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The Multiverse


This is a large expanse of barren wastelands that encompasses much of southern Aslund. The terrain ranges from rocky mountains to sandy desert.
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The Wastelands

This is a large expanse of barren wastelands that encompasses much of southern Aslund.


The Wastelands is a part of Aslund.

8 Places in The Wastelands:

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Vessel risen for new waters

Into the dragon's chest lead empty to an empty darkness at the heart of its being. Atop the earth one could feel the flow of energy deep in the shadows the passage of the world's energies rushing about from flows in the dark. A thing at impossible scale moving energy about the world through darkness. All things the small vessel that was Akio bore with strong sails. This time there was something rumbling the basal planes that looked askance at akio at first but the shadow that followed with Akio was a welcoming insulation like second skin for one far under the water. Sinking ever lower as breath of the body felt like it flushed away with Akio's shadowy body eroding into smoky crystal as it took up that vessel to connect as an extension of its own.

Time for an easy expansion into the mold of another vessel did not exist. The Jinhai abandoned their loading of cognizance crystals to strike the last hot iron, nearly a third of the pallet left behind still an immense amount of stored psionic energy, crawling up upon the dragon's chest. Into the darkness where Akio's mind gasped for air thirty two spark-eyes opened in unison. The psionic smiths raised their power like an oncoming hammer ignoring the threat of corruption that stopped the other humankind. Each strike came down hard on Akio's mind and immutable soul. Less spikes driven through to anchor than a careful shaping to pound the warrior or darkness into a new body truly now his own. The ancestral power itself rebuilding the nature of Akio's new body as the soul saw fit. This body was a thing of raw unbridled power. As the air diminished Akio would find less that he was drowning but that the pressure of fluid needed to flow inside and through him.

Pressed into the head of the creature he'd find that he was not the warrior looking down at a darkened shifting sea. This new vessel for the soul was not atop it but among the shadowy sea, looking up. Each movement of souls through the ether, tides of energy through the ley, and even the movements of darkness itself. Instead of around him these things all poured across and through him breathing the oxygen within his new body. So small these strange little koi all were now that they drank from his pond. The waters of his mind now not so dry a place for his ancestors to linger.

Vision surfaced with the present moment as the human mind, however sharp it may be, was certainly a swimmer madly trying to tread unfamiliar waters. His own memories pouring into it like a tsunami as the human mind fell over itself racing into the vast empty spaces of an otherwise empty draconic mind. In the present moment that mind burnt with sparkles of numbness new limbs afire and twitching with the potential for activity. The mind insisted on the confusion of two pairs of arms and a limb attached to somewhere the mind had difficulty describing and remained limp. Both arms freed to move and clutch at the weapon they expected but only one pair of limbs had fingers to do so. Only one thing remaining inside the dragon's heart was the shadow of ancestral steel his hands desired as Akio's inert body dissolved away into the shadow contained there. A dragon-sized psi-sword materialized into the clawed hand a bonded simulacrum of the ancestral sword serving as anchor of an immutable soul.

As his eyes gained a stronger view on the world with its dark he'd likely notice something just beyond the horizon of his sight. A third eye that peered outward toward another mind at all times. In its gaze a tall worm stretching above a blackened crystal mountain returns the direct gaze. Though the image was out of focus as if a reflection of somewhere else that lingered unfocused somewhere inside the new body. Myrkul's four burning eyes of creation looked down then away from the mind's eye to direct attention. A tide of fleeing shadows. Those tides of creation drain away as the impossibly high tsunami of a roiling black storm approached this corner of reality with great speed. Wherever it raced past nothing remained. A lower servant of the realms there vainly attempted to halt the storm's progress but proved a mere errant lightning bug pounded out of existence then reduced to base ectoplasm.

Borrowed time

As the dragon first stirred Plinth stood up with a burst of strength calling out power from her censer to project to the Chaos marine's position. As she took two rounds to the chest the armor splintered but did not yet buckle. A circle of purifying golden power arose cast from her censer like a lantern. A well of searing power to burn and blind corruption to rectify it with the light of mankind. A channel to the Living Emperor that she carried even here opened by the unpacking of the lower floors that gave Myrkul immediate cause for alarm when her prayer was writ into the Almanac.

