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The Multiverse

The Rumbledrome

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

This is a facility used to organize fights, tournaments, large scale shows, concerts, and what not. Its terrain and structure inside the inner walls can be completely manipulated to create whatever field or zone is needed.

LookingAtPerks holds sovereignty over The Rumbledrome, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This is a facility used to organize fights, tournaments, large scale shows, concerts, and what not. Its terrain and structure inside the inner walls can be completely manipulated to create whatever field or zone is needed.

It can also be used as an emergency shelter for large scale disasters.

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The Rumbledrome

This is a facility used to organize fights, tournaments, large scale shows, concerts, and what not. Its terrain and structure inside the inner walls can be completely manipulated to create whatever field or zone is needed.


The Rumbledrome is a part of Hayslem City.

2 Characters Here

Cyrus Cybil [5] "Yes mother. I will remember to wash my hands after slaughtering the bad guys".
Skolr Iron-Heart [5] Barbarian of the wild!!!

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Among the bustling streets of Hayslem City, there was always something going on. Or rather, there was always multiple somethings going on. People making deals, street performers doing their act, and of course, the Rumbledrome was a major center of traffic. Bands, arena fights, parades, sports events. Even the new fast growing sport of Bashbrawl, where there was a small ball and you had to get it through an elevated hoop to score points and win. One could use their feet, legs, arms, any part of the body other then their hands, and collisions were discouraged but allowed. It was a rather entertaining sport with both adults and children.

And where there were people, there would also be others...those like street performers, but different. Focused more on the money then the entertainment. Some were just con artists, but others? They were real, and could give you your money's worth.

One such person was a child, sitting in front of a pillar by the main gate, sitting with his legs crossed and a box in front of him labeled "Fortune Telling". On the table, there was a deck of Fortune Telling cards he would use to tell fortunes. It was a rather...odd choice of proffession for the boy, given he was extremely shy and didn't communicate well all the time. Also, sometimes he seemed to talk to himself and secretly write in a journal...or at least, that was how it seemed.

"...are you sure I should do this? Cant I just, steal money or something while people are not around or looking at me...cant I curl up and sit with my knees in front of me and not like this?"

"Now now, my beloved son. This is far less dangerous, and you are really good at it! Besides, you can't steal all the time! You might get caught!"

"Oh...but you said I could take that one man's wallet..."

"Well, that man was a disciple of an enemy god that defaced my statue, so he deserved it!"

Upon hearing those words, the usual metaphorical dark cloud over Cyrus' head lifted.

"Wait, so...I hurt a man who was mean to you mama?"

"Yes yes! You did very well!"

Hearing those words, he got into a happy mood and with a fistpump, decided to try his best.

"Alright, ima do my best mother!"

With that, although one might not say he got fired up, but he notably looked somewhat less moody then before. At the very least, he felt more approachable to people. Eventually, an older man came up to him out of curiosity. And so, Cyrus' performance began.

For the record, his Fortune Telling Deck was made on Origin, and was flexible in interpretation to some degree.

"First is...the canary...could it be music and song are important to you, or perhaps...a musician or singer?"

As Cyrus spoke, the man already seemed captivated and amazed. Cyrus' Fortune Telling ability couldn't quite be called magic, but it was not a con was something strange, independent. Unique.

"And the next two cards are...the coin, and the heart. The coin...could it be, that this person has two sides to them? And the heart...well, that meaning is clear. Love, lovers...or...ahh, I see. The singer is one side, the professional side. They are a professional singer or a musician. But you are falling in love with them, or are already lovers with that person's personal side..."

"Yes, yes! Thats right! That is what I want to know about!"

"Then, let us see the next three cards...about what you want to know...about what will be..."

After that, Cyrus flipped over three more cards.

"I see, so its these three. The four, the chain, and the upside down. Well...thats uhh..."

The moment he saw the four, in this context, he understood immediately what it meant and it hit a sore spot for him. His voice quieted down, and he seemed to close up a little, but he made sure to finish the fortune properly so his "mother" would be happy.

