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The Multiverse

The Multiverse Open!

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

Owner: Remæus
Game Masters: Remæus, Ylanne, Patcharoo, lostamongtrees
Tags: #adventure · #collaborative · #combat · #crossover · #endless · #exploration · #freeform · #futuristic · #genreshifting · #guildplay · #inspire · #legends · #lore · #magic · #mecha · #metaverse · #multi-genre · #multiverse · #open · #original · #persistent · #persistent-world · #rpg · #sandbox · #science-fiction · #space · #spacepunk · #technopunk · #titans · #verse · #warriors (Add Tags »)


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#, as written by Remæus
There it was - the signal. Any being who had any sort of energy sensitivity would have felt it: a massive pulse of energy had made its way through this side of the galaxy. Manifesting itself in the mind of all those who could feel it as a simple message, or for those less literally inclined a mere pull, a tug in the direction the signal had initiated from, the signal had progressed hastily across great distances. It left in its wake a residue of psionic guideways and leylines, guiding those who sought out the source to one place.

Gambit's Bar, in Wing City.

OOC: Here's to everyone out there who knows what Gambit's Bar was, and for those who missed it the first (and second, and third) time around in Metro City (AM). If you're still alive, you're welcome to come visit. Even those who -aren't- alive are welcome. :D

Someone'll be releasing a technological version of the transmission soon, and there should also be a beacon guiding everyone to the destination. Here's the chat log, just for archiving purposes.
Sep 20 23:20:44 <Master> -= Master nodded, understanding his task. He set his elbows down upon the bar's surface, and placed his eyes upon a single nondescript point upon the wall. =-
Sep 20 23:21:15 <Master> -= His head began to swirl, atleast in his own mind. He extended his energy, reaching forth through the abyss. =-
Sep 20 23:21:35 <Master> -= His mind came upon the well of stamina he had prepared, and began to drive itself firmly into this. =-
Sep 20 23:21:47 <Lacuna> ::Lacuna notices something, it feels almost like a build-up of energy nearby:: Shit. ::She breaks the contact with the girl, and curls into a ball, preparing herself.::
Sep 20 23:22:18 <Master> -= Then pressing himself further into the well, he looped the energy around, and split it into several tendrils of power, much like roots - all within the seperate dimension he was acting through. =-
Sep 20 23:22:46 <Master> -= This power did not span across the physical realm, and merely existed as a singularity, a simple point that beamed with this energy. =-
Sep 20 23:23:13 <Master> -= Drawing the energy through the channel he had just created, he pulsed a signifigant amount of energy through it, testing it for flaws. =-
Sep 20 23:23:30 <Master> -= He knew there were none, but just needed to check - it would be disasterous if he made a mistake now. =-
Sep 20 23:23:51 <Lacuna> ::the family backs away from lacuna, having no idea what's happening, as she starts glowing.::
Sep 20 23:24:17 <Master> -= He was satisfied, and began to begin the transfer. His mind focused upon the single physical point that was the manifestation of his power, causing his eyes to suddenly dialate, the pupils consuming his irises. =-
Sep 20 23:24:57 <Master> -= He suddenly burst forth with the full flow of the energy, manipulating it with his psionic ability as the massive flux of energy seeped into the point on the physical plane. =-
Sep 20 23:25:25 * Grifter he feels a cold chill run through him as the man at the back twitched almost.
Sep 20 23:25:55 <Master> -= He had let loose the floodgates of days worth of meditation: it was a surge of incredible psionic will. He focused carefully upon the point, being careful to not allow any arc of energy to expand beyond this point. =-
Sep 20 23:26:35 <Lacuna> ::lacuna goes into a deep meditation, attempting to avoid the stream of energy. The family covers their eyes, just as a burst of excess energy radiates as a flash that would've blinded them all.::
Sep 20 23:27:12 <Master> -= He then purged his mind, and forced his remaining temporal focus upon activating the beacon, tripping a single trigger, and directing the formed singularity into the beacon's signal. =-
Sep 20 23:28:28 <Lacuna> ::once again in control of the energy touching her, Lacuna identified where the energy had come from. Then, she slowly uncurled, and reassured the family that everything was all right.::
Sep 20 23:28:29 <Master> -= The shockwave pulsed outward, passing in an instant through the radius of the planet he was on. He maintained his focus upon the energy pool, forcing the energy to maintain its flow through the channel. =-
Sep 20 23:28:51 * Grifter watches the other man sitting at the bar does something before an enormus technological power explodes from the bar next door. Grifter's googles intensify ten folds as the blast launches him through the solid brick wall behind him. His screams echoed as he landed hard on bricks.
Sep 20 23:29:12 <Lacuna> ::the shockwave hits her just as she got the family calm, and they throw her out in their panic.::
