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The Multiverse

Goldenbridge Ward

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

You find yourself in the bustling market district of Skyfall Citadel. Stalls line the streets and only give way for doors that lead into established businesses. People are always around, even during the sleeping hours. There is never a quiet moment.

Marcus holds sovereignty over Goldenbridge Ward, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Goldenbridge Ward is the heart and soul of the city with its markets and multitudes of people ranging from all races on Gaia. Stalls are everywhere with goods from near and far. Swords, alchemic potions, spell tomes, exotic fruits and vegetables, and dried meats with their pelts hanging near are available. If one wished to find something, it would be found in Goldenbridge Ward.

The bounty of goods is not what is the most impressive feature about the ward. It is home to a dock of flying ships. The guard believe that having the dock so near the market district is the sole reason why crime is high for the ward. Pirates come and go as they please and there is always the cry of someone being stolen from but the thieves are rarely caught. The Citadel Guard are adept but the thieves of Skyfall are more adept.

The sights, smells, and sounds of the ward are not easily forgotten and the atmosphere is always a jolly one. A sense of excitements tends to come over those that travel through the district. Perhaps it is all the smiling faces of the denizens of Skyfall Citadel and the signs of a booming economy. Or perhaps it is the thought of being able to buy whatever one can imagine in the streets of Goldenbridge Ward.

From the white stone that line the street, to the crowding of buildings, stalls, and people, the to floating airship dock, and to the horizon that shows the entire kingdom, Goldenbridge Ward is one of the most beautiful and lively places in the Citadel.
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Goldenbridge Ward

You find yourself in the bustling market district of Skyfall Citadel. Stalls line the streets and only give way for doors that lead into established businesses. People are always around, even during the sleeping hours. There is never a quiet moment.


Goldenbridge Ward is a part of Skyfall Citadel.

3 Places in Goldenbridge Ward:

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Roderick the Baker's Son [7] The firstborn of a humble baker, though not possessing the strength of a great warrior the young man holds great courage and conviction of a hero.
Lana Sharova [5] Chief Engineer, TMW Unlimited
Kyren Sullenfall [1] Adventurer from Skyfall.
Mastyx [1] A red Kobold hunter looking for the prey of a lifetime to bring back glory to his dishonored clan.

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#, as written by Remæus
Kyren Sullenfall heads toward the tavern, his first stop.

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