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The Multiverse


A hotel serving as the Invictus' main headquarters on Terra and as home to many of the organization's members The Palace has made a name for itself due to it's durable nature and regal appearance on the inside. As well as the fact it possibly stands as the second or third tallest building in Wing City at 120 floors, minus two floors of suites and the basements.

Lit up in big red letters near the top five levels of the building is a sign reading "The Palace" making it hard for not to spot the building itself.

The absence of the Invictus lead to the hotel being taken over by criminals. They have since returned and evicted the criminal gangs that infested it.
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The Palace

The Palace is a hotel which doubles as the Invictus HQ in a plaza dubbed The Courtyard, large walls made of the finest alloys and stone surround it and other buildings.


The Palace is a part of Main Street.

2 Places in The Palace:

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Sonia Hughes [36] The acting leader of the Custodis Lamia and scientist. She is a former member of the Custodis Benevolentia and of the United Kingdom's SIB.
Vena Kenshi [35] Warden, Field Marshal
Yuriko Izumi [21] The twin sister of Johnny Izumi.
Kroger Haggai [10] The former leader of the Invictus PMC and member of their parent organization. Now working to "get a life" at the behest of his family.
Edmund Ferris Galahad [9] All my friends are heathens.
Devika [9] Change is for the better...even if it is for the worst.
Bojangles [8] The gangster of love who makes everybody wonder "Was that an earthquake or was that Bojangles?"
Cynthia Lang [5] "You know exactly what I mean. You're not dumb. Speak more words, nona."
Major Walsh, Ben [4] Commander of the Terran Resistance Force.

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A man in a light beard and brown hair made a light jog up toward the building where the gala was held a long light grey canister held by handle in one hand. Bristol's black formal wear sported a blue shirt at least until he crossed some new boundary that made his body itch for a moment. He looked down at the gemlike eye sported on his watch and raised an eyebrow. Then a probing gloved finger dragged across a shining sandy surface leading him to realize his shirt had turned a glinting white. Was that glitter?

The Ductu knew exactly what was on his mind as deeply buried as she was to mimic thinner clothing, ((You told me not to resist - to conform. I'm conforming. There's a larger pattern shaping reality so I can't well fight it without breaking the ward, now can I? You should see your hair. White suits you.))

He looked up while grabbing a false lock of hair that was the Ductu wrapped around his locks and scalp to protect the head. Given the amount of high powered moguls there would be at this Gala she rather insisted. It paid to pay attention to one's security detail he reasoned at the time. He momentarily reconsidered and could feel the Ductu's amusement. Now his hair and shirt looked like something gem festooned. Bristol just sighed as that was enough staring this place likely had enough hair-gazing as it was. A vault for a particularly large cognizance array that served as a aetheric battery was getting heavier the closer he got to the door. Still, haul away ho, there was politicking to do.

While he smiled at the door holding the container with ease the Ductu exerted a great deal of force through Bristol's body just to keep it off the ground. Security once satisfied with his identity was content with his declaration of exotic hard currency. The whole place felt like the vault was pulling through sap. While the potential was there it wasn't being conducted so much as stored. He looked at one of the servers considering to give the donation to them.

The Ductu interceded as shining blue marble in his 'watch' that told time while it pointed the 12th hour wherever Ductu looked, ((Hm. I don't think it's not safe for these servants to carry the vault, Bristol. You could think of it dear that if I had them the air pressure in here would make my ears pop. The pressure against this kind of flow is giving the mana battery a great deal of inertia.))

No, they'd have to figure it out. There were rules to follow in this sort of place a thought to which the Ductu demurred but accepted. The canister had to be left at the door. He placed the stone vault with ornate ferroplasm chain handle down beside a servant with security. The top of the ornate psistone casing came to just past Bristol's knees and just about as thick likely settled the air by no longer trying to move through it. It was etched for both stability of purpose and access to the learned.

He offered to a servant by way of quiet explanation and a credit chit, "Ah, good sir. Bristol Stacks with a donation from interested parties for the young lady's cause as well as my own donation. A hundred thousand."

Bristol while private about his finances was not certainly not poor. Especially since this new arrangement ensuring full independence.

He clasped his hands with a conciliatory smile, "I'm afraid the benefactors have, ah, a modified understanding of liquid assets. You will need to talk to a mage to quantify exactly but I'm told it's at least several thousand circles worth of casting at a low emission rate. I should hope they find the vault both useful and exceedingly stable."


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#, as written by Sambea
Edmund too a sip of his drink as Devika looked around. An old adorable woman came up to him, “You seem to be a good man. Thank you for coming to my granddaughter’s party. You like children?” Devika turned to him and her.

Edmund done a small bow, "You are welcome, hope some good things come out of tonight, thank you for having us. As for liking children, I always enjoyed their company. Tonight I am looking forward to adopting one. Actually have an eye on one kid, now if only he was willing to be adopted." He chuckled.

"I had no idea we were adopting tonight." She said to the two of them, but actually directed it to him.

"Well, at first I wasn't sure, but then I saw the kids and I couldn't help but want to. I think he would make a great addition to the family." He smiled, knowing full well Devika might kill him after.

"If you think so, dear, so be it. Was it the boy you were talking to?" She asked and he nodded. "Adorable little one he is. I am sorry, we didn't get your name. This is Edmund and I am Devika, it is nice to meet you. Your granddaughter is adorable and has a very sweet heart." She said with a small bow.

Sabnach materializes from the void.
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