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The Multiverse
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Vixi High Orbit

This relatively stable space floats just above Vixi, almost perfectly geosynchronous.


Vixi High Orbit is a part of Vixi.

6 Characters Here

Lottie Wincos [18] It happens....
Janice Snowheart, Duchess of Elion [18] Janice, mostly introvert but social at times. She had to live a lonely life since her parents were assasinated. Her sister went off to Loarance and Janice became alone.
Azul [18] Mercenary searching for purpose.
Xever Grimslottir [17] "Every citian in Spelheim deserves Mercy. My only wish? That I may deliver it to them."

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Prince Niku III has left the area, heading board into The Orbus.
The Orbus hums to life.
"The Orbus" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.
The Orbus hums to life.
Asteroid has arrived, coming from Vixi.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the out vanishes.
Asteroid has left the area, heading up into Armarx.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Issachar Remaeus Character Portrait: Archangel Remiel Character Portrait: Xever Grimslottir Character Portrait: Azul Character Portrait: Janice Snowheart, Duchess of Elion Character Portrait: Javed Chaudhary Character Portrait: Lottie Wincos Character Portrait: Prince Niku III
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#, as written by Azul
Azul needs to find somewhere to go, he had been standing there daydreaming for only God knows how long. There were people around, although due to the blurriness of his visor he couldn't truly discern what was happening. Swords sheathed, mind somewhat at ease, he walks forward kicking a piece of metal on the ground.