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A large and imposing structure, the Wing City Police Department is a building designed to resist what the city has to offer. Fitted with security systems designed to combat mages, psionics, teleporters and phasers alike, nobody could ever accuse the WCPD of being unprepared. Alongside the regular offices, training areas and public areas you would expect in a police station, Wing City's department is fitted with a large bunker and armoury.

Armed guards have a notable presence around the building, many of whom are more than human themselves, and all of whom are equipped with specialist weaponry and protection designed for the environment they work in.

The building itself is heavily reinforced. The brand new reinforced metal doors leading into the building can be locked down with heavy shielding and blast resistance. Turrets, deployable cover and multiple checkpoints with similar defenses internally are spread throughout the building.
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Wing City Police Department

The home of Wing City's finest, where the WCPD deal with their paperwork, training and other business beyond day-to-day patrols, and where their leaders can generally be found.


Wing City Police Department is a part of Eastern Wing City.

3 Places in Wing City Police Department:

28 Characters Here

Slim [88] "Violah! Get down on the ground, no moving!"
Sonya Ballifrey [77] ...
Janet Sou [63] At the age of thirty, she a miserable loner. She spends her nights as a mopey drunk, and her days as a mopey smoker.
Skylar Grey [61] Leader of the Mammon's Lost Gang.
Danielle Kalter [54] An metahuman agent with the WCPD, rather averse to her general role as 'cannon fodder'. "Just because it doesn't hurt when they shoot me doesn't mean I enjoy it!"
Keiko Yukiyama [43] ISSP Agent assigned to Imperial affairs.
No Face [31] Who are you without your Identity?
Caleb Jefferson [12] I don't give a damn
Harold Miller [8] Former WCPD Chief of Police and Detective 1st Class with the CPF
Isiah Lankteron [7] "Well, old boy you're rising up the ranks. People will soon come to fear Isiah."

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DarkProwl FV-Alpha

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Character Portrait: Marlene Angel Character Portrait: Randin D. Kaye Character Portrait: Thaddeus Kraggen
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Marlene silently made a face, and then she reached out to to take Randin's arm.

Should she manage to take it, she would place a small sphere of Calx on his forearm, like ink in water, the sphere slowly began to turn black.

"I need a sample of the Mammon essence to study it." She said, and once the sphere had turned inky black, she removed it from his arm. The entire event was completely painless, and the corrupted influence was contained within the crystal.

"Mollem's not taking you anywhere, I just want to get to the bottom of this whole issue."

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Character Portrait: John Phage
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John had grown bored with his waiting, there was no answer. Was he not heard from behind his gas mask? Nah, probably busy. And so, to wait, John sat on the floor cross legged and leaning against the reception desk. As he did so, he glanced around the area. The place seemed to be under very high security. That's strange, isn't Wing City a place of anarchy? That's what John had heard. Everyone was so busy here, did something happen? It's so confusing.

John gave out a large groan of boredom, loud enough to grab some glances from the people around him. It was easy to be noticed anyway, the place may be busy but seeing a man wearing a gas mask and dressed in full black and looking dead, of course one would question. "Is anyone going to help me with my question?" John called out to himself, hoping to get attention from someone who would gladly help him out. It was only pointing out where a corpse would be, that's it.

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Character Portrait: Alexander Leonard Character Portrait: Caroline Danthers
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This was as long as Caroline could physically stay away from the WCPD. A day after the horrors that had gone on inside, she'd tried to get in to help, but no one was allowed in. Now, a couple of days later she was allowed in. Like usual, she brought home made goodies. Corey had joined the force before they'd met. And even after, Caroline was introduced to his family on the force. And ever since then, she'd come bringing baked goods, her children, and other things. This time though, her children stayed at home.

Even after it was announced that Corey and James were missing, Caroline still came with baked goods, lunches, drinks. She knew that everyone was worried about them. And each week she came by, she hoped for news on the best friends. But so far nothing. And with the attack, she knew that many officers had died. But she was here to lend support to the survivors and though it was going to be a horrible job, she hoped to help with the clear up.

She walked inside and saw Alexander, a narcotics officer in the reception area. She felt slightly sick as she saw blood in places, but at least she couldn't see any bodies. Placing the baskets and drinks on the receptionists desk, she smiled over at Alexander, frowning when she caught sight of his bandaged arm.