As the light burnt she called out to the dragon, "I hope that's a humankind in the Zhou. Wake up! We're out of time the black storm is here! Forget the remainder you need to get us out of here!"

Through the cracked floors around the vine and even through parts of the ceiling a clear pearlescent slime rose. The approaching wave of ectoplasm from that which was destroyed in the wake of the black storm. That etheric flotsam drained arriving in wet slaps from a tortured ceiling currently decorating itself in chaos siglis.

Another round to the breastbone fractured her shroud badly sending her and the censer clattering to the ground. She coughed bits of red having two new broken ribs and blown internal stitches. She rose the censer from the ground in a defiant glare re-igniting the light of humankind upon the chaos marines though at a more poor angle. If for a moment, perhaps they'd remember the Living Emperor as the men they could be, even as the pain tried to purify them with fire.


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Burnout time: 2 minutes

The chaos sorcerer had made a terrible mistake in engaging melee with Kath. The IMP suits overdrive meant two things; first, that imp was going to be suffering severe physical debilitation once the overdrive ended. No body was ever made to withstand the forces that that suit put on you in that state.

And two, overdrive meant that nothing in reality or the immaterium could match him for the next two minutes for speed and strength. Kath decided to demonstrate this, right as Akio plunged into the chest of the zhou.

Counting on the distraction Akio's action would cause the sorcerer, Kath turned and kicked away from the sorcerer, and in a span of three seconds, bolted around the room to strike the sorcerer from behind. He then kicked away again and repeated this process, becoming nothing so much as a bolt of lightning that repeatedly struck at the sorcerer with the force of a meteor.

Time to Go

"Emily, everything ready on your end? I've got the boys all loaded back, injured in medbay. Akio's made his choice, so now it's up to him to get that artifact back up here."

Emily nodded at Ean "Fire up all drives, The moment that artifact is on board, were out."

On the surface

Franklin stood and shivered, before looking down at the manhole cover. It was unmistakable, chaos influence was hitting hard in that space. In moments like these, the captain was forced to a decision that would make everyones lives just that much more difficult. He opened a comm channel with the nearest city, Wing city as it turned out, and began relaying a message to the Imperium of Man space marines stationed there. "The Forces of Chaos have taken root in the wastelands. If they are not burned out, they shall burn you out."

He did not bother to await a response, instead gestured at his team, who took up positions for defensive fire. The marines would be coming soon, and they would all do better to be gone when they got here. With any luck, the leader of the enemy would be stuck and left to deal with the marines, giving the Cobalt Glaive and her crew time to get away from the planet.


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The sorcerer's barrier seemed to hold against this onslaught as his body was thrown back from the force, however one thing was clear. It seemed that his prize was taken, it was a shame really, however he had accomplished one thing. Turning this place into one of Chaos...and he would ensure that Chaos could take permanent root in this place. The artifact was not his main goal, the spread of Chaos was taking root and they were more focused on taking the artifact.

Everything fell into place just as he planned. With a thought the Sorcerer suddenly warped out using the powers of the warp to encase the artifact and with the full force of a demonic barrier before they could even think. He simply dusted his dented armor as it began to fix itself. "Truly you may have won the artifact. However Chaos has won this day...Its time to witness the very essence of the Warp with your own eyes..." The Sorcerer chuckled to himself as he raised a single hand in the air.

The corruption had spread deep, the souls of the innocent cried out. Yes, they would try to burn this area but it was too late. Now, they could truly engage the Imperium in Wing City in a more...permanent location. "I thank you captain of the Cobalt Glaive for being utterly foolish...You fell into my final plan. Now, there is no way to stop the coming Chaos less you destroy the very rock we stand on...that relic was just a side objective for me as you see...But you should have relized it from the beginning...Now...I shall enlighten you on the true power of Chaos..." The Sorcerer's laugh began to echo in the souls of man as the ground shook from unholy powers.

