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The Multiverse


Primary point of arrival and departure on Klendath.
Capital colony of the UCF, housing the best scientists and most of the military. Open to all visitors, and currently the most advanced colony on Klendath. Enjoy your time here!

This colony has high walls surrounding it on all sides, and is easy to defend in case of an outside attack. Several watchtowers peer down from inside of the walls, and there is one particularly large one right next to the entrance. The locals are rather friendly, at least until provoked.
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Whiskey Colony

Primary point of arrival and departure on Klendath. Welcome to Whiskey Colony, the most scientifically advanced colony on Klendath, and home to Alpha Base.


Whiskey Colony is a part of Klendath.

2 Places in Whiskey Colony:

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Colonial Union Soldier. [0] Generic Colonial Union Marine.

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Maxus Sywell has left the area, heading east towards Eastern Wasteland.
Maxus Sywell has arrived, coming from Eastern Wasteland.
Unnamed Gunship arrives, as if on queue.
"UCFS Thunderstorm" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.


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The ship in orbit above Klendath was on no terms your run-of-the-mill spacecraft, compared to the rest of the Multiverse. It was near primitive compared to them, for sure, but likely could still hold its own in space. The C.U. Integrity II was not a ship owned by the government, and was held only to a small technicality in allegience to the UCF. It was a ship designed to protect, for sure, but it wasn't just designed to take the brunt of blows for the general populace. It was designed to fight. But it had been a long time since it had to. The first Integrity was old, from a time right after when Oberon were not united and still fought each other. Endlessly. But then the age of the sky beyond came, and the Oberon slowly gathered together and made peace with each other. There were still some who fought, but not on a large scale. The Integrity II was manned with around two thousand Oberon, and armed with EMP and beam weaponry. Shields were still experimental and not used in combat, but there hadn't been any of that for a long time. The Colonial Union still insisted on being prepared, however, and in the light of finding a new race, one could only hope for peace with them.

The attempted observation of this race, who seemingly hadn't noticed the Oberon, had come with the idea of the next Discovery ship. The first Discovery was destroyed in space after its hull ruptured, but since afterwards the Discovery ships had been successful. The seventh ship to carry the name Discovery had been selected to go to observe the race currently just known as 'The Others.' Whether or not this would be successful was still to be seen.

On the Integrity II, they recieved a message log from Discovery VII. The ship had been contacted. On the bridge this announcement was met with the usual silence. The message was quickly played out on a screen to the side.

"This is Paul Clarke, Helmsman of the Discovery seven. Date is 05/8/2309. Time is 13:14. Over radio we have just recieved contact with the inhabitants of I-01's star system. 1-01.7 and I-01.8 are in sight at time of message. Message details we must cooperate with their orders and cease our advance. Decision by live crew to cooperate. Attempt to board or attack ship is possible. Remaining crew waking soon. Awaiting further messages or contact. End Log 03."

The log is documented and saved into a file, and then transmitted down to the surface.