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The Multiverse

Wing City Hospital

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The go-to for any and all Wing City medical requirements. This organisation offers a wide verity of highly skilled staff who are capable of fulfilling the needs of all life forms. Equality, confidentiality and high quality care guaranteed.

AugmentationAudit holds sovereignty over Wing City Hospital, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Welcome to Wing City Hospitals!
Our aim is to provide a tailored and comprehensive medical care of an award winning standard free of charge to everyone within the Multiverse. In partnership with The O'Connar Fund For Emergency Care, it is our promise is to offer fast, high quality treatment to anyone in need of it.

We are a large city hospital, with over 1000 beds occupied at any given time, and our staff is trained in all the eccentricities of Wing City's population. Need a wizard to fix your ailments, rather than a surgeon? The hospital can provide. Need a doctor who can deal with your powers exploding left right and centre while they fix your gaping wounds? No problem. Our staff are all highly trained to deal with the problems faced by genuine Wing City residents. No power is too powerful for us to deal with, and no race is too obscure; we offer a wide range of powered doctors, and our xenobiology department works day and night to meet your non-human needs.

Our staff is well versed in the more dangerous side of life in Wing City, despite the hospital and grounds being declared a demilitarised zone. We warn those who would cause this organisation harm that our staff are all highly trained, and acts of wanton violence against staff, patients or trust property will be dealt with severely.

You have now arrived in the hospital itself; please feel free to check in at the front desk, where you will be pointed in the right direction. Otherwise, look around and see if you can spot the department you need.

Feel free to use NPC Staff:
Nurses: Julia Farthing, Charge Nurse John Brown, Sister Isa Ling.
Pharmacists: Rob Miko and Jenny Sing.
Physio and Occupational therapists: Tora Laue, Jesetta Carmichal, Toby Forello.
Mental Health Professionals: Maximums Senningate, Rebecca White.
Health Care Assistants and Orderlies: Tim Roe, Harriet Roaring, Kelly South, Anita Talanta.
Porters: Nick West, Arron Viking, Kieran Lon.
Cleaning Staff: Charlotte Howley, Jin Ton, Surry Billingate.
Catering Staff: Phil Crowler, Jess Wright, Tommy Gazette.
Security: Mic Field, Tobias Boxing, Larry King, Sarha Farmer.
Emergency Medical Staff: Mecca, Truman Roth, Lilly Hakkat.
Transport Drivers: Freddie Borrow, Harmon Jett, Amy Usell.

An ultra-modern building for the most part, WCH also caters to beings from alternate timelines and continuities of altered or regressed medical technology. They guarantee that there is a ward to suit all patients, no matter where they are from or how dangerous their powers might be. Feel free to write your interaction into the correct ward setting for your character, if such a ward isn't already available.

NPC staff are versatile and there to help; they will step in for any needs that your partner players cannot fulfill. They will also intervene if things become out of hand, dangerous to staff, patients or property, or someone becomes violent.

The building is owned and run by Mr Horatio Castle, who is constantly looking to improve services and make WCH a better, safer place to be treated.
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Wing City Hospital

The go-to for any and all Wing City medical requirements. This organisation offers a wide verity of highly skilled staff who are capable of fulfilling the needs of all life forms. Equality, confidentiality and high quality care guaranteed.


Wing City Hospital is a part of Wing City Plaza.

3 Places in Wing City Hospital:

34 Characters Here

Xander DeLeon [42] The love of family...
Priestess [31]
Sara Drake [24]
Jack Mercer [22] A Federation Terran who earned his citizenship and is the COO of Daedalus Enterprises.
Administratum Myrkul [21] Destroyed regulating structures must be recommenced. This is my purpose
Erika Onzanem [14] Demon Frog Mom--Erika is a dark celestial being taking the form of a woman with some froggy quirks.
Freja Ortega [11] A cheery and jovial Minotaur woman who leads a group of bandits. She hails from the realm of Netherworld Styx.
Horatio Castle [10] It's a lie.
Professor Asp [10] "You could be improved..."
Natalija Drulovic [9] Director of Marketing, Ignatius Loyola Christian Academy, Dallas, Texas.

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#, as written by Awinita
As all the events transpired around him and Jazzei on the rooftop Munkus' left wrist went off like a bunch of meowing kittens. Briefliy looking around confused Munkus realised it was him "Oh that's me, one sec I gotta take this. Hello" Munkus aswered his phone. There was no telling who ewas on the other end as they couldnt be heard.

"Oh hello dear... yes of course... No, nobody's dead... yet... Yes yes I actually have that on my to do list.... Yes I'll get the milk too let me make a note of that" Munkus' quickly wrote on the holographic screen he held in his hand as he spoke on his phone. "Oh nothing too major dear... Yes I am at the hospitakl and aware of the shooting fun.... Huh... No that wasnt me. What did he look ?" Munkus quriked an eyebrow and looked around for Larry, not finding him "I dunno, he's not here...." Then Ayla showed up.

