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The Multiverse

The Jarrako Downs

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

A free-floating graveyard comprised of a derelict space station and several wrecked spaceships. It is an eerie location that is braved by only the sturdiest or most foolish of scavengers.

The Afterman holds sovereignty over The Jarrako Downs, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A hollow sepulcher and a reminder for those who think themselves brave conquerors of the unknown, this amalgamation of ruin serves as the ultimate testament that nothing lasts forever.

The origins of the Jerrako Downs are easily remembered: they started as a space station, teeming with trade and littered with various shops and housing areas. It brought a sense of wonderful relief to the Tarsus system. Commercial and private ships docked to enjoy the splendors this wonderful temple of pleasures.

Its fall is a tale shrouded in rumor and hearsay. An unfortunate incident occurred, security forces were organized and sent in; only a handful of them came out alive. The place was condemned, its valuable technology abandoned.

Now, the place is an open-air garden for looters and daring adventurers that are unmindful of the peril that resides within.
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The Jarrako Downs

A free-floating graveyard comprised of a derelict space station and several wrecked spaceships. It is an eerie location that is braved by only the sturdiest or most foolish of scavengers.


The Jarrako Downs is a part of Tarsus.

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River Scully [46] "You don't fuck with me, and you can do what you want. Understood?"
Rhen [34] A puzzling phenomenon
C.A.A.I. [18] A unit support A.I.
Zenoch "Z" Apollyon [7] Fox demon, rebelling against her kind as the last of a royal bloodline.
Jericho the Drifter [5] "Sure."
Kid Coochie [0] Kid Coochie one of the best SoundCloud rappers out there.This sexy man made songs such as “Big Dick Momma” “Honey I Ate Your Ass”. That’s just some of the many fire tracks Coochie has made. Kid Coochie is unstoppable don’t test the rapper

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Raven scanned the hanger with her grey eyes until her gaze rested on the mentioned door. It wasn't hard to make out especially when she saw River with her fiery red hair and rugged yet pleasant form. There was a air of power to this woman... Raven knew she would have to watch herself around this one.

"Captain of the Poison I assume?" came the question from River's lips.

There was a sweet honey to her tone and Raven smirked as she answered "That I am... Raven Hawke is what they call me."

Raven gave a glance around "Nice place you have here." she said sweeping her silver hair away from her pale face with a hand. Raven let her grey gaze fall on River with a grin "Normally I'd ask about rules but i have a feeling there is only one here." She paused before adding "Some Rivers you just don't cross."

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River smirked at that. Raven already knew the one rule observed by all on Jarrako Downs, and she was smooth about it too. "You are correct, Raven. As I said earlier, welcome to Jarrako Downs. I'm River Scully, everyone's landlord when i feel like it." She gave a small bow before standing up straight and taking in the woman's form with her eyes. Pale skin, slender body, silver hair... a little edgy, River thought, but not unpleasant to look at.

"Now then, how about that drink?"

River smirked and then led Raven away from the red door towards the main entrance doors of the hangar, to the marketplace area where numerous bars were up and running, various other things set up running to add more income to the bars. From gambling to prostitution to anything in between, there was something for everyone on Jarrako Downs. But what did Raven and River want?

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Character Portrait: River Scully
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River grunted as she sat up from her bed. Her penthouse on the Jarrako Station was lavish but simple. Filled with comfortable furniture, exotic paintings, and tributes from those living on the station for letting them do as they please. The rule hadn't changed - there was still only the one: Don't fuck with River.

And she was River.

She lived like a queen, minding her own business, getting rich off her cut of every profit that happened on the Stationed. Her swarm of nanobots and cameras allowed her to monitor the station without issue, and every now and again the swarm grew in numbers. River got new tattoos, upgrades to her cybernetic enhancements.

She looked to the person who lay next to her in her bed. Another one night fling. Great. Sighing, she showered, tidied up, and dressed herself in a modest robe. The man in her bed awoke some time later, gathered his things, and did his walk of shame home without a word.

River was bored.

It was great being Queen of the station, no doubt about it. No one messed with her, but then, nothing really surprised her anymore. Mass shooting in the industrial sector? Big whoop. Plague in the slums? Send a containment crew and find a cure. Rampant crime? Who cared so long as she profited. The Jarrako Downs was neutral, pledging loyalty only to River, and no one else. It was a haven for criminals and thugs and countless other migrants of every sort of background imaginable.

But River didn't care anymore. It wasnt fun anymore. She walked to her office and brought up the holonet around her. Her eyes gazed at the news reports, cargo manifests, profits for that week, and everything else going on with the station. Everything was normal.

Maybe it was time for River to take a temporary leave of absense and do some exploring.