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The Multiverse

Create New Character »The Multiverse » Characters

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: CharaDreamurr

Short brown hair and brown eyes with green sweater with yellow stripe

Character Portrait: Mikael Zajac

Intelligent moose like humanoid who works as a free lance criminal investigator for Wing City

Character Portrait: Elliot Alderson

Cybersecurity Engineer by day, Vigilante Hacker by night.

Character Portrait: Clover the Jungle Cat

A shy but agile jungle cat, too afraid to speak up but always willing to fight for what is right.

Character Portrait: Gabriel Arch

"I am more than the man who touches the sun. I am the sun."

Character Portrait: Dr. Alto Clef

"I am the Alpha & Omega of this Multiverse. And your god is lying in a coma."

Character Portrait: Nolan North

The Leader of the Saints.

Character Portrait: Joshua Ketra

An outgoing young man who recently arrived at Terra in search of a new life.

Character Portrait: Salazar

"I was once called The Serpent. Then I was slaughtered. Now I am back".

Character Portrait: samantha *ann* Emerald

A female human with blond heir and a pink dress and a pink witch hat with purple jewels

Character Portrait: Dark *Darkness* Soul

A stallion with dark fur and a red mane and a alicorn

Character Portrait: Aldrekr Galvonovitch

"Power lies not in what your enemies know about you but in what they think they know."

Character Portrait: Dragon Ahsterra

good with weapons, not really good at...Life.

Character Portrait: Zelsane

Divinity in its darkest form.

Character Portrait: Arros Halgus

Personal Hunter to Rentis Masius

Character Portrait: Kael Masius

Runaway, traveling the universe, seeking a new life.

Character Portrait: Sacrilege-of-the-Heart Characters

Character Portrait: Vexal

A young man created through Tsukibaiacchi's Life Magic.

Character Portrait: Tsukibaiacchi (Tsuki)

A girl formed by the mergine of 14 soul fragments

Character Portrait: Remy Brown

"I'm not that nerdy.."

Character Portrait: Lucian Segal

A paladin unlike the others.

Character Portrait: Anton Herzen

"What are you lookin' at?"

Character Portrait: Tanny Day

"...Smilin' for some reason. Might be relevant."

Character Portrait: Isi Wright

Living in the moment.

Character Portrait: Quinara

Follow me! I know where to go I have been there a hundred times! Now...was it to the right or the left? Let's go...that way!

Character Portrait: Rising Phoenix

Character Portrait: Black Hands

Click, snick, bang.

Character Portrait: Vokun

Research and a thirst for knowledge are what drive me.

Character Portrait: Lord Kelvin Hofbrincl

The Swag Man

Character Portrait: Tikaro

A dragon'd breath can breathe life, or death.

Character Portrait: Jaccs Hellfang

controls the flames and metal of the earth to make powerful weapon of magic ,death, or solitude

Character Portrait: Skye Salem Royale Coston

Daughter of Alexia Royale and Sky Strife Coston: Guardian of Sky Strife Coston's Tomb

Character Portrait: Vipteri

Currently under reconstruction

Character Portrait: Lyon (Formortis)

A soft gentle soul....whom the Demon King Formortis has consumed.

Character Portrait: Legendary SS

This is Broly's final and most powerful form. In this state He is at Max power. His Hair remains gold with a brownish tint.

Character Portrait: The Dragon Mistress

Character Portrait: Elena.1790.

her true love left her for a mortal over 2 centuries ago. she now walks in search for vengeance and a new partner.

Character Portrait: Tayler Tailor

As an unexpected surprise, Taylor was born as a pair of baby twins at twelve midnight. She now currently works at her job with the Redundant Department of Redundancy.

Character Portrait: Rindaste

Rindaste Linera Inagratar, a young boy with the strange power of telekinesis. Nobody knows where he came from or what he was born to do. He spends his life protecting others.

Character Portrait: Crestelle

Is the sister of Celina. She is kind and caring but can go a little insane if anyone bothers or harms thoses she cares about. You have been warned...

Character Portrait: Artemis Atalo Matsouya

A treasure hunter looking for answers.

Character Portrait: Ellerio

A relaxed drifter who takes things as they pass.

Character Portrait: Giln Khalitz

A young swordmage wandering the desert in search of civillizations lost to the ravages of time.

Character Portrait: Zola

Hungarian, ex-prostitute, matron.

Character Portrait: Kiito

Kiito "do good" Is a kind, joyfull and spontanius girl, who loves to talk dance an ride her colourfull friend the butterfly. She can speak to plants and animals.

Character Portrait: Confessor

Confessor has the ability to 'touch' a person with her power. Once 'touched', that person is no longer who they used to be, but now eternally devoted to the Confessor.

Character Portrait: Vexion Kanahashi

The prodigious Son of Vegeshin Kanahashi...[quote]I'm sorry; I did not mean to make a fool of you...[/quote]