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Third inhabitable planet of the epsilon system.

Absenthia holds sovereignty over Yellowstone, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Third inhabitable planet of the Epsilon system, and home to Chasm City the planetary capital. With the decline of local industry, jobs becoming increasingly off world and the military occupation, the planet is no longer the sparkling jewel of the system it once was.
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Third inhabitable planet of the epsilon system.


Yellowstone is a part of Epsilon Eridani.

2 Places in Yellowstone:

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Keeper of Abbasid


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#, as written by T3XT
Matthaeus approached the top of the hill and took a large scan of his surroundings. "Where could that fool be..." he murmurs, surveying the area with his binoculars.

"Indefatigable" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
"Keeper of Abbasid" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.


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Slowly, the assembling Aschen Fleet was beginning to gather strength, at over two thousand and five hundred warships strong, with the Keeper of Abassid holding position in the center of the formation. Everything was relatively quiet aboard the Aschen floatilla, And Admiral Clegg was quietly going over the ship’s logs for the day, interrupted only by the chime of the communications console.

“Admiral.” EVE Chimed in. “You have a priority one communication from Intelligence, Black File protocol.” The AI reported, causing the Admiral to grumble, keying up the communications interface, and scowling.

“This is Admiral Clegg.” The Admiral reported, offering a brief salute to the brunette on the other side of the screen.

The visage of Director Madeline shimmered into view, her stony expression accentuated by the shadows of the stark prison lighting.

“Admiral.” Madeline said, returning his salute. “Redeploy your fleet to Sky’s edge, and await further orders.” The Woman instructed. “Priority one, hold position in high orbit, and implement enhanced search procedures on outbound vessels.”

EVE chimed in a moment later.

“Disseminating revised objectives...“

Once the link was terminated, the Admiral turned to his Executive Officer.

“Redeploy the fleet to Sky’s Edge, and prepare to blockade the planet.” He said with a low, gravely tone. Quietly he wondered why the strange orders from Section One of all things? Given that the Intelligence Director was off on some far flung mission. Briefly, Clegg wondered why some backwater colony deserved the attention of his fleet?

“Synchronize FTL, and spool for short-range jump.” He said, keying in new instructions into the interface.

A few moments later, and the ships began to wink out, one by one.

"Indefatigable" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.