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A relatively new establishment, Vogel's Bar is a bar owned and operated by Tech Con's Terran holdings.
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Vogel's Bar

A relatively new establishment in Wing City, Vogel's Bar is a bar owned and operated by Tech Con's Terran holdings.


Vogel's Bar is a part of Hagan Avenue.

16 Characters Here

Desmond Bornholdt [59] A daemon from Arcanum, an avatar of Naar; the Old God of Death and Decay.
Jim Thorn [56] Need something transporting that can't normally be transported Jim is your guy, well that's if you can find him
Aaron Ward [54] ...
Pensey Locke [34] Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. The leader of a large Thieves' Guild. Tick-Tock. A highborn Lord whose heart beats Tick-Tock.
Staff Sergeant Foreman [17] Staff Sergeant Thomas Randall Foreman; War-Eagle Platoon, Delta Company.
Master Sergeant Petra [17] A Sorukan Capsuleer assigned to Delta 43rd, War-Hawks Platoon
Xellus [17]
Naar [9] The Old God of Death and Decay.
Dan 'Luck' Zaroof [2] Fun to be around but shy

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Character Portrait: says,
 “ helloooo? ”


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Character Portrait: Shaunie Macadden Character Portrait: Dan 'Luck' Zaroof
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Shaunie looked up from being engrossed in his cellphone at the newcomer and smiled. He was still alive in Wing City, and that was more that cause to be friendly. Besides, it wasn't often other young people came about. They might want to buy something.

"'Sup?" He nodded to Dan 'Luck' Zaroof.

Shaunie Macadden vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.