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Xander "Xan" Drake Godfrey

"Don???t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive."

0 · 189 views · located in Tokyo,Japan

a character in “The Music Changed Us All”, as played by WAAAGH!


Xander “Xan” Drake Godfrey

Gender and Role
Male/New Guitarist

One Day


November 3rd, 1993


Sexual Orientation

Xan loves to smile and make other people smile as well. He will commonly make a fool out of himself to lighten tension in a room, but Xan hates arguments as like a famous cartoon character he has a ‘Screw you guys, I’m going home.’ Attitude. He thinks people that fight and bicker over small things are immature and just being childish. Generally, he has a ‘why frown when you can smile?’ mentality which is a factor in his intense dislike of all sad songs and the bad Coldplay. He will play them if he is asked to, but never expect him to enjoy it or enjoy listening to people whine. Xan loves romance and the idea, but that said he has always been terrible in relationships. He never cheats, but he has been known to simply distance himself for no reason whatsoever which is why he always puts up the disclaimer ‘Good friend, terrible boyfriend.’

Playing Guitar
Making people smile
Playing Video Games… plays a mean game of Call of Duty.
Eating… he can pack away a lot and loves… LOVES meat, particularly beef.
Sleeping, some people don’t consider it a skill, but Xan has mastered the art.
Controlling his emotions. He doesn’t usually let them get control over him.

When talking or telling a joke/story, he does a lot of hand gestures and sudden movements. He will move his upper body back and forth (like a cobra) when music is playing or he is humming. Tends to grab a strand of his hair and rolling it between his fingers when he gets bored, and likes to stroke his chin when in deep thought. Oh, and enjoys saying little things like “Sad day…” “Leg it!” “Bail Mode!”

Likes & Dislikes
Cats… he adores cats.. its kinda creepy really.
Meat… and hamburgers
Video Games
The mountains
Laughing till his ribs hurt

People who take things too seriously
Vegans… they are always up in your face about it. It’s annoying.
Having to work late
When people argue over stupid things, they just can’t seem to settle
Being compared to the last guitarist, whatsherface, different styles just leave it alone
Spiders/Clowns/Ladders/being in the bathroom with the door locked and lights off/creepy alleyways/ Gorillas
People who rag on smokers. He isn’t a smoker, but those people just annoy him with their rudeness.
Tokyo. The people in Tokyo seem to either have a stick shoved up their… or they all think they are super awesome tough guys. Although, he has too admit, some of the hairdos on the tougher guys just make him smile.

[size=90]Playing Guitar
Singing in the shower
American Football
Dancing to his own tune
Saying badly timed jokes
Video Games


[size=90]Xan is the product of a teenage mom who got pregnant when she was only 16. His mom finished high school, but had to get two jobs in order to support herself and Xan, so for the first 5 years of his life, he lived with his Grandfather. Xan loves his grandpa more than anyone on the planet and insulting his grandpa is one of the only ways to earn his anger. It was his grandpa that introduced him to the guitar, and the world of old school rock such as the Doors. He only saw his mom really late when he tried hard to stay awake to see her… it was his grandpa that raised him, taught him… his grandpa was the closest thing to a father or parent in general that he ever had.

His mom got engaged to his first stepdad and much to Xans misery, he was taken from his grandpa’s house and brought into this new household, and new world. Xan quickly grew to like this new home as it brought him three stepbrothers. One a year older, Steven, another two years older, Jacob, and one almost 10 years older, Cody. It was the first real time he got to spend with kids his own age… but this was only going to last a few years. His mom and he never were really close, now looking back on it, Xan believes it was because she just didn’t know how to talk to him.

They divorced after only 3 years, and Xan lost his ‘family’. They moved into a small townhouse in a even smaller town in Kansas. Every weekend Xan would try to get to see his grandpa who would drive 100 miles every weekend just to pick him up… Xan wasn’t really social with anyone besides his grandpa after moving away from his stepbrothers, and it showed during school. Every day Xan would sit in his room and play his guitar as he had nothing else to do. Xan wasn’t always like he is now. He wasn’t always smiling, talkative, and well, drop dead sexy.

Elementary all the way to 6th grade, he was a chubby, quiet nerd. No one really spoke to him, he got picked on a lot… he was ‘that’ guy. The guy who stared in those teen movies who somehow managed to rise above and… no, which only happened in movies. Xan can still remember how every night he would pray that he would lose his weight and people would like him, but no one has a perfect past.

After 6th grade, his mom and he moved once again to Colorado, out in the middle of nowhere, Ellicott. It was here that he woke up one morning in the summer and decided he had enough. He didn’t want to be alone anymore. He wanted to have friends... He joined the American Football summer camp, and spent every day practicing and trying to lose weight and change who he was.

It took two years, but when he became a freshman he had lost all his weight and shredded his old skin. Xander had become Xan… and he loved himself. [/ size]

So begins...

Xander "Xan" Drake Godfrey's Story