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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

The Multiverse



A large continent with teeming wilds and many rivers snaking throughout it.
A great place for exploration, a great place to meet your maker.
Some of the rivers run rough, some of the rivers run gentle,
some of the rivers run north, some south, and some have bends
that seem to make no sense; fear not, for the waters takes care
to always seem to drop you exactly where you need to be.

  • There are likely large beasts here among the large foliage
  • You'll hear things scream, sometimes they sound human
  • The rivers are no safer in the dark of night than the land
  • A large cloud hovers above the ocean in the distance

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A large continent with teeming wilds and many rivers snaking throughout it. There are likely large beasts here among the large foliage


Xamoyos is a part of Bastion IV.

7 Places in Xamoyos:

7 Characters Here

Folios [31] A giant Apatosaurus, with oceans for eyes and graying sapphire skin. His tail is like a whip, and his scales sparkle in the sun.
Stripe [31] An allosaurus
Empyrean Norsemen [10] The Empyrean Norsemen serve King Halfdan Svensson of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom of Gaia.
Goffre Alvisson [10] Goffre Alvisson is a Norse jarl under King Halfdan Svensson, and the great grandson of Stryder Alvirsson.
Wolfgang Yorisson [9] Wolfgang Yorisson is a Norse explorer.
Synri [4] Purple hair, green eyes, light brown skin, female

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Unlimited Ice Works



Characters Present

Character Portrait: Classis IV Sector Cosmora Character Portrait: Folios Character Portrait: Stripe Character Portrait: Irirani Syliala Character Portrait: Keith nexus Character Portrait: Goffre Alvisson Character Portrait: Markos Agathon Character Portrait: Synri Character Portrait: Svegdir Staghelm Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen Character Portrait: Wolfgang Yorisson
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"I'm getting anomalies on the sensor sweeps.." One of the Bridge officers called out while Commander Agathon was drawing a path back into orbit, now that engines, and maneuvering systems were back online.

The Cruiser shuddered slightly, but was slowly increasing altitude, and pitching it's nose up slightly. "Set escape vectors." The Commander ordered, and the crew swiftly complied, manipulating their controls to guide the large cruiser back into the planet's exosphere, but that was before a contact was detected on course for the Aschen cruiser.

"Sir! We have additional contacts, looks like strike craft! One of them is CBDR, Zero Zero Nine carom zero one six!" The executive officer called out, pointing to the small pods on the holographic display. "They look like transports of some kind."

Agathon growled slightly. "Do we have comms yet!?" He called out, and the Executive officer shook his head. "Negative, sir, Engineering is working to restore them."

"Great." Agathon growled. "Set condition one, all hands report to your stations, I want Marine strike teams in position to repel boarders!"

The dull amber light shifted to a flashing red light, and alarms blared all through the ship, as Aschen Marines moved through the interior of the ship, kicking over crates, and taking position behind bulkheads, especially near the Hastati cruiser's four airlocks, and two hangar bays.

Outside, things didn't seem much different, other than the few windows that allowed one to see into the ship went from a bright white light to a flashing red light, before armored shutters closed over them, obscuring what few views inside the ship that were offered.

Back in the CIC, as the tactical officers were moving to key up the weapons systems, alarms began to blare, and one of the officers turned to Commander Agathon.

"Sir! Point defense systems are offline, EVE is re-keying the system to get it back, and I've got engineering teams moving to the primary computron arrays."

The Commander growled to himself, as he checked a display.

"All decks report ready to repel boarders!" The Tactical officer called out. Commander Agathon offered a nod, and then turned to his XO. "Evasive maneuvers, full military thrust, and see if we can get some strike craft into the void!"

The rear engines of the Hastati cruiser ignited, and the craft began to lurch forward, it seemed the Aschen ship was trying to escape.


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Character Portrait: Folios Character Portrait: Stripe Character Portrait: Irirani Syliala Character Portrait: Goffre Alvisson Character Portrait: Synri Character Portrait: Svegdir Staghelm Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen
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#, as written by sifsand

Once the boat had landed in the water, everything that was nearby scattered in sheer panic. The sounds of frightened whooping came from a flock of Xamatospondylus that came to the river to eat and drink. They were bipedal blue-scaled creatures that looked like reptilian ostriches. Cowardly creatures they were, especially from something so sudden as a crash landing in the river.

Once the water had settled the denizens of the river soon swam toward the metal vessel. A few aquatic animals who were named Aquaxamos made their way under the boat, their rounded snouts prodding the metal object to see what this new and strange thing was. They were friendly creatures mind, only interested in eating crabs. Something had alerted them, causing them to jet away, a new threat was looming in the murky deep. A big creature stalked them from below, something with a big mouth and sharp teeth.


