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The Music Masters: Last Record

The Music Masters: Last Record


The year is 1979. In a world populated by Music Masters, people with the power to channel superhuman powers from music, the very secrecy of their kind hangs in the balance. And so a great war between the genres begins and ends...

603 readers have visited The Music Masters: Last Record since Hejin created it.



It is the composed sound that human beings create and listen to as recreation. From Beethoven's "9th Symphony" to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", music has always remained infinitely diverse and has captured our imaginations for generations.

For most, music is a hobby. Something to listen to. Something to be distracted by. For others, it is a lifestyle. Something to play. Something to master.

Then there are the few who can call music more. There are those among us; the hippies, the skater punks, the ravers, the born-again Christians, people we'd never suspect. They have a different relationship with music. They listen to it in a way no normal human being could. They Harmonize. They can use it to create, and to destroy.

These are Music Masters; a meta-society of people who have been existing under the public eye for the last two hundred years. With the power to channel the songs we listen to into energy and matter, they are forces to be reckoned with. But at the same time, they are very much like us. They are the people living next door, the kid down the street, the police officer on patrol. Their society is one where they live under the shadow of their own kind, a merciless group of Music Masters called Zero Beat who have formed themselves as a police force for their own kind. They've kept other Music Masters on a leash throughout history, using bribery, brute force, threats and other manner of techniques to achieve their goals. With cooperation from some of the most powerful world governments and plenty of resources from the real world music industry, they have managed to keep Music Masters a secret for the last century.

But in the year 1979, something nearly upset that delicate balance. What was that something, you ask?

Disco music. Or as some would say, the root of all evil...


The year is 1979. Music Masters have begun to run rampant to the point where Zero Beat it even having trouble controlling them. With the explosion of new genres of music in the last thirty years, there has been an equal explosion of Music Masters. Now numbering in the thousands across the United States, Music Masters have begun to war with their own kind over petty territorial and music-based disputes. As the body count rises, the public begins to notice, and Zero Beat begins to worry.

The straw that broke the camel's back came in the form of a mysterious Music Master who calls himself Highlord Funk. Leader of a powerful Circle of disco-using Music Masters called DanceDown, he talks of revealing his own kind to the world. His Circle has enjoyed much popularity and support throughout the 1970's, and is at its peak of greatness when 1979 hits. His words can do nothing but unnerve Zero Beat. They offer him a position among their ranks, but he refuses. They offer him money to disappear, but he refuses. Finally, they offer an alliance, but he refuses that offer as well.

So the breaking point has come. DanceDown and Zero Beat are about to collide. And after all the carnage, the age of disco will come crashing down...


So, your character can be any number of things in this story. The above text is merely a setting; it's not like you have to be part of DanceDown or Zero Beat. Those are just the two main factions present really. Maybe you're a Music Master who's just discovered his/her powers. Maybe you're in a Circle that has nothing to do with either. Maybe you're just a normal person, because that could be quite interesting in and of itself.

The possibilities are endless, so I really want people to be creative with this.

Toggle Rules

So the rules for the role-play are as follows.

- All characters must conform to the rules of what a Music Master is. Luckily, I have those handy right below. Take a moment to read them.

- A Music Master is a person with the ability to channel a superhuman power or effect from a piece of music. No two Music Masters will ever have the same effect for a specific song, since all Music Masters hear the same music differently.

- A Music Master must ALWAYS have a direct source of music within reasonable auditory range, or any song effects under their control will instantly fade out of existence.

- Music Masters cannot switch songs in less than a 1-2 second interval. This will cause a dangerous condition known as Harmonic Overload, which degrades the ear drums and at worse can cause a deadly aneurysm. However, this limit can be bypassed while under Perfect Beat (see below)

- In order for a Music Master to Harmonize with a specific song, intense mental visualization is required. This process will usually take from half a second to five seconds, depending on the experience level of said Music Master. Once Harmonization is achieved, the song effect will instantly manifest.

- Song effects are broadly separated as the following; Projection effects, Modification effects, and Sentinel effects. Exceptions to these three categories are quite possible, however.