"Alex! I'm glad to see you!" She pulled what looked like a traumatised officer into her arms for a hug. "Where's Benji?" Alexander was known for loving his dog as much as a man loved his family. If he had lost Benji...

"He's still critical at the vets." Alex frowned watching Caroline for a moment. Truth was, he was traumatised over the attack, but also not long ago he'd found out who was arrested just before it began and why.

"I hope he pulls through. I'm sure he will. I brought a doggy bag for him and the other dogs. You'll have to give it to him once he's better." She smiled, starting to sort through the things she had. "I also have my cleaning stuff in the car so I can help with the clean-up."


"Don't Alex, you know I'll help you men out. You were Corey's second family." She spoke.

"I'll go get Thaddeus. It's good to see you again." Alex hugged her once more before leaving to find his superior.

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Character Portrait: Katrina Fox a.k.a. "Ghost"
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Katrina was not happy. Then again, she wasn't paid to be happy. She sat in an unmarked cruiser outside the station waiting for her AI to Finnish running a diagnostic on itself. "Are you finished yet?" She said. "Yes, now you can start the car. Please do be careful there happens to be a lot of people out with such nice weather." Her AI, NATO said. She looked at the overcast sky then spoke, "well, I'd hate to scare some poor grandma to death." The detective chuckled, though it was forced. Then started the vehicle, shifting it into first, pulling away from the curb then down the street.

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Character Portrait: Rakkal Baeliv'jhor
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It had been what felt like hundreds of solar cycles since...the incident. In truth, it had barely been ten days, and despite his treatments, Rakkal's shoulder was still stiff and tender to the touch. However, the arm, and more importantly, his life had been saved. His mission was peaceful in the end, and the various Firsts of the Sigils had laughed and mocked him when he had requested such an advanced medical station in his cruiser. The seven foot tall alien stood outside the law enforcement building, his cycoplean visor casting a pale white-blue light across the darkened night street. This place seemed a fortress from afar, huge and imposing, crawling to the teeth with guards and security systems primed for defense. It actually calmed Rakkal to see such readiness.

He carried with him all of his gear, both of his massively, almost comically large weapons, his enviro-suit which of course he wore, and other things that might prove useful as well. Information on his cruiser, for starters. Officer Pringley had stated that he might want to give the WCPD some knowledge on that as well. It had seemed that everyone here had never seen a ship like his before, so it would be best to ease their suspicions and worries, and be as open as possible. Walking across the street, careful to keep an eye out on any unmarked terrestrial vehicles, Rakkal's only hope being to not attract too much attention.

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Character Portrait: Randin D. Kaye Character Portrait: Slim
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#, as written by Gasmask
Slim turned the badge around in his bottom right hand, the badge shimmered in his hand. It was in the shape of a star, and bore his name but it wasn't truly his. Slim was in a paradise, he wasn't being hunted down for some crime, or avoiding bounty hunters, or following some criminal ambition. The badge meant something bigger than anything he'd ever done before. He'd stopped crimes, defended the lives of the city, arrested those who meant ill, and messed up so many times in behalf of the city.

It felt wrong. It'd always felt wrong. Slim was a criminal, a convict, a man with suicidal tendencies and a want for loot. It was separating him from true paradise. The alien looked up from his desk which was on reverse with his partners; one Randin D. Kaye, a man who at any other point in time would have been trying to kill him. Someone who'd had his back since they'd met, someone he trusted with his life.

Someone who could never vouch for crime.

Slim unbuckled his holster, and laid it on his desk. Randin was watching some broadcast featuring the latest politicians. Slim also took the badge off his upper carapace, placing it next to his holster. The alien moved his cybernetic jaw in thought, running his tongue over his metal teeth.

Slim missed that feeling of being wanted dead or alive, and he turned on the spot and started to slink away, passing by the many officers of the law. What was that human song? About that christian god, the one with the white beard and red winter coat. The one who gave ash to little naughty boys. Tonight? That god was going to skip him on this years shift.

He turned around to look back at Randin as he watched the television. "Seeyou, space cowboy." He whispered.