"...the likely means, the one you love is pregnant...with quadrouplets. As for the chain, it goes with the upside down. Normally, the chain means you are bound to something...but the upsidedown is a reversal. Probably not for the binding, but for the usual fact the binding is often seen as a positive bind..."

Cyrus' chest began to hurt as it brought up bad memories for him, the memories of his past. About how he learned he was sold by his family for money as a slave before he was old enough to remember things, and the harsh conditions he had to live in at that time.

Sure, he was technically a street orphan right now. But, he was in far better conditions. For one thing, he was able to wear all these clothes.

"...that will be...two hundred dollars..."

"Two hundred?"

"Price for accuracy....and graduations for both..."

The man was not paying too much attention, but in truth Cyrus's last remark had no sincerity at all. The man, happy with hearing this news, gladly payed Cyrus two hundred bucks for the fortune...way more then he would usually ask for. But, Cyrus was feeling a bit bitter and down after having to read such a fortune for someone else that he never had himself. He squeezed the pillar behind him, and with a bit too much force. Luckily, his mother pointed it out before anyone noticed.


"It's fine it's fine! I am sorry you had to go through that...did I push you too far?"

"...its not your fault. You are nice and sweet. You gave me a chance, and a real job. You gave me strength. I promise I wont let you down..."

As he said that, before she could reply, another man came and approached him. He looked like a totally normal, ordinary man...but Cyrus did not quite like the feel of him. Still...he had to consider it was some lingering feelings from before, and this man was staring at him really expectingly, so he decided to put on a show and make some money while he was there at least.


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It was the middle of the day, and it was relatively nice and warm out. Even so, the boy doing the fortune telling named Cyrus was wearing a hooded jacket, unzipped but with the hood up covering his head. It gave him the mysterious look of a fortune teller, but also made him look a bit isolated and shy. Well, he was like that so it did fit him. Though some people might question why he was wearing a hoodie and shorts at the same time.

"Heyo boy, shouldn't you be in school? Whatcha doin here?"

As the man who had approached him reached out and rested his hand on the boy's leg, it ended up having Cyrus react by slapping him away.

"Please don't touch. Anyways, if you want a fortune, its two hundred Rozens".

"Two hundred? I'll pay, but you know that is quite expensive".

As he said that, he adjusted his body position and his body language and expressions were done to make Cyrus be at ease and more comfortable. Subtle mind manipulation techniques, but many would fall for it. However, Cyrus was not a normal kid, and felt an uneasy chill despite the warmth and such through his body.

But he continued and brought out the first three cards.

"...the fool, the assassin, and the are a foolish, a stealthy man who likes to fool around due to love or passion. Given this combination...someone who likes to go after others without their wishes..."

"Hey hey now, you are making me sound like a badguy. Maybe I am just a friendly caring fool who likes to surprise people?"

"...moving on..."

Cyrus then brought out the next three cards, which were the Raven, the Thief, and the bandage. After seeing these three, he roughly understood who the man was.

" have dark like to take what you want...and you tend to tie things seems like you will have quite an eventful future. But those dark wings will take you to darkness, so I would recommend you make sure what you take really does belong to you..."

"Ah, I see I see. Well then, thank..."

As he said that, he only took out a single hundred Rozen coin.

"Uh oh, it looks like I dont have enough money after all. Well then..."

And then, he suddenly grabbed Cyrus's wrist and pulled him up.

"I know! How about I treat you with a ride in my super fantastic car? If you remain a good, silent boy too, I could get even more money and treat you to ice cream. How about that? Or if you need something immediate, how about my bottled water?"

Even though he was still talking, he was trying to covertly pull Cyrus away with him, and some of those words seemed threatening. And with his other hand, he reached down to touch Cyrus somewhere else and probably scoop him up to carry him after but...

