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The Multiverse


ImageVolaria is a small country within Shintenchi that is comprised of a narrow stretch of rolling grasslands along the west coast of the continent. The rise in mountainous terrain to the east marks the borders of Volaria from the Shintenchi Shogunate.

Volaria's abundance of grasslands lends to the rearing of livestock and farming, but the prominent source of Volaria's trade comes through its fishing and mining. The country of Volaria is especially renowned for its diamond trade.

Volaria is predominantly held by the Volarian Monarchy, but several scatterings of domestic dependent nations of human settlements dot the countryside as well. The nature and quality of the settlements in Volaria range from shanty fishing villages to small cities. The Taiyou Shintenchi Shogunate lays just across the eastern borders of Volaria, while the Losenji Imperium reigns to the south.

The capital of Volaria is Volary.

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A country within Shintenchi that is comprised of a narrow stretch of rolling grasslands. Volaria is primarily held by avorians and a scattering of human settlements.


Volaria is a part of Shintenchi.

5 Places in Volaria:

6 Characters Here

Haigara [14]
Corvo Lex [10] A knowledgeable bureaucrat from the distant stars.
Sherazad [10]
Haijira [10]
Treader of White [8] She's a beautiful nightmare.
Ming Yu [3] Eastern dragon.

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is speed? Buddy...why so slow? I thought this was the future said Sheras chuckling. This guy, quite the life victim...or ex hero? The guy was ugly, but curious, she would spend at least the meal with him, perhaps learning information about Volary kingdom.

But this was fricking slow. Sheras glided behind him gracefully, she then grabbed the disk in a stable manner, splattering some blood from her hands over it, she realized too late and hoped he didn't notice. I'll give you a push, hold tight! added she while alligning themselves with the destination point.

Pulse mode engage, 3-2-1 a blue-white ray of light pulsed from the heels of Sheras boots right before she accelerated up to 150 km/h in the following 3 seconds. Pushing on the disk she peeked at the side of Corvo to see how close they were, interestingly enough the disk would adapt the vertical position without her doing anything, cool. As the house got bigger she elegantly flipped her legs from lying position to front stretching position so that her heels would now point in the opposite direction acting like brakes, decelerating down to walking speed in the next 4 seconds.

Theoretically Corvo would see the boots up close along with Sheras legs till somewhat the knee level, almost touching his sides. There's always that moment where gravity starts to win over the velocity force which made it quite tricky for her to flex back without falling, yet this wasn't her first rodeo so she simply let the disk go and jumped off, switching swiftly the boots to skate mode.

woo, hope you didn't speak, I can't hear anything with all the wind in my face when I ride like that, is this the place?


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Character Portrait: Sherazad Character Portrait: Corvo Lex
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With Sherazad warning, Corvo took a moment to grip the arms of his floating chair for a moment as she prepared to give them a boost. Afterwards, Corvo could see little of anything as the hairless man was propelled forward along a very flat open plain at a sudden ramping velocity. He could feel his face tighten for a moment as he gripped the arms before finally the sudden force slowed down to a halt just at the border of the tourist ranch property.

He wheezed out a big cloud of dust out of his lungs for a moment. Er those fields were particularly dry for the lack of rainfall these last couple of days. Wiping the bits of dust and dirt off his face. “Th-That was thrilling!” The older man had to confess. It was like being on a roller-coaster! Heh! He had to take a moment to register what she was asking. What? “Oh! Yes! Yes it is!” Corvo expressed in a little bit of a quibble.

He floated over to the fence door opening it up and inviting Sherazad into the yard. Who knows? Maybe the owners will be angry at him and kick him off and send him back to the city. He had honestly did not like it here and he had hoped that he would have. “Do come in.” He expressed floating across the yard still spitting out dirt and bits of field and maybe a bug or to. Gross.

There was a ramp built to make the interface of the chair run more smoothly. Even as it floated off surfaces stair were always a hassle as the computer on the disc chair needed a moment to register all the changing contours. Ramps were so much easier. The door was open, the insides were AC revealing a very quant little household environment inside, the influences were obviously Asian which might be confusing seeing that the guy in the chair despite all his ambiguous features was a big fat gringo.

It had all the modern amenities with included a regular modern day kitchen, by no means some sort of future kitchen like the young woman might imagine. “I’m vacationing.” He explained very briefly. Just a tourist really.

Meteor has arrived, coming from Narita.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the west vanishes.
Meteor has left the area, heading southeast into Lósénji.