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Vera Therese Ahlgren

"That is a legitimate fear, and it's not freakin' funny."

0 · 220 views · located in Murder Therapy Asylum

a character in “The Murder Therapy”, as played by MagicalNeko


Vera Therese Ahlgren




Body Structure
Though his body is slim enough to fit into women's clothes, Vera often complains about how his hips aren't wide enough or how he's disgusted by his lack of shape. He's very feminine-looking, very pretty, with large doe eyes and delicate face. The only things that give him away as a male are his lack of breasts and hips.

Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Ones Mouth
Dextrophobia: Fear of Things on the Right Side of Body
Gephryophobia: Fear of Crossing Bridges
Taphephobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive

Cream Soda; Russian Music; Techno; Synthesized Voices; Most Animals; Chinese Food; Sunshine; Rain; Clouds; Rainbows; Symbols of Optomism/Happiness; Left-handed Coffee Mugs | Peanut Butter; Anything on His Right; Bridges; Cemetaries; Leprechauns; Fairies; Marble Countertops; Phones With Cords; Paperwork; His Figure (Or Lack Thereof)

Vera is an optomist, leaking uplifting spirits and willingness. He's not always the most intelligent person, and maybe he doesn't think things through quite enough, but he means well and that's all there is to it. He's a dreamer β€” he often gets caught up in his own mind and wanders off into a fantasy that it's difficult to shake him from. He makes up stories and uses the people around him as the characters to help slay the dragon guarding the tower to rescue the princess, or escort the prince to a ball on the other side of the kingdom. He has no problem being completely open about what he's thinking, either. He has a sort of inability to turn on his brain-to-mouth filter unless its to keep him from sounding insensitive, because that he definitely is not. He has a tendancy to fall in love easily and to fear completely irrational things for superbly irrational reasons, but when it comes down to it, underneath all the annoying and the slight idiocy, he's really just looking out for the people he cares about... which is practically everyone.

Vera, or rather Vendal Therese Ahlgren was raised in a very typical family β€” a mother, a father, and an older brother and sister. Vera was the baby of the family, younger than his sister, Alva, by four years, and his brother, Laris, by six; and he was always treated that way. His parents doted over him all the time, until he grew too old for doting, and by that time, he had grown to know only how to be affectionate toward everything. Ever since he was little, he easily developed affections for everything β€” frogs, snakes, mice, mushrooms.... You name it, he loved it. He would cry at the dinner table because he was afraid of hurting his salad. He had a pet salamander that lived under a rock in his backyard that he tried to feed grass and flower petals because he wouldn't accept the fact that it ate other living things.

In high school, he had a difficult time focusing because of trouble with his love life. There wasn't a day gone by that he was having problems. He couldn't stay with any one girl too long, and eventually he turned to men. That was when the real problems began. One abusive relationship later, Vera was physically afraid of homosexual males, though his councillor claimed at one point that if such a thing were legal, even he wouldn't mind dating Vera. It scared him. It scared him deeply, just as bridges and things on his right and being buried alive did. It didn't scare him as much as getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth, though. That is a legitimate fear, and it's not freakin' funny. This councillor invited Vera over for dinner so they could try something to help him calm down with his struggle for a sexual identity β€” it was obvious that Vera was not attracted to women, but he was also afraid of gay men; that, in and of itself, was a problem. This man gave Vera a pair of womens' jeans and a shirt that belonged to his younger sister, ironically the same size as Vera was. He was uncomfortable at first, knowing it was wrong, but the idea gradually grew on him. If he created himself an identity as a woman, he no longer needed to be afraid of gay men β€” in his mind, any gay man he encountered became straight when they were with him. After all, he wasn't Vendal anymore. He was Vera and Vera was a woman. It made perfect sense. He still feels a little uncomfortable, but he's gotten attached to the idea of cross-dressing and has graduated into skirts and dresses.

Sadly enough, however, Vera dropped out of high school when he couldn't stand all the pressure put upon him when he was caught wearing womens' clothes, and got himself a job as soon as possible. He worked in a few restaurants as a waitress, and even once in a strip club for a few nights when he was really desperate. For the last three years, he's been working as a secretary at the Murder Therapy Asylum.

Vera is a cross-dresser, and one of the really rare good-looking ones, as well. He doesn't mind being refered to as a man since that is what he is, but he insists that people, when calling him by his last name, call him Miss Ahlgren.

He is in a very slowly crumbling long-distance relationship with an American who can't wrap his head around the fact that Vera is a man.

Why Don't You Call Me Yet? - Kagamine Rin
Going into town on a cold and busy day
With a brand new jacket on, you ran and did not come home to me
And I don't know where you said you went off to
I don't know where to begin, I have no hope of finding you

"You should know that I do really love you."
That's what you said, that's what you said
I want to believe you, but it's hard to do
Will I find relief if I choose not to believe?

I want to see you, don't you want to see me?
You know that I've been waiting all this time just for your call
I'm afraid you won't stop to remember me
That's why I cannot bring myself to send the call

Then you came around and you stood in front of me
Said "I'm sorry that I'm late, I'm sorry that I made you have to wait."
But you know that I won't forgive this refrain
'Cause I know how this thing goes, I know you will be late again.

I want to see you, don't you want to see me?
You know that I've been waiting all this time just for your call
If you no longer have feelings left for me
I wish you'd tell me why if you recall

But maybe
It's 'cause I don't know how to speak my mind?
Or because I'm too restless and loud?
Or maybe my language is too unrefined?
I get jealous and too damn proud

I don't act maturely enough
I know that I'm not tall enough
Maybe my body's not sexy enough?
Or maybe my hair color's not good enough?
Or maybe 'cause I lack a sense of self-control?
Please... whatever it is... I'll change, I promise!

I want to see you, don't you want to see me?
You know that I've been waiting all this time just for your call
I'm afraid you won't stop to remember me
That's why I cannot bring myself to send the call

So begins...

Vera Therese Ahlgren's Story