Not only did Cyrus push him away, but the hand that was further extended he grabbed for a moment and squeezed before letting least, that was what it seemed.


In truth, in that moment Cyrus had crushed his hand while a dangerous aura could be felt about him. That was only a matter of course, since he understood what the man had planned. In the mine, the strong got benefits and the weak got taken advantage of. It was a system he found repulsive and annoying, but in it he worked to be strong. And with his magic, he could get even stronger.

That said, he was pretty upset from this. The emotion that ran through him caused his eyes to turn purple, and the air around him to be even more dangerous. In that moment, the man who had gone after Cyrus became filled with fear and rage. Fear for the pressence he was faced with, and rage that someone he was supposed to dominate was now dominating him. That rage took over first, and he came in to punch Cyrus.

However, Cyrus just seemed to disappear into a shadowy mist in front of him, and only reappeared behind the man as he kicked him in the back. This sent the man sprawling, while Cyrus was surrounded with purple lightning and energy as his eyes that used to be different colors were now both purple. The force was so strong, even pebbles around him began to go flying. A sword began to appear in his hands as he swung it at the man, who barely managed to roll out of the way as it impacted into the ground. But Cyrus followed that momentum and gave him a semi flying kick to the gut, sending him sprawling backwards and into a tree. At that point, he was totally unconscious now.

Cyrus looked like he was about to keep going though and kill the guy, but the security arrived and got inbetween them to make him stop. In addition, Luella spoke into his head again, asking him to please stop and calm down and telling him everything would be okay. He could even feel it, if only barely. The touch of her hands brushing against his skin, around his body. Stroking him and soothing him, and her breath filling his air. Obviously, only he felt this, and it was not really happening there, but it got him to calm back down a little. It did seem like his magic and powers were quite strong, but his physical abilities also seemed abnormally high.

However, now that he calmed down, he felt uncomfortable being the center of attention, and so he used his powers to slip away and go back to his fortune telling spot, a bit shaken but otherwise maintaining a calm but timid and isolated appearance, different from the one he had a few moments ago where he was about to kill that guy. He thought it might just be time to pack up and move to a different area though, because Cyrus really didn't want to risk attention coming back to him.

Cyrus was a really complicated individual, after all.


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#, as written by Marcus
Built like a mighty grizzly, and appearing as a Wildman, Skolr would have stood out in any city he visited. Hells abide he would have most likely sent one of his own bloodthirsty kin to scout out this city in order to see what resources could be plundered and who could be captured and enslaved. His presence alone was something special as he began to recount the tale a wise woman had told to him on her dying breath. A story of a child long lost but related through blood, of a unique boon, and the chance to raise a powerful warrior to take hold of the tribe and lead there people. It was only a matter of time that his search brought him here and that his gaze fell upon young Cyrus and his bully.

Instead of intervening Skolr stopped and watched the spectacle play out only to see the strange power emanating from his blood and how the young man fought. This was not a fight to show dominance using skill but something darker as Cyrus seemed to call upon unnatural powers and abilities. It was a perversion of the natural order of things used by cowardly sorcerers and wizards who had no strength of their own.

Once the fight was over Skolr made his kin with nothing more than an cold glare. This boy was scrawny and weak and called upon the unnatural to fight his battles! How in the Rough Beasts name could this child be his heir, let alone be a spellcaster of some sort, this boy was weak!

"You there, boy!?"

Skolr shouted out to Cyrus as he began his angry approach towards the young man who had just been trying to regain his composure. His very appearance was that of a large heavily muscled man in wild garb and decked out with bits and bobbles and weapons. The barbarian could have unnerved even the heartiest of foes as he hefted his mighty hammer high over his head only to rest it upon his shoulder.

"Why not kill the cur when you had your chance! Huh, can you only use pathetic magic to induce pain?!"

The barbarian continued to bark out his hate fueled anger only to feel the mental barriers of his walls slowly begin to crumble against his rage. Skolr fought to keep his cool as he tightened his grip upon the haft of his hammer only to glare down at the young man.