"Babe, dear, listen I gotta go, somebody's fuckin' with my connection, yeah, I'll get the meat and milk, anything else ?.... Alright, set the table for three dear I'm bringing home a guest, Ahuh... yeah make sure the passport folks are informed too..., yup. Dont worry you'll see her when I get home..." Munkus then stood stock still but his other ear was seen with its fur sticking out as if in a strong breeze as his wife yelled at him before calming down and saying something "Love you too sweetie, home soon." Munkus hung up

Turning to Jazzei he took her hand in his, then he backed up, and both of them disappeared into smoke to somewhere as he stepped upon the strange pattern on the rooftop.

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The creatures known as Jinhai lay quiet for two months for reasons unknown. Jinhai hid to stare from heating vents in the wee hours. Administratum by and large appeared on camera wearing snoring Doctors. Disbursing them to a couch when they began to wake. Jinhai repaired still ignorant of territory or allegiance but to humankind. At least of what infrastructure they recognized. The hospital itself once a solid concrete foundation only the barest surface remained. The stone below the hospital by now replaced a deeper flesh of ferroplasm. Insulation against intrusion for protection of the integrity of the stasis array. Everything in it was time consuming to produce as well as important. Frequent mass death within the city required standing assets. Only the main elevators had a physical egress. Holes through story-thick plate which was by removing the metal plug in the floor at the bottom of the shaft. Mechanics and cabling extended enough a few floors down. Open to black expanse in a sheer drop several stories to the actual floor. This drop no particular interest for those whom gravity, via levitation, was optional.

This was a fine quiet night for values of quiet in an ER where someone was always bleeding to death. The halls rumbling with sleeping patients but for nurses rattling carts about. Now with a slight muffling of psionic noise Jinhai reappeared with dusty footfalls. Something below extended and changed. Though they generally avoided areas where anyone was active. Such a place today three four-many Jinhai and their twelve grey swirls for eyes focused on a data panel. Within a disused storeroom lights and a switch ceased to function. Endless reconstruction lost this particular room to an unfortunate lack of care. The redundant server on a shelf puttered on as it always had even after its switch died. Added to bugs and paper both long-since crumbled away. Servitor understanding of electronics limited by the volume of their other skills. Still one that could pour itself through walls tracing broken networks came easy.

A hollow-robed Administratum then floats in through a side door. In its metal hands carting a large box proclaiming '1U Petabit Switch'. What they could not repair they could procure.

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Sara Drake looked about ready to snap as the reports came across her desk. "Have Priestess deal with the freaks roaming the halls.. as for this new report..."

Sara stood and cursed. "Fucking Aschen think they can just fly into our home without a word? if the TNG can't step up we will. Have the Viking squad readied and load my banshee with marines. I will deal with whatever is going on at that shit hole called Gambit's. keep the hospital on high alert.

While Sara headed of to her ship Priestess made her way to where the strange creatures she had encountered before where sighted again.

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After about a few hours of limping, he had finally made it to the Wing City hospital. By the time he had gotten there, the exit wounds from the Aschen laser gun things had healed, though the enter wounds, the organs, the bones and the muscles haven't yet. At this point he just needed a place to heal peacefully. "Hey, guys. Remember me? Gambits?" He said with a hoarse voice. "Yeah, I just need gauze. For my arms, for some reason gauze is the only thing that my arms can't burn through. Don't ask me, I don't make the rules." He said, in an attempt to retain his snarky exterior.

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The white-robed Administratum intersected Priestess path as it headed toward some back hallways. Infrequent in the city much less the hospital they were unassuming silent curiosities. Each that spoke only when spoken to ignoring all else. There were likely some curious eyes at their presence in busier hours. Preferred if seen at all to interact in the hours in places when no humans were impacted. The existence of human indeed impacted and addressing openly caused it to stop. The floating white robe with silver plated gloves turned to look at the man that entered. Deep within the hood a sunken translucent face the Administratum made a quick entry in the Almanac requisitioning 'gauze'.

There was some rumbling from a nearby grate as an arm poured through a heating grate. Spark eyes seen behind that shoulder staring and categorizing the humankind. Humankind the determination however tainted by celestial powers may he be. A black gloved fist sparked green as a small sealed limestone paper container manifested. Bonded psimass consumed to produce a sterile container with a roll of nanofiber bandages. Though the roll resembled pale skin the extremely absorbant material worked quite a bit better than cotton gauze. They'd long since taken samples of materials in various storages to see what could fabricate through metacreativity.

The task dealt with the Jinhai's hand retreated just to observe crammed into a duct. The Administratum continued on its way to offices elsewhere which had more winding infrastructure and such things than any patients. In particular a small hallway that curiously dead ended but for a small janitor's closet in one side housing some piping.

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Ken Blast! looked at the heating grate as he heard a low rumble coming from it. He saw a hand protrude out to give Ken Blast! the bandages. He hesitated for a bit, mouthing What the hell? to himself. He then took the gauze and wrapped it around his arms. He then looked over at the cloaked figure walking away from him. He said, "Hey, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna sit here and wait for my... wounds to heal." He said, not really expecting a response. He wasn't so much snarky, as he was distracted from the fact that there's something lurking in the vents. After all, he really could regenerate, though with the intensity of the wounds it could take quite a while. He waited for the cloaked figure to exit the room completely before heading over to the heating grate. He lowered his sunglasses and peered in. "What the fuck was that?" He whispered to himself.

Eileen Mulford vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the in. You can see something appear in that direction.
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