- Projection effects are the projection of Harmonizeo for some purpose. They are usually light-based effects that can on take an unlimited array of color. Their effects are anything imaginable.

- Modification effects involve Harmonizeo being used to modify a current physical form. They are usually light based and colorful, but some effects are incredibly discrete and hard to spot. These effects can be anything imaginable.

- Sentinels are the equivalent of war beasts or bodyguards for Music Masters. Their appearance can be anything imaginable. Sentinels are always made of pure Harmonizeo, despite what they might feel or look like. Their intelligence varies from Sentinel to Sentinel.

- Audio Emergence is a term used to describe a Music Master using their powers for the first times, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
Audio Emergence usually occurs at adolescence, though it is possible for it to occur at any point in one's life. The biggest sign of a future Music Master is a person who can see music's physical form drifting before them. This is often mistaken as synethesia.

- After Audio Emergence, Music Masters gain the ability to Multi-Hear. This allows them to clearly hear multiple sources of sound at once, without any chaotic intermixing.

- When song effects are active, Music Masters within a dozen feet will be able to clearly hear the song in question playing around the Music Master channeling its effect.

- Harmonic Overdrive is a state that Music Masters can enter when they Harmonize with live music playing within a close vicinity of them. They're powers function regularly, but a Music Master can choose to start Harmonic Overdrive during the duration of the live song. In Harmonic Overdrive, the power of any song effect increases dramatically, but at the cost of a Music Master's energy. The quick burst of power offered by Harmonic Overdrive will reduce a lively Music Master into an exhausted heap, so this state is an effective last resort at best.

- High level Music Masters are collectively known as Track Masters. A Track Master is a Music Master who is proficient with more than a hundred songs and is capable of achieving a state known as Perfect Beat.

- Perfect Beat is a state in which a Music Masters body and mind become overtaken by what is known as Pure Harmonizeo. Pure Harmonizeo is completely pitch black in color, and the state of Perfect Beat effectively turns a Music Master into a silhouette, save for their eyes and headphones, which glow in a specific color unique to them. This state is involuntary for many Music Masters, and functions as a fail-safe when a Music Master's life is in danger. Experienced Music Masters can initiate it through visualization, though it will take a toll on their bodies. In Perfect Beat, a Music Master's song effects will function at what they perceive as their most powerful. However, this is a psychological limit, and the levels of power attained in Perfect Beat do not represent a song effect's true potential. Perfect Beat allows Harmonic Combos, which allow a Music Master to link songs together without overloading themselves. The downside to Perfect Beat is that Music Masters will have an altered state of mind dependent on the individual's personality, and their mindset can be unpredictable.

- Pure Harmonizeo can also be tapped into via instruments and voice. Through an instrument of music, more powerful song effects can be achieved, but at the loss of the benefits of Perfect Beat. In addition, perfection on any instrument is required to manifest song effects, for without a perfect imitation of said song they will fail to manifest or fade away mid-song.

- The Soundscape is another dimension that is the source of all Harmonizeo, the energy source that serves as a catalyst for all song effects. It is where all music composed in our physical universe takes on physical form. It is a chaotic limbo of surreal shapes, and its landscape changes so rapidly that one can become lost after only a few miles of walking. The Soundscape varies in appearance, but all its different forms have some sort of nod to music. There are guitar-forests, towering amps, drum canyons, oceans of liquified CD's, plains of vinyl disks, and other fantastical landmarks. There is not one speck of organic life in this dimension, but it almost functions as if it has a life of its own. Music Masters remain to be the only beings that can enter the Soundscape without succumbing to the insanity of all the world's songs playing at the same time. Music Masters will hear nothing in the Soundscape, and gain the ability to voluntarily enter Perfect Beat even if they normally wouldn't be able to. It is not currently known how one can enter the Soundscape from the material universe.