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Character Portrait: Skolr Iron-Heart Character Portrait: Cyrus Cybil
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Cyrus sat down back at his setup, and reorganized his cards. It looked a bit heartbreaking to see him like that, isolated and alone, but his lack of pressence...or perhaps, the suppression of his pressence made many people notice he was not there at all, unless for some reason they were going to accept the offer of their fortune told.

On a whim, he decided to flip his cards for himself. As usual, there was the youth card, that symbolized a child or youth or youthfulness. Then there was the magus card, which meant magic, magician, witchcraft, the like. And finally, the abandoned. It meant that he lost or was abandoned by his parents or parent at a young age, or that he abandons others, or such. There is more to being a fortune teller then just cards, Cyrus has to read them and their essence.

The next three cards were rather revealing. The card of two swords clashing. A combatant, or perhaps conflict, was approaching. Then there was the justice card, which meant that agents of justice, an act of justice, or just justice was approaching. And then finally, the darkness card. A card of full black. If anything was an omen, that card would be it.

And then, he heard a voice which he percieved as tough and annoying and obnoxous call out towards him. As he didn't know the man, he naturally assumed the man was talking to someone else and ignored it as he was trying to listen to his mother and calm his inner rage. So naturally, he just ignored the man even as he walked up to Cyrus.

And then, he shouted right at him, referencing events that indicated to Cyrus he was talking about him, and furthermore getting his blood boiling. Cyrus did not let it show however, and kept his calm face, looking at the man with a cold, unrelated stare.

" intervened. Bothersome to fight security. Nearly did kill him. Security comes with loud noises. Loud noises are bothersome too".

Answering with fragmented sentences in a cold voice, he didn't even bother looking at the man. He looked back at his cards, while he felt his "mother" wished for him to not get too involved with some so loud and hot headed. This person was reminding him of his former masters, who only shouted at him and beat him. While Cyrus was not the strongest, he was certainly stronger then other boys his age. Of course, that was only from forced labor as a slave, such as in mines and such. It was not like he was some buff, muscle filled person. Far from it really. But he was stronger then magic then physical power.

And also, if the man was smart enough, he might notice that Cyrus indirectly called him bothersome since he was being loud.

Unfortunately, the shouting resulted in security noticing and approaching them, including the ones Cyrus had just evaded.

"Oi, you! Don't just wander away like that! And you, this is an active crime scene for assault! This boy assaulted a perfectly normal...indi..."

Before he could finish his sentence, something about Cyrus snapped and the instincts of everyone nearby would likely go on high alert as they instinctively felt danger. At that same time, Cyrus was exuding a powerful aura. Not a magical aura either, not yet anyways, but even though he was not expressing anything, even normal people could instinctively tell he was pissed off. After all, the criminal that targeted him was being treated as the victim after Cyrus had just been confronted by a man that shouted at him randomly.

"...he is meanie. Bad guy. Not innocent. Was trying to kidnap me".

"So he just tried to kidnap someone who ended up being several times stronger then him and clearly dangerous and unstable? You are coming with us, we are taking you downtown for questioning".


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Character Portrait: Skolr Iron-Heart Character Portrait: Cyrus Cybil
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Marcus
"Bothersome am I!"

The hulking man kept a menacing glare down at the runt of a boy only to then tighten his grip upon his hammer with one hand whilst the other hand closed firmly into a balled fist. Things seemed to grow dark around the edges of Skolrs vision and with a single step forward the barbarian did not waver from his gaze. It was only when a further exchange was made by a new voice towards the boy that the built anger began to overflow. He needed to hit something, someone, and even though Cyrus was a pathetic looking cub there was clearly signs of potential.

"A witch of a woman sent me to collect my son. Instead I find a brat who called upon dark powers to fight his battles when he is weak and cowardly."

