wasnt sure, rasping breathing was then heart as Vinh struggled for air as Kinara saw the extent of the damage Mundi had unintenionally done. A jagged scar covered Vinhs forehead, her nose was gone, leaving a gaping hole where it should have been. And on her head, from her brow to the top of her head was a jagged scar, bits of old gray brain matter were seen along with cybernetic parts as well as a metal reenforced skull

Vinh however still had a lot of fight in her as her hand clinched at Kinara to choke the woman. But it was a rouse for the most part as all Vinh wanted to do at that moment was escape, her ship had the required life support when she was withiuot her mask, her shuttle too. She flung her hand to the side and bolted for her shuttle

Kinara was about to finish Vinh when the Force reached out from the Sith's hand, grabbing her by the body; she'd been so focused on finishing the fight that she allowed her Force Barrier to be broken. As she was flung to the side, Kinara flipped, bouncing off of the crates she was supposed to land in, and landing on the ground instead, turning off her saber and holstering both hilts where they belonged as she watched Vinh dart to her shuttle and leave the flagship.

The victory was hers. For now.

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Seker resided quietly for millenia score, until he was awoken by the rumbling thunder of a distant threat.