- Circles are organization of Music Masters united through a common goal, mindset, genre of music or just about anything else. They are relatively informal unless their leaders are wealthy. The largest Circles have hundreds of members and dozens of bases of operation. Circles frequently war with one another, and these conflicts may or may not be stopped by Zero Beat, depending on the circumstances or the bribes involved.

And here are the rules for Zero Beat since they play a big part in this.

- Zero Beat is the largest and arguably most powerful Circle of Music Masters in the world. They operate in nearly all countries, and their role among Music Masters could be described as a self-proclaimed police force. Their main purpose is to handle any normal people who happen to witness Music Master-related events and to keep other Music Masters in line. They silence those who have “seen too much” through intimidation, bribery, memory alteration and even deadly force. In addition, Zero Beat reprimands Music Masters who publicly display their powers, even in the case of Audio Emergence. They are not above killing or imprisoning newly born Music Masters. Zero Beat is tied to the real world music industry, and so their funds are near-infinite and their resources vast. They also maintain shaky alliances with major world governments in order to keep their kind above the public eye. Zero Beat operates through a rank system, with its members having the ability to go up in rank based on their performance in the field. However, it is not uncommon for new members to unfairly find their way into the higher ranks though bribery or favoritism. All Zero Beat members have burned on their right palm a number when they are first inducted. These numbers are scanned when a Zero Beat member attempts to enter a Symphon, which are secret bases built around areas where a certain branch of Zero Beat may operate. Some of the more obvious Symphons might pose as nightclubs, record company buildings or discotheques. Zero Beat members are almost always recruited at a young age, where they are new as Music Masters and very impressionable. They undergo intense psycho-therapy and brainwashing to ensure loyalty, and they also receive training that gives them great control over their assigned songs in the shortest amount of time.

The ranks of Zero Beat are as follows:

- First Beat - The first rank of Zero Beat. These are the grunts of Zero Beat, and they tend to be the least bright and most reckless. First Beats are usually the ones sent out first when Zero Beat finds itself in any large confrontations. This rank can be bullied by all other ranks. They are given their uniforms upon induction, which are stark white trenchcoats that go down to the ankles. In addition, they are given Z-Phones, which are white orb-shaped headphones that clamp down around the user's ears. Z-Phones are extremely durable and are resistant to intense heat, blunt force and other forms of damage.

- Melodico - The second rank of Zero Beat. Melodicos have the ability to take on one First Beat as there protege. Their task is to train their protege to be a competent member of Zero Beat, and the reward for achieving this task is supposed to be a rank up. In reality, this is rarely done. Melodicos receive a red Zero Beat emblem on their trenchcoat when they reach the rank.

- Rythmer - The third rank of Zero Beat. Rythmers have Melodicos below them which they themselves are supposed to train. Rythmers have the benefit of having their own living space within any Symphon owned by their branch. However, Rythmers can be ranked down back to First Beat if they make any mistakes in the eyes of their superiors. Rythmers receive a blue Zero Beat emblem on their trenchcoat when they reach the rank.

- Second Beat - The fourth rank of Zero Beat. Second Beat is the first rank to earn a trenchcoat with an alternate color. Their trenchcoats are silver. Second Beats answer directly to a much higher Third Beat, and the Second Beat rank is usually where favoritism within Zero Beat begins. A Second Beat can easily make it to Third Beat if they play their cards right.

- Choruson - The fifth rank of Zero Beat. Chorusons are usually prevalent within the real world music industry, having double lives as successful musicians or music producers. Chorusons use the resources they gain to directly fund what they will gain in their next rank; the construction of a - Symphon they will oversee and own. Chorusons receive a green Zero Beat emblem on their trenchcoat when they reach the rank.

- Third Beat - The sixth rank of Zero Beat. Upon reaching Third Beat, the person in question is awarded with a gold trenchcoat, and they gain a Symphon assigned to them by one of the Harmonic Lords. Third Beats take all those underneath them to their new Symphon, and it is at this point that a new branch of Zero Beat has been established. Third Beats are frequent rule-breakers, and many of their chaotic actions are ignored by the Fourth Beats. For most members of Zero Beat, making the Third Beat happy is essential to ranking up.