For the Rubrick Marines, as the light of the Emperor began to shine on them. All they could let out was a twisted plea. "The...suffering...the...pain..." Their souls cried out. It was to late to save them for the Warp had chained them there for all of eternity. "Oh how futile...they are already far from being saved from that Emperor now...Giving them false hope?...Thank you for giving them more despair for their eternal suffering..."

Suddenly, the ground burned into the symbol of Chaos. The eight pointed star burned on the ground under them all. "Behold! The Endless Abyss!...Let the Warp claim both flesh and steel!...Let your souls and minds be damned for eternity!..." The Sorcerer spoke as a tear in reality opened up above them. Structures wrapped in chains began to rise from the eight points along with warpfire beginning to burn on the outlines of the Chaos Star.

If one peered into it, they could already see...the ultimate horrors that awaited them...The Warp itself made manifest in reality. Chains began to launch themselves at everyone they could dragging the Sorcerer's bodyguards or soldiers with such unholy speeds. The Sorcerer laughed as the skies above them began to rain blood now, the Warp now interfering with electronically systems.

"I belive this is where we part ways...Enjoy your relic, I will enjoy the screams of the innocent in Wing City...Oh, and as for that earthquake that mage you saved did...I personally claimed a few of their souls before that man could...Enjoy the thought of damning everyone in Wing City...Now then structure...Wake up...And serve Chaos dutifully as you were made for...Kill...Them...All..." The Sorcerer stood his ground as he watched the tear in the warp slowly dragging everyone inside into its open maw. He was not afraid of course, they lived in the Warp. But for everyone else, an eternity of suffering awaited everyone else.


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  1. Sorry to interrupt, but with things going the way they were, Ean had to step up and set things to right.

    by Fishbucket
  2. Also this arc is taking forever and I think we really should wrap it up.

    by Fishbucket

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Fates Envoy

Ean smiled as the chaos sorcerer said his peice. All then slowed to a stop, to a cease. Nothing was amiss to anyone else, they wouldn't even notice the lapse of time, as there was none for them.

But the sorcerer would notice, he would notice as well when Ean stepped from his place aboard his ship and walked calmly and with absolute confidence into the newly tainted space in which his forces had battled. The captain walked by Jackson, who stood frozen with a grimace on his face as he fired at the sorcerer. He walked past Kath, who was in the process of making another charging meteor leap at the sorcerer, hoping to stop whatever spell he thought was being cast.

Ean calmly and smoothly walked up to the sorcerer and smiled.

"Funny how things work out isn't it? You stand here, thinking all is right with your plans and that everything has gone as you wanted, but you never even realized who you were standing against did you."

Ean gestures around him, and the chaos of the warp begins to fade and fall away. Order Reasserts itself and everything begins to return to the way it was before either the sorcerer or Ean had ever stepped into this plane. "You see, you and I don't actually matter to any of this, things work the way they will, regardless of our intervention. That's something the imperium never really got, though the Emperor himself understands it just fine."

"The warp, and chaos, existed long before anyone noticed or cared about it. The immaterium has always been there, side by side with the material realm. And both planes have always been ruled by one thing... fate."

"The thing is, my dear Abrubhor, that all knowing, all powerful entity called fate... she doesn't like when people change her designs. And when people do that without her permission, they get punished. They end up facing something far worse then she had originally designed."

To demonstrate this point, Ean placed a hand on Abrubhor's body, and he would be made then to witness his coming fate. In an instant of roiling memories and images, the sorcerer witnessed the pain and suffering he would go on to cause, the glory and power he would reach, and the fall he would face at the hands of those determined enough to stop him. But alongside this was another vision, the visions of all these events brought much quicker and with greater ferocity. He would die before ever reaching ultimate power, he would be ruined and obliterated and made as dust before the wind. These visions presented themselves to him and as fast as he could conceive of ways to beat them, the visions would change and ever worse and increasingly more horrible fates would be presented to him.