Skolr Iron-Heart could feel his fist trembling. Countless times he had pondered if arriving to this city was worthwhile and even more time did he question if he should have seen his son. It was obvious know that his progeny was to be a disgrace and that this dishonor would haunt him for all his years. It was only when a member of the cities security force arrived did Skolr find his outlet. Quickly the savage turned against the officer and hit the man like a grizzly bear with his fist against the man's face.


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Character Portrait: Sola Arkan
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The stadium was an eerie silent almost, despite the fact that every seat was taken, and there was an even an overflow at the railings. A few people had even snuck in, so they could enjoy the event. And yet, not a single person dared to make a noise, and there was a tension in the air. The audiance was filled with males and females alike...although, the female population was the larger one.

And then, it happened. At the center of The Rumbledrome, at the center stage that everyone could see, firework effects shot out from all over, creating a circle. And on that circle, several spotlights burst on at the center...of which, a boy with a microphone was standing.

The moment they saw him, the silence errupted into cheers. Everyone in the audience was captivated by him.

"Hello Hayslem City! Thank you everyone for showing your support by coming to my show! On my name of Sola Arkan, I will do everything I can to give you all a good time!"

As he said that, he thrust up both his arms into the air while giving his signature smile, causing the cheering to intensify even more. Hayslem's people were, they were in love with Sola Arkan, and his performance, before he had even started.

"So then, are you ready?!"


"Well then!" he said, jumping backwards as objects began to appear on stage like magic. He landed on what appeared to be a large bouncy ball, sitting right on the top. "Let's get this started!"

For a moment, it went silent as the attention focused on Sola. However, it did not stay that was for long as an energetic upbeat music filled the air. And the music picked up rythm...

"Wake up, wake up, its time for day!"

Sola used his incredibly voice, and began singing.

"Wake up, wake up, its time to play! Everyone wants to know, what to do today! We will have fun, that's what I say!"

Continuing with the lyrics, as he sung he bounced off the ball and climbed through the jungle gym of bars that had been generated on stage for the performance. After a bit of movement and singing, he pulled himself up and sat on the bar perfectly balanced.

"That's right everyone, the sun is up! So lets shine all bright, and say 'sup!'"

He then pushed off the bar and did a double twist flip in the air, landing on the ground while shooting his arms into the air, before looking back at the crowd.

"We all got our talents that we know and love, we all got our special tricks and power. So tell me what, I wanna ask, is what is stopping you from having a blast?"

Suddenly, beams of solar fire burst out from around Sola and left a beautiful dust aftertrail, really applying the charm and special affects. Additionally, Sola had a good sense for this, as the crowd loved and enjoyed everything he did.

"So when you go down, you gotta get up! Get up, get up, Get up, get up, don't stay down you just gotta get up! Get up, and go and have fun! Let's all have some fun, alright?!"

ANd so, he continued the lyrics again as he did more feats of acrobatic feats, his active body catching the attention of the audiance and stopped any staleness or blankness. After all, Sola did this for a living, and he truly loved every bit of it, which transfered to the audience.

And then, he hopped, skipped, and jumped onto a projected tower, standing at the top and looking at everyone around.

"So tell me one, and tell me all, about all the fun you will have today! Thats it for me though, cause now its time to play!"

And then, while doing his signature double fist raise, he let himself fall backwards itno the stage...and disappeared, while the crowd went wild and crazy with action and activity.

There were young girls, shouting things like "We love you Sola", and things like that. There were even guys there, some who were like "We will protect you like you were our own little brother Sola!" and other such things.

Even though Sola was gone, the crowd still had not stopped cheering, as if they were trying to coax him back...

Meanwhile, in the break room, Sola had taken his shoes and socks off, put his feet up on the couch, and relaxed a little while sipping a juice. Even if he loved it, that did not mean he had boundless energy. Well, he kind of did, but he still liked to energize where he could.

He still had to do that photo shoot for the magazine company later after all, and it seemed among all the shots they wanted to do, it included beach shots, so he had to be energized for that too.