- Fourth Beat - The final and highest rank of Zero Beat. It is unknown exactly how many Fourth Beats there are, but the number is said to be somewhere around thirty. Fourth Beats have supervision over multiple branches of Third Beats, and the Fourth Beats are the ones who receive the most benefits of Zero Beat's funding from the music industry. All Fourth Beats are also Track Masters, so their power and skill is vast. It is also nearly impossible for a Third Beat to rank up to Fourth Beat, and the few instances where rank ups have happened involved the planned death of a previous Fourth Beat who was replaced by a Third Beat “successor.” Fourth Beats wear a emerald trenchcoats and have Z-Phones that are a color of their choice. Some Fourth Beats even opt to do away with the standard Zero Beat uniform.

- The Pop 5 are a group of five Music Masters who change according the to music of each decade. They were created by Zero Beat, and though their ultimate loyalty is to Zero Beat, it is most of the time to themselves. The Pop 5's ranks change every decade, and each member of the group is assigned to use music from a single popular artist in the specific decade they are currently operating in. The Music Masters who are a part of the Pop 5 are inducted as teenagers, and they tend to be Music Masters who show incredible potential. Through specialized training, they reach a power level with songs that many Music Masters their age could only dream of. The Pop 5, in return for their loyalty to Zero Beat, are heavily pampered and spoiled, and they are allowed to live in the splendor of the 5 Penthouse, located in the large skyscraper Symphon in New York City that Zero Beat disguises as a record company building. Among the normal populace, the Pop 5 sometimes masquerade as celebrities or accomplished musicians, but among Music Masters they are greatly feared. With a license to kill and take what they want, the Pop 5 usually cause more havoc even when they've been sent to stop conflicts.

If you do the above things, and don't powerplay, troll, flame or whatnot, then you're pretty much in the clear with me.

Any special cases with the rules MUST be PMed to me before I look at the character, or you'll probably be denied. Also, I ask that since this is obviously taking place in 1979, try to use music that is accurate to the time. That should be really obvious though. Also, please not that the main way of playing music for Music Masters will be through the use of audio cassette players, due to the era. But that should also be really obvious too.

The character sheet for those interested in joining this RP!





Hobbies and Skills:

Preferred Music(if any):

Circle Membership(if any):

Song Effects (must have exactly 5):

Example ~ YMCA by Village People: Creates a giant Sentinel made of the four letters Y, M, C and A upon Harmonization. The Sentinel is highly durable and super strong.

Obviously be more descriptive than that, and don't go making the song effects too overpowered. In addition, they don't necessarily have to be literal. That is more of a personal choice more than anything else. Just try to have them fit in the Sentinel, Projection and Modification categories.

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Re: [OOC] The Music Masters: Last Record

I dunno. I'm kind of with Samurai. I might put in a character, but I think it would be awesome if it was like 2011 music, but with iPods a lot less out there, so they weren't taken advantage of or something. I just think it would be cool if today's music was in this too.

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My character is in process.

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Heh he remembers my love of music. I just prefered the original approach you first had, as how music has become so popular amongst the culture of today with things like iPods and other music players of today.

But as I said, I'm still in the air.

Re: [OOC] The Music Masters: Last Record

SamuraiMaster wrote:I remember this. You have my interest again. I'll give it some thought. The year is the thing making me iffy. Heh. Nothing against the 70's, but meh.

Well I'm just interested in the time period in general, and I figured I'd try it. Not going to go and be biased and say that one genre of music is better than the other, but the 70's had a lot of great stuff. Was your character the one who used metal? There's a lot of great metal bands from the 70's, well more hard rock, if you want to call Black Sabbath and AC/DC that.

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Character songs and effects have been edited

Re: [OOC] The Music Masters: Last Record

shiz didn't comply to the song years oops!! but posted my charrie anyways

Re: [OOC] The Music Masters: Last Record

I remember this. You have my interest again. I'll give it some thought. The year is the thing making me iffy. Heh. Nothing against the 70's, but meh.

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