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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: reladeteh

Loves everything

Character Portrait: Justin Kudara

Anything that is pure evil, or has a drop of evil shall be vanquished!

Character Portrait: Byf

Unleash your wild side

Character Portrait: Luke Carter


Character Portrait: Lily Chanson

Character Portrait: The Oculus

A group of five assassins. Not much is known about this group, other than they kill for money and pleasure.

Character Portrait: Sorre and Sift

The electric pink cat and the tan sandcat.

Character Portrait: Sift

A male cat who can control mostly sand, instead of most ground material.

Character Portrait: Zebua

*giggle* You should have seen your face!

Character Portrait: Orion Caninel

"Why do I blind myself? To see the real you..."

Character Portrait: Kristian

Character Portrait: Tiro


Character Portrait: Amar Le-Bois

Captain of an Elite guard unit sent from Heaven.

Character Portrait: The Flying Dutchman

I curse you God!

Character Portrait: Corlan and Edgar

Shut up! For there to be light darkness has to just can't overpower the light.

Character Portrait: Keira Thompson

Shut up dude! You are such a wimp!

Character Portrait: Constantine Vacarius

"The more you resist, the more it will hurt...."

Character Portrait: Maria Sanizo

Hey kid wanna play?

Character Portrait: Arcanius Vega

What do you want?

Character Portrait: Treia Bracken

A tall, lanky brown haired man who thinks fast but speaks less.

Character Portrait: Tudok Thorn

Leader of the Thorn Pack

Character Portrait: White Crow

A young woman searching for truth. She is very spiritualistic and has a passion for song. She also wields potent natural magic against unwary foes.

Character Portrait: Rod'ir'ait


Character Portrait: Anastashia Moreaux

"Oui Monsieur"

Character Portrait: Ninetails

The kitsune spirit fused with Lily, taking her own form.

Character Portrait: Tabu

Character Portrait: Ondine Cerylia

A cross between water nymph and an black angel, She has pale wings and tell the future

Character Portrait: Jimmy Massera

Jimmy the Saint

Character Portrait: Requiem, the Breaking Dawn

Second half to Requiem, the Final Rest

Character Portrait: William(Will) Davis

A pleasure to make your aquaintence.

Character Portrait: The Gigas

Belias's airship, now fully automated and on auto-pilot.

Character Portrait: Johnny Smith

The son of fate.

Character Portrait: Gisela

"I don't know how I got alone. I don't know how I got mad. I don't know how I got mad. I don't think I should get back."

Character Portrait: GP-684

Character Portrait: Belias Do'Lantul

Samurai remnant of a long-lost clan. Related to Jerico, indirectly.

Character Portrait: Jerico

The silent samurai raised in the ways of Bushido, the ancient code of warriors that is not only used in times of war, but is used as a code of ethics for everyday life.

Character Portrait: Nerion

"Yup... I'm one of those emotionless pointy eared bastards from planet Vulcan. Well... maybe not emotionless."

Character Portrait: Nancy Gale

Hai there :D

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Bailey

Character Portrait: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

From a wolf family, only males inherit the gene. However she has a short temper

Character Portrait: jacob gether

He is the son of perseus the god of the sea.

Character Portrait: Max Florence

Do I look like someone you really want to mess with?

Character Portrait: Etzio Spades

A young child with random tendencies

Character Portrait: Tester Testbee

The test bunny for my coding!

Character Portrait: Serina M

She's a shy yet fiesty one.

Character Portrait: Holo (Canon from "the keys")

Character Portrait: S.A. Seeley Booth

Ex-sniper, now a special agent for the FBI

Character Portrait: Jimmy Bo

Character Portrait: Arelius Shinkadi

Character Portrait: Ellen Shaw

Neshawell, a Pagan Goddess, is originally from a race created by God millenia before the creation of humans and now she hides within a human host, silently passing her views to those around her.

Character Portrait: Rayn Henter

"There is an art, or rather a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Character Portrait: Mathias Green

Leader of The Defenders

Character Portrait: Hana Nakamura

Character Portrait: Percussion

Air Support for The Defenders