Ean would stop at this point and sigh. "It's all the same to me, good man. My people will be leaving this planet, and nothing you can do will stop them from escaping. A little spoiler, Akio, making me proud, masters the artifacts power, and shatters the barrier of chaos you erected around him. Kath uses his overcharge to it's utter limits and relocates everyone, running them out of the labyrinth to Franklin, who already has the drop ship ready to launch. Plinth and my crew, everyone you try and kill here, they escape. Oh sure you bring hell upon wing city, but even that doesn't last long. The emperor and his space marines were already alerted by Franklin. By the time any sort of stronghold is set here, they'll be crashing down hard and burning you out. Like they've done a thousand times before, like they'll do a thousand times after."

"However, you have a choice in this matter. You can choose to fall back, prolong the sorry state of your existence and maybe even be successful in some manner before your demise. Or you can stay the course, fail again as usual, and face against the fury of fate herself."

"The choice is yours" Ean's parting comment as he turned and walked away from the sorcerer, vanishing once more into nothing, as things resumed their normal pace.


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Revenge of a fated nation

Time came again to be and in the rolling dunes of the wasteland the pitter-pat of clear drops fell from a placid blue nothing above.

Though when time ceased to tick and Ean shifted the river of fate a certain stain on reality persisted. Ean's will drove the plane skies above the Psi-forge to abate to that clear desert blue it once was. The oncoming Black Storm remained as it ever was. Outer layers of the psi-forge while no longer a flare had long since passed the point of no return. Its time spent enough to draw the attention of an unnatural storm brought to existence by a fallen nation. One that could not more than Abrubhor avoid their own connection to fate. Where the fallen nation would slumber in the necropolis to outlast fate at the heart of the Black Storm was where the Fallen Emperor now lies. A city built atop a weapon designed by humankind whom would never see beyond the first few moments of its birth.

There below buildings a trundling heart of a colossal artifact machine to fight the control of Aetherkind and their control over the fate of humankind. After those first newborn days the machine consumed greedily destroying everything it touched as the swirl of the storm first began and distended the demiplane on which the machine resided. Celestialkind came to put a stop but proved too late as their failure cost the destruction of a deity that went too close to its bleak hunger for outsiders. A desperate call saw the machine walled in by a bulwark in the Angel Ophaniel to contain the artifact's advance and thus quell the core expansion of the Black Storm evermore.

The Black storm quickly grew to fill its new confines and eternally tore at Ophaniel. Then among his endless titanic wall the creature Myrkul's Vein found a single cut in Ophaniel's flesh opened by the Black Storm. No small creature to be denied vented direct power to force into the Bulwark a bleeding scar. Soon a seeping wound emerged with the leviathan worm on the opposing side to gain an entrance to wider reality. A thousand nails in the flesh of the Ophaniel now hold the wound open. The tide of the Black Storm following an inexorable undertow crawling out with them.

Myrkul's Vein through study of its environment, the only other creature birthed by the Fallen Emperor to protect the Necropolis, knew only how to call the storm to a place not to send it away. That endless hunger is not easily pushed away. Drops from the sky coated what they could touch and proved far more viscous than water. The Black Storm moved slower now but the small rivulet of blood from Ophaniel still flowed as the Black Storm advanced toward reality. That runny ectoplasm of destroyed planespace and a bleeding bulwark rains from the sky as constellations of slowly circling black stars flared to life. The end would wait, for a time, but it was still coming. An isolating eye would set upon the facility breaking the connection to all but the immaterium. If daemonkind were to retake the facility they would have to find the connection to reality there. A part of the corrupt facility now lurked in the immaterium broken off from its changed remainder.

The Jinhai, however, had no intention to remain in a facility soon walled off with the immaterium their only exit. Their Almanac as unchanged in Myrkul re-informed them of the storm. Their muted haste unchanged as they clung to Akio's heavy form to avoid the warp's pull at first.

Recurrence of confusion

Laughs from the Daemonkind sorcerer rose her from cover the blinding golden sun of the light of Humankind at her side holding chaos marines at bay. Drops of bright red blood shed from bullet-pocks that shattered her chest armor as it tore into flesh underneath. Plinth would neither give up on humankind nor neither give in to Aetherkind.