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Character Portrait: Classis IV Sector Cosmora Character Portrait: Irirani Syliala Character Portrait: Goffre Alvisson Character Portrait: Markos Agathon Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen Character Portrait: Wolfgang Yorisson
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Outer space was full of optical illusions. Objects that appeared closer were often quite distant. Objects that appeared smaller were actually quite large. The sun, moon and stars almost seemed like you could reach out and touch them, yet they were actually hundreds of thousands of miles away. Furthermore, objects which appeared to be hovering in stillness were often moving at incredible speeds, sometimes even faster than the speed of light itself. Such was the vastness and mystery of the dark expanse of space as the Stjornhestr continued to sink from the outer orbit of Bastion IV closer to the exosphere, going down keel-first towards the planet.

Karvi-1 and Karvi-2 had also been deployed. Karvi-1, piloted by Svegdir Staghelm, had sank down away from the Stjornhestr slowly, turning and gaining speed as it shot far around the Conflagration before going down to Xamoyos and diving nose-first into the Grigori River at a 45-degree angle, causing a huge splash in the water. Karvi-2, piloted by Wolfgang Yorisson, also sank down away from the Stjornhestr's hull very slowly before turning and going nose-first towards the in-coming Hastiti Class cruiser, which was ascending from the thermosphere of Bastion IV and moving upwards into the exosphere towards the ship.

But as the small 25-foot convertiboat moved in closer to the Conflagration to investigate, strange things began to occur. Jarl Goffre could see through his telescope, just as Hanson Forstein and his co-pilot Rolegh the Young saw from the Stjornhestr's cockpit, the Conflagration was still active, and there were people onboard. Although they could not see the Aschen crew from outside the cruiser, the Norsemen did manage to get a glimpse of the red blinking distress lights aboard the cruiser before the window shields were activated and shut to conceal the crew within. Wolfgang Yorisson turned to look at Kelsey quietly, who was peering over his shoulder, before Yorisson steered the small silver almond-shaped craft towards the port side of the Aschen Conflagration.

But as Karvi-2 neared closer to the cruiser, Goffre Alvisson noticed something else very strange about the Aschen ship. It was pivoting away from the convertiboat and was beginning to slowly ascend away from it. Jarl Goffre watched silently from the captain's quarters, grimacing slightly with confusion at the mysterious vessel before him. It appeared that the Conflagration was trying to escape as its thrusters came back on and the Hastiti Class cruiser turned on a swivel, up and to the right of the convertiboat. Jarl Goffre picked up the telehorn again and spoke into it.

"Forstein, hold our position. Activate the shields, I want everyone at the control rooms ready in case something happens... It seems we have a live one here. There are life forms onboard that ship, and they might not want our company afterall," the jarl stated.

"Yes sir," Hanson Forstein nodded before setting the cow horn down and signalling to the karl at the gjallarhorn, this time holding up two fingers. The karl nodded and within seconds, two half-blasts from the gjallarhorn were sounded out. Once again, the loud noise from the 12-foot long curved horn echoed from one end of the Stjornhestr to the other, and soon there were several people at their halls and stations getting fitted for possible conflict with the passengers aboard the cruiser.

As the crew members in blue uniforms down in the weapon defense control rooms attached their small hand-held dark purple crystals to the control decks in front of them, suddenly the crystals began to glow with a pinkish hue, emitting light all around them. Soon, the edges of the large round saucer-like shields along the outside of the Stjornhestr began to glow neon blue as Rolegh the Young motioned his hand over the runic symbols in front of him, turning the wheels and levers on his control panel. The Stjornhestr slowly stopped descending and remained completely motionless, hovering with its keel and solar-powered oar fin sails now submerged within Bastion IV's exosphere, while the rest of the Empyrean Norse vessel remained in outer space just above it.

The large eyes on the golden horse-headed prow at the front of the Stjornhestr began to flicker and blink, sending a Norse code back to Karvi-2 as the five passengers aboard the tiny convertiboat decided what to do next. Wolfgang Yorisson, upon being informed about the blinking messages from the back of the convertiboat, quickly eased up and stopped his vessel from going any further towards the Aschen cruiser. It was an order to stand down, as the convertiboat came to a complete halt. Only once the Karvi-2 had stopped moving was Wolfgang Yorisson aware that the Conflagration was withdrawing away from him.

At that moment, a third small ship emerged from the Stjornhestr's hanger. Karvi-3, also carrying a crew of five passengers, was now heading away from Bastion IV in the opposite direction. At first it moved very slowly as it turned around to face the dark expansion of outer space. But then suddenly, without warning, it would shoot forward like a speeding missile, accelerating very rapidly as it disappeared from the area, leaving the solar system from which it had arrived. The Stjornhestr was now down to 7 convertiboats and only 485 passengers. Jarl Goffre had to consider his next orders very carefully.

Karvi-3 ascends towards Bastion IV.