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The Multiverse


The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars. The galaxy is composed of three major parts: the core, the disc, which is the ring of stars and interstellar dust that gives the galaxy its spiral shape, and the halo, which includes many older stars orbiting the core, but outside the disc, of which most are concentrated in massive globular clusters.

It is divided into four major areas called quadrants: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, each of which compose one-quarter of the galaxy.

The TNG-Aschen Conflict
After thousands of years, the Milky Way is largely colonized. Many civilizations have grown into prominence, and nearly just as many have faded into irrelevance. Among the more recent events has been the conflict between the Aschen Empire and the Terran National Government, currently in a state of armistice in the southwest region of the galaxy.

Travelers are warned to remain vigilant the western portions of the Orion Spur and throughout the Perseus Arm. A map is provided below for your convenience.

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The Milky Way

The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars, of which about 17 billion are Earth-sized.


The Milky Way is a part of Space.

20 Places in The Milky Way:

21 Characters Here

Cydrok [34] The villain with the robot arm
Slo'gars Pact [30] An Aklarian vanguard fleet
Chaos God Slaanesh [18] "Come here, my dear."
Erik Mendez [15] "Yeah....I know it's a shitty job, but it's all that they had, and I need the cash"
Ralen Nostari [13] He vows to one day rule over all of reality, and will do anything to reach that goal!
Jacob Hightop [11] We will not stand tyranny.
Maggy Dalene [9] Whats up, sweet stuff?
The Dreamer [8] "Is all it is is all it is is all it is is all it is...
Aubrey Jillian Jinx [2] unpredictable.

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Shina Amaritz arrives, coming from Norma Arm.
Shina Amaritz descends into Orion Spur.
Cressida Donadieu arrives, coming from Sagittarius Arm.


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Character Portrait: The 6th Order Character Portrait: Aschen Marine Character Portrait: Chaos God Slaanesh Character Portrait: The Final Order Character Portrait: The Light of Faith Character Portrait: Jay Azzar
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The 6th Order Leader is Dead!

The passing of 6th Order founder and Terrorist Histofor gives rise to new order and division, signaling the end of his reign as leader of the once powerful 6th order. A band of his loyal followers, now calling themselves “The Final Order,” hope to finally execute his plan to bring order to The Multiverse through chaos:

Only by removing all forms of leadership can the people truly break free from the shackles binding them to servitude, obedience and mediocrity.

Reports coming in from earlier this week say the 6th Order religious sect, The Light of Faith, loyalists to Harashaz, do not support the agenda of the Final Order. Sources within the organization confirm their reliance on the 6th order military discipline to strengthen their religious teachings.

Previously silent Light of Faith teacher, Haptu-S’Zazz has come forward to declare:

Only through the union of higher protection and advancements in technology may we find liberation from the political agendas of those who would sow chaos. Nothing is more dangerous to the stability of the region than the false promises of the heretics and undisciplined followers of dead politicians. For this reason, we are sharing all useful technology with the Aschen in hopes to establish a working peace and put an end to the Final Order.

If the alliance is formed, this could mean the days of the 6th order are truly behind us. At least, for the short term. Whispers have begun to circulate which suggest that at least two members of the Final Order have received a secret message from their leader, just before he passed on. If this message involves the location and start up codes for the rumored “chaos collider,” Quadrantem Alpha may be have strange days ahead. Keep your eyes on this space for real time updates … as we get them.

Jay Azzar, reporting for IGN, your Intergalactic News Network, with The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!


Characters Present

Character Portrait: The 6th Order Character Portrait: Aschen Marine Character Portrait: Cydrok Character Portrait: Chaos God Slaanesh Character Portrait: Ralen Nostari Character Portrait: The Final Order Character Portrait: Slo'gars Pact Character Portrait: The Dreamer Character Portrait: Zoe [McCoy] Starwind Character Portrait: Erik Mendez Character Portrait: Jacob Hightop Character Portrait: Dark Recruiter (Reaper of the Seventh Hell) Character Portrait: The Light of Faith Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen Character Portrait: Ambrogio_Tenebrios Character Portrait: Maggy Dalene Character Portrait: Stjornhestr Character Portrait: Cressida Donadieu Character Portrait: Stjornkona Character Portrait: Empyrean Sjóálfar Character Portrait: Empyrean Ulfhednar Character Portrait: Aubrey Jillian Jinx Character Portrait: Hawthorn Character Portrait: Jay Azzar Character Portrait: Alerios Kimuran Oglotic Dearus Character Portrait: Tacitus Character Portrait: Elphric Character Portrait: Zoe Zanders Character Portrait: Ty’arnith Banni’urdreen Character Portrait: OZ
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The Stjorndrekr would float effortlessly in unison beside the Stjornkona, also emerging from the Sirius star system parallel to the first Viking ship, an almost identical twin replica of the Stjornhestr, except that the bow of the Stjornkona had the figure of a sea maiden, while the Stjorndrekr had a dragon prow more similar to older classical Viking longships.

The Vikings had arrived from their long journey, which started on the Empyrean Sea Beach, a small island on planet Gaia, deep within the Sirius star system. But this is where they would part ways, for as the Stjornkona split ways through the Norma Arm, heading for Dedelion, its sister ship the Stjorndrekr headed deeper into the Milky Way, drifting silently towards deeper Space as it discreetly left the galaxy.