Under her helmet came a defiant scowl with a small fleck of blood, "I am the Mada of the fulcrum in the fight for Humankind against Aetherkind! No chains profane or sacred are unbreakable. Your soldiers may be safe from the Living Emperor, sorcerer, but not from me. If it takes me ten thousand years."

As the diaphanous cloud launched her over cover she pulled the censer burning with gold light into her hand. The chain wreathed itself around her fingers anchoring the ball of the censer to the back of her hand. Though through a floor falling away into the warp she raced toward chaos marines, human souls screaming desperately for the pain to stop, time froze.

Time resumed as the clawed gauntlet flaming strands of gold rammed itself into a chaos marine's face. The metal of the mask caught fire shedding more light as she melted through it.

Her strained voice calling out a hymn to the Humankind that once was even with the screaming transparent face in that hollow armor under her fingers is shown more by gold fibers, "Myrkul's will to burn the taint that becomes you. My will to suppress the one that controls you. The Living Emperor's will to give succor to those stolen from his service. Together the Mada break the chains that bind!"

Her other hand slammed into the chaos marine's chest and pulled away thin red threads that bound the sigils of Chaos to that soul. The clawed gauntlet smoked as she used her waning strength to strain them. Ean most certainly could hear as the threads of fate snapped as the sigils turned to dust. Other remaining sigils on the armor faded the golden threads marched down the violent red armor.

Broken and bleeding she stumbled onto a former Space Marine's soul now in control of the body they's been imprisoned for so long. She said haggardly to him, "I, Plinth, forgive you for your heresy to me marine. Your service to the Living Emperor is not yet done but ask in my name for mercy for actions done without agency."

Her arms quake as does her smile, "I have lost a lot of blood. Ensure that hope for your brothers does not die."


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For a moment, everything was black.

Akio could feel the weight on his mind, the ever pounding feeling against his soul not proving unbearable, to say the least. He couldn't see. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't even move. The only thing he could do was wait and try to wait calmly. That being said, he was getting a slight feeling of panic drifting into him, his doubts coming forth in his mind. What if he'd made the wrong choice? What if he were to be left to this damnation for all of eternity? He would not only be trapped here, but he'd let his lineage succumb to the same fate.

No, he thought to himself. Trust your your judgement...

He pushed the high-tension thoughts from his head. He meditated. He waited and waited until something would begin to happen. He found a zen in a quiet place and used it to his settle for peace of mind. Peace of body.

And then...he felt a stir. A swelling surge of energy growing within him. His other two essences within himself began to spread outwards, mixing with this well of power that seemed to be coursing through his system. At first, the essences seemed to combat each other, fighting for a place within Akio. Or maybe they were combating a new arrival. He began to separate the three, giving them each a place within his body. He began to feel lighter on the mind and heavier on the body as he thought he could hear something. Something very faint. Something very far. And it was getting closer.

The essences no longer were mixed and unshaped, but formed a flow in his head...a balance in his mind and a core in his body. The core was split into three different lines, all connected to his mind. One was dark blue, the essence of Shadow. One was bright magenta, the essence of Myrkul. One was shimmering white, the essence of Blood.

And like breaking the surface from underwater, he began to adapt and conform to his body. He began to feel a muscle move, his leg twitching slightly. Grasping hold of that feeling, he tried to bring it under his control and possess his body with his mind. He could feel a sense of familiarity, but also a sense of foreign appendages that weren't there. He was having a harder time grabbing hold of those. But the essentials were obtained. Legs were in working order, arms in the same condition. He even felt an oddly perfect sense of weight in his right hand...the weight of the Ancestral Blade he'd brought with him to this new body.

He could breathe again.


The first rush of oxygen permeating this new body he inhabited sent all kinds of feelings down through his soul. Relief on his older side for finally obtaining access to that precious life source. New surges of cooling and relaxing of rigid muscles and inner organs brought by a long lost feeling of circulation through the body. His third tether, the Essence of Myrkul, began sucking up this oxygen and clinging to it so as to never be let as to feed this new energy supply within him.


