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A large and imposing structure, the Wing City Police Department is a building designed to resist what the city has to offer. Fitted with security systems designed to combat mages, psionics, teleporters and phasers alike, nobody could ever accuse the WCPD of being unprepared. Alongside the regular offices, training areas and public areas you would expect in a police station, Wing City's department is fitted with a large bunker and armoury.

Armed guards have a notable presence around the building, many of whom are more than human themselves, and all of whom are equipped with specialist weaponry and protection designed for the environment they work in.

The building itself is heavily reinforced. The brand new reinforced metal doors leading into the building can be locked down with heavy shielding and blast resistance. Turrets, deployable cover and multiple checkpoints with similar defenses internally are spread throughout the building.
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Wing City Police Department

The home of Wing City's finest, where the WCPD deal with their paperwork, training and other business beyond day-to-day patrols, and where their leaders can generally be found.


Wing City Police Department is a part of Eastern Wing City.

3 Places in Wing City Police Department:

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Slim [89] "Violah! Get down on the ground, no moving!"
Sonya Ballifrey [78] ...
Janet Sou [64] At the age of thirty, she a miserable loner. She spends her nights as a mopey drunk, and her days as a mopey smoker.
Skylar Grey [62] Leader of the Mammon's Lost Gang.
Danielle Kalter [56] An metahuman agent with the WCPD, rather averse to her general role as 'cannon fodder'. "Just because it doesn't hurt when they shoot me doesn't mean I enjoy it!"
Keiko Yukiyama [44] ISSP Agent assigned to Imperial affairs.
No Face [32] Who are you without your Identity?
Caleb Jefferson [13] I don't give a damn
Harold Miller [10] Former WCPD Chief of Police and Detective 1st Class with the CPF
Ted Ellison [7] The mind of Mammon's perfect vessel now free.

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Zosimos has left the area, heading in towards Wing City Police Department: First Floor.
Sheriff Daylon vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
"DarkProwl FV-Alpha" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.