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Character Portrait: Lennea The Mad
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Lennea The Mad approached the front desk of the WCPD where a younger officer was writing up reports.
"Help me!" She shrieked and most of the department turned and stared quietly. "My-my companion, Xian, he-he's disappeared! I need a missing persons report. Okay he's SUPER tall, and cute too. I'd say eight feet tall!" Lennea gestured up with her small hand.
"Oh also he's a high elf! Golden tinted skin and shit, pointy ears and the whole nine! But he's gone and run away from me now. Where do people get alcohol here in Wing City? I'm sure he's on a binge again. . . Thanks! Gambits!" Without the officer having to say a word Lennea had sprinted, stumbling out the door.

"Fucking bloody Hell, she was batshit insane. . ." The lieutenant said shaking his head before the department went back to work.

Lennea rushed out and she sprinted towards Gambits bar, laughing crazily as she ran.
"I'm coming for you Xian! You can't escape me! Hahaha"

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Character Portrait: Tayrn LeBeau
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#, as written by Faithy
A quick jump into another cab led her to the Wing City Police Department. Standing outside of the building after paying the cabbie, Tayrn glared at the sign and spit on the ground. She hated the police because in her mind, they were useless pieces of shit, but if they found her baby, then maybe she would despise them a little less. Shaking her head, she walked up the sidewalk, trying to decide how to go about this diplomatically since the LeBeau’s weren’t exactly best buds with the law. Well, at least she nor her husband were, but she really didn’t know about Gabby or Renée. Shaking her head, the brunette pushed open the steel doors before making her way into the lobby.

“Ugh, this place..” She muttered with a slight scowl. Resisting the urge to say something she would probably regret, Tayrn walked up to the front desk, never even thinking on the fact that as far as the police knew, she was dead. Once she reached the front desk, Tayrn slammed a picture of Gabrielle that was four years old down onto the counter and waited a moment before saying her business.

“I am Tayrn LeBeau and I am searching for my daughter, Gabrielle LeBeau. She has been missing, but I am not sure for how long. I want to fill out a police report and speak to someone that will do their damn job for once instead of sitting on their asses and eating donuts and drinking coffee.” Tayrn attempted to speak politely, though it was obvious that she wasn’t quite in the right state of mind. The individual behind the desk handed her over the information that she needed to fill out and to the best of her knowledge, Tayrn filled it out before realizing that she was using information that was a few years old. Sighing, she just did the best she possibly could before handing it back over to the officer along with the photo.

"My other daughter, Renee is at Gambit's Bar, she can fill in the missing gaps if needed. I uhhh, I've been gone for a while." She sheepishly shuffled out of the Police Station once reassured that the police would do everything in their power to locate her missing daughter.

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Character Portrait: Orion Kellsworth
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Orion Kellsworth, an ex military Anarchist who hates the government walked up to the outside of the WCPD
"YOU HAVE SCREWED US OVER FOR THE LAST TIME!" Orion shouted at the building his tan cloak hid the AK-47 that he had shouldered. he drew a napalm firebomb and flicked off the pin of the grenade, a reddish flame came out the top. he then chucked "now you shall burn!" He threw the fire grenade at one of the cruisers causing it to explode. he then drew two more, flicked the pins and threw them at the building.

"THIS IS YOUR SENTANCE! YOUR TIME HAS COME!" he screamed then fled the scene.

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Character Portrait: Nyarlathotep Character Portrait: Orion Kellsworth
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Certain fell powers took note of this violent outburst...and they were pleased. Perhaps this one would be of use.

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An hour ago WCPD brought in the pasty silver-eyed man writ with tattoos all over his body and put him in containment. They didn't have solid evidence for his involvement in the brutal slaughter of several local thugs but they could place him near the scene. As evidence indicated the victim had left the scene he was in lockdown while they looked for the other culprit. Cullen smiled at the notion; too much human refuse to roll and not enough pigs.

Cullen Anil hadn't said a damned thing about the little bitch that tore his mates apart and that pissed them off to no end. After your ass is handed to you anyone that lives knows not to irritate those kinds of enemies even more. Sure as hell not in wing city. His job was holding his favorite bastards together but knew a numbing spell that put the girl down just fine. Just squirmed so right screaming because she was too weak to fight back. What damned speed did she huff in between that and the blood?