His senses had all but come back to him. His dry mouth was bring wet with his own saliva. The air reeked of a surprisingly strong scent of wildly uncontrollable magic of some kind...Chaos, his mind recalled. He could barely hear a familiar voice calling out amidst the blackness. "I hope that's a humankind in the Zhou. Wake up! We're out of time the black storm is here! Forget the remainder you need to get us out of here!"

He inhaled. He couldn't help but feel like the voice was calling out to him in particular. Forget what? he wondered.

Well only way to find out.

He exhaled and opened his eyes.

The scene was definitely chaotic. He saw way too much at the same time. He saw everything progressing as normal, the fight between the Space Marines and the forces of Chaos continuing at a breakneck pace. He saw the tear in the realms in which he'd Shadow Dashed through and he spotted the ship from his vantage point. Only…his viewpoint was drastically different. Everything felt smaller. And he caught glimpses of something right in front of him…a terrible blackness that was sweeping through. Something asteal in the back of his mind told him this unperceived threat would be upon them soon. He remembered the mission and why he'd come down retrieve the artifact.

He looked down and saw an amazing thing. His body was coated with crystalline-like scales and his chest seemed to glow with an exterior energy of some kind...the energy he now possessed. His feet were elongated and had claws on their toes. He glanced down at his hands and saw more of the same…well two sets of the same anyway. In his right hand held a crystallized sword that maintained the same grip he had on it before. It looked different the way it almost appeared jagged and crude in make. And yet, he knew it was as sharp as ever. They still felt foreign to him, but he could feel appendages in his rear, on his back, and even hanging by his side. Taking a slight glance behind him, he saw wings and a tail.

Akio was a dragon now. He was the artifact.

And as quickly as that realization was upon him, the sorcerer’s long winded speech had begun. The next thing Akio knew, he was being surrounded by this hardened energy, a barrier of some kind. He knew the corruptive properties of the substances said sorcerer had been using, so he didn’t dare touch the stuff. But it was impeding their escape and he had to find a way around it. Or through it by non-physical means.

His sword? He knew it was tethered to him by blood and as such remained incorruptible, but he didn’t know of the crystalline part of it, whether that was truly the sword he knew or just an extension of it…a carbon copy. For now, he wouldn’t chance it. The Shadow Dash would only work if he had a clear line of sight towards his objective, which this barrier blocked all viewpoints. Shadow Magic wouldn’t do him much good either.

But he had a third option now…another essence stored within him and dying to be used. Myrkul’s Essence.

He went deep into thought, deep into the back of his mind to try and find an answer to this power. He considered reaching out to his Ancestors once more for figuring this out, but tried to see if another presence within him would answer.


He’d heard the word being said many a time since joining Captain Ean and his crew, but the word still sounded so foreign on his tongue. From what he’d gathered, Myrkul was an entity in the back of everyone’s mind…a being that could be spoken to if necessary. A guide to Akio’s new abilities and capabilities, he figured. And he was hoping that calling him by name would prompt a response.

“What is your will, Dragonkind?”

Even while he may have been expecting some kind of response, the voice in his head caught him off guard. It was surprisingly…robotic. Not it quality, but in tonal structure. It could almost convey emotion through the tone of voice it used, but it was off in some ways. Detached. Conveyed more of the opposite really. The fact that Myrkul referred to him as Dragonkind didn’t help that either, but Akio could assume such was true now. He did adopt the body and all it’s namesakes after all.

“I request guidance,” he answered back, “Guidance on how to tap into this…essence. I must save your allies from the destruction of Chaos and Demons, but I do not know the body I am in nor the abilities I possess.”

Myrkul's voice rumbled the floor of the mind as a leviathan of mind leaned closer to hear. The different flat-emoted cadences borrowed from other conversations as some rising wind threatened, "Your mind's eye is now mutable, former Humankind, the soul of Humankind cares less for its meat than its will. You are not the present. In Ex Libris you are all Akios that have ever been. What is now will always have been so."

