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The Multiverse


The Nillies


No one quite knows how the Nillies received its christening. Some say it's derived from the commercial diversity and carnal appeal of the area; from lavish museums and opera houses to high-end nightclubs and gentleman's clubs, a man can find just about any pleasure at the Nillies with a little time and a lot of money - there is, some say, 'nothing' or 'nil' you can't find. Others say it comes from the district's many casinos, attributing the name to their bright, attractive light shows and notoriously low win-loss ratios ('come to the Nillies with money, leave with 'nil' to boot). Whatever the cause, the meaning behind the name remains distinct. 'The Nillies' means gluttony, avarice and depravity. The Nillies means Van Leugen.

Though far from the festering stinkhole the deep city is, the Nillies is still the nesting grounds for many prominent organized crime syndicates and mob rings. With skyscraper penthouses and flashy entertainment revenues on every corner, the Nillies is an entertainment district ripe with corruption and greed. Police and lawmen keep the raiders and muggers off the street but turn a blind eye to the sweet-toothed dealers peddling drugs out of their five-star dining facilities and dance raves. Between a healthy influx of groveling miscreant from the Nummens and honest family patron from the Nashtons, criminal overlords manage to profit from the lawful and the morally indifferent alike, supplying legitimate entertainment to one while sating the bestial appetites of the other. It's a great place to be for a crook who knows how to play the cooperate game.

Of course, the wicked inclinations of the Nillies does not entirely mar its beauty. It is, after all, the entertainment center of the entire city, overflowing with the ripe product of Van Leugen's artistic capabilities and its deep, mysterious passion. Some of the finest theatrical performances in all of Terra can be found in the lavish opera houses of the Nillies, and many of the museums and restaurants in the area are renown throughout the galaxy. All in all, this district walks the crude boundary between acceptable entertainment pursuits and complete spiritual debasement; a wide, gray line streaking dazzlingly between what could be good and what is absolutely wrong.
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The Nillies

Van Leaugen's swanky business and commerce district; a glutted tract of cityscape rife with greed, lust and sin.


The Nillies is a part of Van Leugen.

1 Places in The Nillies:

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Viktor Vetrano [32] Once a soldier for the Italian Armed Forces and a detective, now a recovering alcoholic struggling with sobriety.
William Cole [28] Hardened Van Leugen Narcotics detective out to clean a corrupt city.
Gabby DeLeon [18] Not Another Teen Junkie
Trench Matthews [16] "Problem with Symbiotes is that they are a bunch of bitchy little girls who try to control the situation"
Kimo Struth [10] Haunted by a ghost of his own making.
Liam Casey [9] An enforcer for the Casey Mob, the second youngest of the Casey brothers.
Kor Zekresh [9] Neolantis external affairs officer, investigating a possible Red Death activity.

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Sabnach has arrived, coming from The Nummens.
Sabnach vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
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Admiral Ilia Thauce has arrived, coming from The Nummens.
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Admiral Ilia Thauce has arrived, coming from The Nagels.
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Admiral Ilia Thauce has arrived, coming from Jangai Industries.
Admiral Ilia Thauce has left the area, heading north into The Nummens.