Fist clenched white gripping the sink Cullen looked at his knuckles. FLUX was tattooed there in moving arcane patterns. It's what they called him. Figured he'd make it official. Mostly because he melted their stupid heads back together sometimes after they went to roll some marks. Turning the tap he cupped his hands together the gleaming pattern of a skull in his palm glowed hard in the water. He smiled knowing they didn't have a damn thing to link him to the alley slaughter. Those glistening slices on his buds were from the little girl that stood over their bodies to carefully dismantle each rib. He almost offered to help but was still kinda pissed about losing his buds. Sometimes you got the mark sometimes they got you it's all fair. All that red under those beautiful black claws his buds deserved nothing else, heh. So did he. He didn't make a move and the blood-clawed beauty just turned and left.

He stood there damn blood drunk up to his knees in charnel when the WCPD came in and took him into custody. They cleared the whole block after they saw what happened. Cullen shut his mouth no matter how they screamed at him. Knocked him around a little too. He just smiled at the piggy and enjoyed the pain. Pissed 'em off more. Got him a swanky room in solitary for a month. Good. He'd need a place to hide in case the Ms. Claws came to take a present out of his hide. He had a feeling she didn't mind the blood either. Maybe he'd look her up and see if he could hit that. Sounded like a tasty way to make something bleed. Cullen smiled and took a drink from the sink.

Something in his hide didn't like the water on his second handful could feel the tattoos on his skin crawling. Like bugs moving across his skin. The skull in the cup of his hand even laughed at him with its single gleaming arcane eye. He didn't cast anything but that creature bound into his hands sure as hell seemed like it meant business. He reached with its half-giggling head to turn off the faucet with his palm. The whole fucking metal thing just started melting then turned to wet slag falling of the wall. It didn't even feel like he reached into it at all. Just the world turning to clay like flesh under his hand.

Cullen turned to look at the heavy cell door and a feral part of his brain caught fire. He had a black-clawed hottie to find. Cullen's missing if neatly oriented teeth gleamed as he walked over to the door. As he poured the words out of the black book in his mind the tatoo on his back sparked flapping its pages slightly. It was almost like he couldn't get the spell out fast enough as the runes damn near etched themselves into the door as they lept with door in tow out into the pounding into the neighboring cell. A drunk started screaming blood pouring from his legs where the metal door had nearly cut them in half easily fracturing the femur. The piggies were already making their way in.

He looked into the terrified nobody's eyes, "Well little drunky let's see what Flux can whip up for them, eh? Don't mind if I borrow all that blood you're not using, Eh?"

Cullen walked over those shaking eyes preparing an incantation to break them into a corpse bomb and it almost made him hard. Maybe it was the squip of blood on the floor or the iron smell in his nose. Later, lil' Flux, Wouldn't want to disappoint Ms. Claws! We have some bombing to do! His own excited twitching eyes came closer to the man who begged for his life but Cullen just wasn't paying any attention. In a long slow lick cleaning the blood off of the pink sock of fear the drunkie's face degloved. As skin detatched from meat and beautiful blood the mark didn't deserve the spell shaped haggard angry lines into the man's chest as he bled profusely from the pink and red bag now just resting on his head.

Cullen peaced out by pounding his way through a wall feeling stronger all the while with chunks of stone and metal shrapnel rocket across the piggy pen. Hold on Ms. Claws 'ol flux has a mission to tap that! Maybe they'd play on even terms this time. Bleed, cut, destroy, pound. Cullen walked off the man screaming behind him piggies blundering into him and screaming their last as a pressure wave rocketed across the courtyard as a perversion of life and death came to life in the drunk's body. It'd channel the man to death making more blood but something made the drunken sot a damn lot more powerful. a red sphere shot out of the hole and tided through the hallway. As more piggies died to the onrushing tide he could hear more explosions detonate a river of charnel pouring out the windows of half the cell blocks.

Cullen just laughed his mad head off. Damn, he knew where he was taking Ms. Claws on their first date. Dinner by the pool!

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A man with a worn brown jacket stitched with the marker of a fallen organization, the WCA, walked in the door of the still-sparse police station. Wavy brown hair and a chiseled chin he'd had a bit of a face-fix and joint lift during his extended medical stay. Damn joints and tendons of a ten year old and it felt damn amazing. There was the suspicious tan of course, but Genesis was a awful nice place and he needed a bit of R&R after coming out of stasis finding out from a pretty reporter that almost everyone was dead. He survived the building, the earthquake, the aetheric contamination, and the Elysium contamination; Hardly anyone else did and the boss cracked his noggin wide open. Some cute nurses popped by since he was the only human around there and darn if they weren't beautiful to a laid up sickie. The reporter was a lot more fun in many places and empty tables around Genesis than any of her siblings.

