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The Multiverse


If Jurralix is the capital, which sparkles and radiates surprising beauty, it is Zumillion is the city of smoke, smog and progress. It is the city of the Industrial works of the Continent where Catraxian's make up almost 30% of the population but 28% live in squalor. Where Zumers are less hated but there are fewer 5% of the pop make them out. Where the River Jakkan flows through on to the Lake Svallen. Where the Keng-Li control Forge Street, the un-official Red Light District where anything can bought, people, Trax's, Zumers, Drugs, Money, Golems (though they may well kill you, as a Golem never meant to change owner).

Zumillion is the home of the factories which construct new Golems as well the businesses that are affiliated with Hilok breaking down Calisha rock, although Hilok to mine more including ores and precious metals which are collected here and put within various products or used to make building supplies. Essentially Zumillion is massively overpopulated because of the demand for the work.

On the other hand Keng-Li have increased rate of crime having taken over Bowler Crosser District and opening many new brothels. Supposedly to blame for the mass amount of crime and sometimes claimed to be the head of it all, Keng-Li are hated and loathed by anyone of a lawful standing.

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The biggest and most modern city of Mezzadrate home to the great Proto-Ecology Lab and much of the most influential citizens live here.


Zumillion is a part of Mezzadrate.

10 Characters Here

Lee Yuen Keng-Li [35] Father to Luna and most powerful member of the Keng-Li family.
Luna Kasai Keng-Li [12] MAJOR WIP
Sergent Norwyn [9] One of the current members of Mezzadrate Police Force
Luna Keng-Li [5] ''Cruel to be kind many say. Just our family lives to that saying.'' She laughs quietly.
AceTrooper [3] Gunny of The team Avoc
Ebele [2]
Companion Cube [0] Will not threaten to stab you. in fact it cannot talk at all.
Dallaga Jales [0] An Oracle, or simply mad?
Shion Glynn [0] WIP

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Character Portrait: Sin Asphodel Character Portrait: Luna Kasai Keng-Li
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Sin let the shadows around his body to fade away to reveal himself to luna, In darkness of the building his bright red eyes glow with specks of purple.

"I put up magic words so no one can hear us speak, I hope you have an answer for me on what we talk about?"

Sin lean against with his arm folded on one of the large boxes that cover the first floor of the building signaling his 4 bodyguards to cloak and to spread out around the empty-area covering the outside of the building to ensure that they will not be interrupted.

"So we have time we need, i have made sure we won't get interrupted so take the time you need make your decision"

Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the south. You can see something appear in that direction.