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The Multiverse


The Imperial Palace of the Aschen Empire is the home to the current Emperor, Isambard Prince. From here, he administers the Aschen Empire, and his Party, known as IMPSOC with an iron fist.
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The Imperial Palace

The private residence of the Aschen Emperor, his family, and his security contingent.


The Imperial Palace is a part of Victory Square.

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Jharhia [9] Daughter of Khaine
Paul Wolfe [7] Director of the IIA
Miles Hagan [7] Owner and CEO of the Tech Con Group, Miles Hagan is a cunning, ruthless and corrupt businessman aiming for the next quick cubit.
Božidar Dvořák [6] A decidedly quiet, soft-spoken man.
Salma Y. H. Khayyam [6] As the Terran National Government's new Prime Minister, Salma Khayyam is prepared to usher in a new era of prosperity and innovation.
killo greyson [1] is a very skilled fighter but only kills when nessicery
Razor the Krookodile [0] "Hola Pendejo."

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Octavia Capori has arrived, coming from Victory Square.
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"I trust your flight has gone well, Princess?" Prince asked as he sipped his glass of Ambrosia. The main reception hall of the Imperial Palace was quiet for the time being, as the Aschen Emperor, and the Taiyou Princess sat across from one another. A hearty meal of Thespastitsio, Spanakopita, and lamb was being served that day, garnished with a Garum sauce, and exotic spices from across the Aschen Empire.

"I haven't been following the situation with Gaia too closely." Prince commented, reaching out to take yet another sip of his ambrosia. "I saw your speech, though. I'm genuinely surprised that Tennoheika would put his entire party at risk like that. With respect, the arrogance of his move was astounding."

Aeka merely looked to the wooden table in front of her, frowning. "From what I heard, they attacked without warning, but I could only see what the Soja observed. My Brother gave the order to leave no survivors."

Prince nodded, and then leaned back. "Are you certain everyone is dead?"

Aeka shook her head in response. "My Sister, Yukiko, and the science director are still alive, as of my last report from the Soja."

Grimacing, Prince shook his head. "I'd offer to help, as putting down savages is a noble pasttime for the Imperial Navy; but the nature of the planet Gaia, makes our forces useless. We're too reliant on our technology, we would have to restructure our entire fighting force, if we sent any."

Stroking his chin, Prince smiled. "What I can offer is a small fighting force, say, a dozen or so warships. While radio communications are useless, if we coordinate with your fleet by carefully watching troop movements, and engagements on the surface. We can soften their targets with orbital bombardment."

Prince took another sip of his ambrosia. "Princess Aeka, I'll send a Reverence to provide assistance. But I cannot send anything further without having the Quorum review. Have your General Headquarters transmit their battle plans to EVE, We'll get them softened up before your fleet arrives."

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Continuum Letter to the Aschen

I. Please deliver immediately the following message from the CT-10 to Emperor Prince. If he is not available, deliver to the highest official available.

II. Begin text:

Your Majesty:

--- In a spirit of respecting the Treaty of Partnership we currently have established with The United Aschen Empire, and as CT-10 of the Continuum, I am writing to you in response to your public declaration. I want to reassure you of the high importance I attach to the relations between our two empires and of my dedication to the longstanding Treaty of Partnership the Continuum holds with your people.

--- As such, I wish to remind you that the Continuum has a principal ideal;
All Toward One.
An ideal central to Continuum policy, it has deep roots stretching back to our founding. In keeping with the spirit behind such an ideal, I pledge to you that I am firmly committed to honoring the obligations undertaken by the Continuum in its Treaty of Partnership with the United Aschen Empire and that all of the Continuum shall dedicate itself to this new task. In particular, I want to affirm our confirmed response to your executive decision to declare war upon the Kingdom of Asylia and assure you that we will do so likewise, effective by the week's end.

--- Your Majesty, I know your own deep feelings on the need to achieve a safe and secure environment for your people. I shall value the opportunity to join you upon the battlefield as we both continue our efforts to maintain the mutually beneficial Treaty of Partnership between us.

Sincerely yours,
ՇєՇ'гเร คยรՇเภ ภ'ﻮєɭเ
Tet'ris Austin N'geli