Maximus chilled on all fours outside a loyal pup the 'head' an eyeless reptilian extrusion with only a mouth when the core was retracted. On all fours he got up to quite a clip though it freaked out the cars nearby he was sure. Some of the force waved as he went by surprised to see the large WCA logo on Maximus's shoulder with Dwyn's name on it.

Dywn looked up toward the giant metal mech with tail wrapped around its four trunks for legs, "Stay here while I go and fix my greatly exaggerated death, hey boy?"

The tail thumped and rang like metal the faceless maw opening though the barbed sinewy metal creature didn't crack the pavement. Huge fuckin metal mech the engineer's asked the jinhai to install a capable intelligence for and they give it the life-goals of a dog. Man's best friend - Better metal pupper, hah.

He started up the hallway as eyes started to fixate on him and his eyebrows raised at a few of them. He'd been on a fair bit of news bits with the short time he had Maximus before everything went wrong. These were more surprised than anything. He got to the desk and a small bug was standing on the chair filing forms out individually and somehow putting two copies down on the table. Somebody was pawning off work to the little guy given the children's WPA vest with a mock steel 'Sergeant' badge on his lapel.

Smudgie's head shot up curious at the person looking at him while filling out forms for everyone. It pleased him to be helpful and they kept bringing him expensive foods and taking back the extra he didn't eat. There was always extra and Smudgie was happy to help. Their minds a steel trap for information he immediately recognized Dwyn from a fleeting broadcast he'd first noticed months ago for a few seconds. Then binged every news broadcast he could find of the giant muscled healer that was awesome.

Voice, antennae, and gesticulation oscillated between ardent and restrained screaming as Gardener observers were always rather... high octane, "WINGCITYPOLICEDEPARTMENT How may Smudgie diRECT you? HEY! HI DWYN. Are yoU A GHOST now? The computer saID IT weeks ago. ThEY SHOWED Me how to uSe them then I got 13 dATA ENTRy certiFICATIONS! The MATRIarchy is PLEASED!"

A little harsh on the ears but he couldn't help but laugh at the genuine if childlike demeanor, "Haha Nice to meet you little guy! Yeah, I appear to have been marked dead so I need to report myself found! Could you find someone to help fix my ID so I can get money again?"

Smudgie started typing on the computer with all four hands and plastic keytops started flinging away onto the floor. Dwyn stood up on his tiptoes to look at the desk blue-eyes blinking at the careening plastic finding what he could see was littered with keyboard keys, several boxes of donuts, and four cups of pens from the donut store. Well... he wouldn't go hungry.

"Smudgie will be right back!" Said the little guy as Dwyn watched him take off like a shot.

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Character Portrait: 'Smudgie' Bvetin Character Portrait: Lady Spyder
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It was trhe mere sounds of plastic being shattered and holographic keybeeps going off every cretisecond that told the young Demoness that she was indeed in the right place. Police could help her recover someone she sought for sure. Stepping inside she ducked at the literal last second to avoid getting smashed int hre face by a flung coffee mug. She recognised the scent of a Gardener and it caught the spider off guard A gardener, here ? She wondered briefly

Going right to the desk, she saw exactly as she scented, of course she tracked the flung coffee mug backwards along its flight path and saw rthat it was infact empty and it missed the tray it was aimed for by a good meter to the left. Spyder stopped dead in her tracks and stared at who was behind the greeters counter.

The name plate said it all


OK. So he was a guard and a Gardener ? Maybe he could indeed help... wait, then again without the right translator Spyder possibly wouldnt be able to understand his rapid speaking ability,.....


Was Smudgie actually baking donuts with his hind feet ?

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Character Portrait: 'Smudgie' Bvetin Character Portrait: Lady Spyder
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0.00 INK

Behind the desk working on reports and writing with both hands Smudgie's transceiver loosed a sawtooth wave from mild irritation. Another mug exactly like the first set onto the counter. The back legs shook as a flicker flame of raw magic immersed it in frosted donut.