A small memory shot through the blue link to Myrkul of a small smattering of text, "Thus spoke the Dragonkind Ex Libris: I do not cause an avalanche from the power underneath all things, Myrkul's Vein, I am the avalanche. I am in my enemies. I am in my obstacles. I am in the world both reside. That I end means I simply choose to rest. By my roused will I carve unto the landscape how things shall now be in that moment I choose to look away from the self."

It added in that mid-conversation cadence it had between sentences, "Akio is shadow's cataclysm. Akio is nature's violent course. Akio is mankind's smoky lance of wrath. Align the Akios' eyes to the present with a will from any fullness of understanding of all Akios' nows that have ever been. Beware, no muscle incompletely understood can truly be strong."

The speech felt broken and foreign, but in his head…somehow it made perfect sense. He had to concentrate on becoming one. He couldn’t think about the three abilities as separate powers…he had to think of them as one surge of energy inside him. It was less about adapting to this body and more about allowing this body to adapt to him. His muscles. His intentions. His will. Align himself and he could use this power as well as any of his other ones.

“Thank you, Myrkul,” he expressed his own gratitude before turning his attention towards the barrier in front of him and focused. He closed his eyes and thought about bringing the forces inside of him together…harmonizing his priorities with his spirit, his mind, and his body. His spirit was of an ancient heritage. His mind was of a shadowy complex. His body was of a Draconic Awakening. And while his essences had different goals to achieve, all stemming from different backgrounds of his life and wishing different futures, they all had one goal in this current moment. They all wished to fight.

With a roar that wasn’t his own, Akio felt the power of white hot energy building in the pit of his stomach, rising to the back of his throat. It was violent, but tranquil. Steady, but explosive. And he expelled this intense energy forward, out of the open maw he still wasn’t used to. He had yet to speak an English word in this new form and the first thing out of his mouth was the answer he’d been looking for.

The barrier didn’t stand a chance. It melted from the sheer strength and potency of the blast. Three powers combined to break down and dismantle the force the Sorcerer had elected to use unto him. His blood remained uncorrupted, nor did his unyielding composure waver, even if the intensity of the blast may have made others think it had. Though there was a difference in appearance. Not many would notice it, having not seen the dragon before. But Plinth would catch a symbol etched in an odd light on Akio’s Crystalline Dragon Forehead. It was a circle split into three different portions, a dot in the epicenter of each portion. It looked like a three-faced Ying-Yang symbol, a sign of mastered equilibrium beyond the standard for those of a Taoist faith.

But it didn’t stop there. Akio had made an entrance into Dragonhood by blasting through the barrier and he continued by unleashing more brightened energy onto the corrupted soil. His stance was steady despite the suction-like vice the Warp had on the area and he could feel his mind attempting to be tainted by the very air around him. And still, he remained incorruptible. Not by the build of the body, nor by the sway of the mind that prevented his essence from being dragged into a chaotic lack of control, but by his blood. His heritage…his soul…they worked together to keep him tethered to reality. They kept him sane. And he stood still, a beacon of light surrounded by the redness of Chaos.

Akio occupied the dragon.

Everything he torched around him was purified by his soul, rebuilt by his body. The corruption that had plagued the land was reverting it’s course. The hue of destruction would slowly be giving way to that of a much brighter force, one whose composition would trifle with most and come away free. One whose will was aligned to destroy those that wished to hurt Humankind…no, people. The personal word rang strong in his head as he remembered who he was fighting for. His friendship in Captain Ean. His family who was always by his side. The tides within him shifted slightly as his true essence broke through, one that couldn’t be controlled by the waters he occupied, but could be harnessed.

His Draconic eyes glowing, his gaze shifted to the Sorcerer, who would realize what kind of power he’d allowed his enemy to take. It wasn’t Zhou alone that was the force to contend with. It was whoever the Zhou aligned with. And that was someone who already had a personal leverage over the will of the Warp. Someone who could once withstand it and now recede it.

Someone who was already inside his enemy’s head.

“Abrubhor,” he spoke, his voice deeper and much more masculine, “Your corruption stops here.”