Sep 20 23:29:33 <Master> -= Then extending his range of energy, he manipulated the very edge of the wave with the mere focus of his mind, putting the psionic energy into the wave to change the way it reflected and manifested itself through others. =-
Sep 20 23:30:13 * Grifter 's screams echo through the night as his palm SBE's begin to smoke as he rips the googles off of his eyes. The light intensity leaving him blind.
Sep 20 23:30:29 <Master> -= This was the true power of his psionic ability, and he imbued this shockwave with that power. His pupils had seemed to unnaturally expand beyond his irises, and had consumed the entire corneal area. =-
Sep 20 23:30:49 <Lacuna> ::In disgust with their reaction, she ignores the pull to help the young girl with her blindness in favor of the pull that had emanated from the bar.::
Sep 20 23:31:35 * Grifter his screams continue as the wave passes over him.
Sep 20 23:31:47 <Master> -= Then suddenly, he forced the last pulse of his energy pool's reservoir into the channel, expending a full weeks worth of the meditated energy in mere seconds. This sent the wave further outward on its final path, aiming to send it throughout the entire sectant. =-
Sep 20 23:33:27 <Master> -= He took careful care in focusing the energy freed by the pool being emptied from the pool and from the channel to maintain the vortex of energy that was created, controlling backwash of displacement. =-
Sep 20 23:34:22 <Master> -= His eyes by this point had turned completely black - an empty void of reflection, they simply appeared as pure shadow now - and he continued maintaining this focus, making sure that the area would be save from this danger. =-
Sep 20 23:35:00 * Grifter tries to get to his feet, staggaring. Blind and hurt by the massive backward force.
Sep 20 23:35:17 <Master> -= Finally, he expended the last touch of energy into the singularity, sealing the point with a mere gesture of his eyes: they suddenly expanded outward from the center with their normal white. =-
Sep 20 23:35:48 <Master> -= And followed by the iris and then the pupil as he focused upon the point, sealing it permanently. =-
Sep 20 23:36:33 <Lacuna> ::Lacuna made her way to the bar, and opened the door. Then she caught her breath when she recognized the man from the other night.:: You!
Sep 20 23:36:34 <Master> -= His body relaxed, as his head fell forward towards the bar table. He was rendered momentarily blind by the influx of light hitting his retina in the motion, and was vulnerable during this time as his mind came back to the physical plane. =-
Sep 20 23:36:52 * Grifter puts his hand out to lean against his imprint on the wall as he tries to rub his eyes. Making an attempt to get his sight back.
Sep 20 23:37:13 <Master> -= He merely sat there, his body still leaning against the bar's surface, holding its position regardless of his atmospheric integrity. =-
Sep 20 23:37:50 <Donny> -Stares at Master contently, not really sure what is going on at the moment. He blanked out for a few minutes there.-
Sep 20 23:38:09 <Master> -= Breathing inward quite suddenly, the moments had passed that were required to regain his consciousness in this realm. =-
Sep 20 23:38:17 <Lacuna> ::Lacuna realized he was not in good condition from that, and walks up to him:: Is there anything I can get you to help?
Sep 20 23:38:26 <Donny> The going on? -He spoke out, not really caring who answers--as long as he gets an answer.-
Sep 20 23:38:50 <Master> -= His vision faded painfully back into reality, and his hearing picked up the faintly audible sounds of the room around him. They rung, sharply at first, hearing only the high pitched whine of black matter residue. =-
Sep 20 23:39:02 <Lacuna> ::Miyumi speaks up from the corner:: He sent out a signal. ((Simply for you Donny))
Sep 20 23:39:40 * Grifter drops to his knees holding his eyes still cringing from the pain.
Sep 20 23:40:06 <Lacuna> ::Lacuna waits for an answer for Master for a bit::
Sep 20 23:40:36 <Master> -= He lifted his head as he heard the sound of air hitting the walls, rolling back and up with the temperature of the room. =-
Sep 20 23:40:49 <Donny> Signal..? What was he trying to get attention of. Master, wanna explain this to me? -He stood up, his energy signal seeming to boom as he moved, even slight movements giving off intense energy radiations.-
Sep 20 23:40:56 <Master> -= He turned his head to the left, and saw Donny standing there. =-
Sep 20 23:41:13 <Master> Later.
Sep 20 23:41:24 <Donny> Later works. You need help getting up?
Sep 20 23:41:25 <Lacuna> ::When Master had set off the signal, Zhelir had flipped a switch and run back to his ship to be sure it was working. Miyumi wished she had followed him.::
Sep 20 23:41:28 <Master> No.
Sep 20 23:42:02 * Grifter hangs his head clentching the googles still in his right fist, the other holding hist stomach. Tears flew from his eyes a little.
Sep 20 23:42:05 <Lacuna> ::Lacuna realizes he probably hadn't heard her, but someone else beat her to asking again, so she takes a seat next to Master.::
Sep 20 23:42:09 <Master> -= His words ripped through his voicebox, passed through his jaw and through his entire body - he felt every flux and circumflex he spoke. =-
Sep 20 23:42:23 <Donny> Mhm..-He pondered about what to do next, where to go. He had finally meet up with two of the people he once knew in his past life, bringing back memories.-