The Gardener's voice intermittently loud as always came with a pointing of his antennae toward Spyder, "SO SORRY, MATRIARCH! SMUdgIE DIDN'T EXPECT TO HaVE mUGS IN BOTH HANDS! NEW citY areAS ARE BEING RESETTLED. SmudGIE IS FLARING ALL DAY! CAN SMUDGIE HELP YOU, FALSE MATRIARCH?"

There were at least fourteen separate identical copies of the same mug on his desk behind the counter and a cadre of stepped-in donuts filling his trash can. Most of them full of exact copies of various writing implements or small storage devices. A small bag of credit chits on the floor was labeled in large black ink, 'COUNTERFEIT - DESTROY'. Beset by duplications all day Smudgie's practiced voice particularly noisy and continuously loud through stress. He'd had to empty the trash can four times already even with coworkers coming by to pick up edibles, new cups, or pens.

Smudgie reached the back leg forward to clean it with a napkin, "SMUDGIE IS GOING TO GET A FUNGAL INFECTION. TOOMUCHFROSTING!"

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Character Portrait: 'Smudgie' Bvetin Character Portrait: Lady Spyder
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Spyder half smiled and easily caught the next thrown mug. Setting it on the countertop she spoke, thankful that he at least recognised her as female. "How is it that one as respoected as a Gardener is working with the Guard ? You've moved up in your world, But I havent met a Gardener I didnt enjoy the company of" Spyder said simply. It wasnt easy to get seductive with a Gardener, but it happened.... rarely.

He had offered to help her, and that was something she could use. "Yes actually you can, I hope" She said simply then. Holding out a web wrapped item, it was a slat of glass, an image inscribed on it easily. the image upon the glass was that of a young man. "I am seeking this young man, I was hoping that a Guard or a officer I think they are called ?" What exactly were policemen called ? Spyder only had interactions with Guardsmen, and once dead that second time already, twice she had connected with Heavens Guardsmen, which were men in charge of guarding Arcadia's borders.

Then she recognised Smudgie directly.Her eyes went wide. Maybe he didnt recognise her because she was in her human form ? In a swirl of magic, Spyder';s true black spider form, the size of a ford Mustang, sat before Smudgies desk. Easily recognislbe too as a resident and caretaker classed Spider of the Kreen District back in Arendelle. Infact the Caretaker class Spiders deferred respect towards Gardeners, mostly because they did a lot of the heavy duty work.

Spyder herself had done dirty work. Hoarding food, watching her family in a cautious peace until she was rescued and owed a Life Debt to her rescuer. But now she was there, and Smudgie was, presumably at that point, her boss.

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Character Portrait: 'Smudgie' Bvetin Character Portrait: Lady Spyder
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Smudgie's hands shot up in the air excitedly a small mana flare launching a pen into the false ceiling with a thunk, "SMUDGIE IS TO WATCH OVER WING CITY! WE ARE VERY GOOD AT CARRYING INFORMATION! THE MATRIARCHS ARE PLEASED WITH SMUDGIE'S ROLE WE LIKE PLEASING THE MATRIARCHY!"

There was beeping in the distance as someone picked up a remote and pointed it at the small Gardener. This from an agreement to let them control transceiver volume. A passing officer jumped behind him to remove the pen from above then nodded and moved on. Given Smudgie did a lot of their paperwork there were a lot of eyes looking out for the small bug. Smudgie took the wrapped glass as her magic swirled around.

Some eyes raised in alarm as Spyder switched forms but Smudgie's crossed hands and attempt at a compliment calmed nerves and his volume was less piercing if still shouted, "YOUR CANVAS FOR LIFE IS ELEGANT, MATRIARCH! MAY YOUR CHILDREN BE MANY! THERE ARE OFFICERS HERE THAT CAN HELP YOU! THE GUARD WORK FOR THE IMPERIUM."

Smudgie cleaned bits of webbing away with his hands and somehow threw more away than it actually contained, "DO YOU KNOW THEIR NAME?"

"DarkProwl FV-Alpha" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Ulrich Paternosta exits "DarkProwl FV-Alpha".
Ulrich Paternosta has left the area, heading in into Wing City Police Department: First Floor.
Detective Blacksad has left the area, heading in into Mjötviðr; The Realms.
Detective Blacksad vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.