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Fate, oh what a word that was. How many people always belive in fate. Oh he beloved part of it, they were all destined on the road of fate, however no one has ever said that they could take any turns while on the road. He of course understood this all too well. Of course, his chained puppets were breaking free of their binding..

Despite the corruption being pushed back from the new occupied relic, and the tear in the warp had been closed. Oh,

His mission may have slowly have been failing. The However, the sorcerer chuckled. Ignoring Akio who spoke to him almost as if a worm tried to speak to him he turned to Ean. Even as he showed his his 'fate' and the 'pain' that came with it he chuckled. "Fate? Yes we all have one destined fate. No matter who we are....However that does not mean we can change the wheels of fate. To make thing run in your favor...Fate getting their revenge?...Such a paltry saying...You may have have stalled the uninevetable...However your efforts are...Not enough..."

The ground seemed to rumble as more tears opened up. The warp was not being denied. It could never be denied. "Yes, only the Emperor can contain this now. It is true if I continue this course I shall be destroyed entirley...However I am no fool to stay here...This place has already been claimed by the warp, only a throughout cleansing may purge this area...Enough time to continue with my plans...You may think you are winning however as you can see your efforts are futile...However I belive I have done what I have needed here..."

A tear in reality opened up behind the sorcerer with the legions of Chaos and demonic creatures marching from these tears. "It would be best to retreat...As you say only that man can clense this area at this point...Oh...And speaking of that man he should be coming here soon before we can do much...I shall make my exit...The next time, I promise to enslave the people close to you.." The Sorcerer laughed as he escaped through the tear. Of course the forces of Chaos began to storm the area. The corruption now spreading tenfold.

Demons, Chaos Space Marines, and cultists all surged forward into the area. The area was lost, of course a figures presence was felt. He was on his way already.


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The End of a Battle
Ean, who had never once moved from his seat upon the Cobalt Glaive, gave a soft and sad sigh at the corrupted sorcerer. "Ya know, I thought he was smart enough to understand, but I guess not. In any case, it's time to go. The Space marines and their emperor are on their way, this event will be contained and the chaos won't get any weaker us being here. Emily, Akio, if you can hear me, move out."

And thus things moved as Ean had stated they would. Kath, seeing Akio had broken through the chaos barrier and provided a slip of an escape route, used the remaining burn time of his overdrive to hyperaccelerate and grab each of the IMPs and Plinth herself, and dashed them out of the place towards the Cobalt Glaive, where Franklin and his team were waiting to pull them aboard the Transport Vessel.

In less than two minutes, Plinth, the IMPs, and even Akio in his new dragon form would be evacuated from the cavern. Kath would be laid out on the transport floor while medics did every in their power to stabilize him. The overdrive caused so much strain on his muscles and bones that most of them had been damn near liquified by it.

Akio would have to fly up to the hanger bay and enter that way until he found a way to either separate himself from the artifact, or change his new body down to size. Plinths unique body structure had the medics confused as to what they could do for her, so they applied pain dampers and did their best to make her comfortable.

The Bridge

"Just finished the Headcount ma'am, everyone who's still kicking is onboard." Claimed the Corpsmen through Emily's speaker.

"About damn time too. All engines full throttle, get us off this rock!" She hollered out to the flight crew, who had been waiting for just that order. The Drives spun up, and the Glaive refitted for flight mode. The "arms" turned and came together, forming the blade shape that was the ships namesake, the wings retracted, and the power that had been pouring through them to provide atmospheric lift was diverted to the engines, which went from a blue expulsion to a deep violet eruption of power, as the glaive leaped forward, cutting through the atmosphere and out into the stars.

At last they were free of the planet Terra, and off on their journey.


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A great emerald beam of light suddenly shot towards the sky and made contact with Sol,
coming from somewhere deep within the Collenham Mountains, elsewhere on Aslund.

Sol and Terra seemed tethered together by a thin, bright, green string.

Unnamed Shuttle arrives, as if on queue.
"Cargo Shuttle" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.
Unnamed Morningstar-C Assault Starfighter arrives, as if on queue.
"Thunderbird IV" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.
Unnamed Orbus arrives, as if on queue.
"Rovert" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.