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Lillian May Victoria

I live and breath music, never want a moment without it.

0 · 116 views · located in Music Masters-verse

a character in “The Music Masters: Last Record”, as played by Shyan Kalyssa


Lily has georgeous waist-length blonde hair that she usually leaves loose. Her sky blue eyes are constantly darting arounding and scanning her enviorment. They darken to a dark black-blue when she's angry or upset. She's always wearing headphones that are blaring her favorite tunes and people are always have to repeat themselves to her. She appears to be happy and smiling most of the time and she tries to keep her fears and pessimism hidden under the happy mask.

Lily can usually be found wearing a yellow and white pleated skirt with a black vest and white top. Lily loves bright colors and they portray the opposite of her actual shy pessimistic attitude. She keep cd's and tapes in a pouch on her belt. Her thigh high boots are her abosolute favorite and she wears them with almost everything. She also has a small tattoo on her left hip. Despite her outward happy appearance Lily doesn't talk much and can actually be really touchy.


Rule 1: Don't ever use her real name it's Lily or you die

Lily is never afraid to speak her mind but she tends to keep her real thoughts and emotions hidden from the world. Though she doesn't talk a ton every word that does come out of her mouth is like the double edge of a sword, two meanings and useually meant to cut the person their directed at. Despite her viscious toungue Lily actually does care for people even though she doesn't show it. If you can crack through her outer shell you'll find that she is witty and intelligent. She's also quite good at reading others all while her emotions are hidden behind a mask of happiness . Generally Lily can be described as well a witch with a capital "B" but if she likes you enough she might let you on the inside.

Rule 2: Say anything about her fear of spiders and heights, you die

Lily generally stays away from heights which besides spiders is the one thing that freaks her out. Yes, she hates spiders most bugs in general actually but shes not the screaming girl over it she just tends to avoid them. Lily is also quite wary of men growing up with her abusive father didn't help much. Her one weakness is children often thinking of the childhood she never got to experience she is always willing to stop to help them and care for the less fortunate.

Rule 3: Stay away from her stuff or well you get the idea
Lily's most prized posseion is her gold locket from her mother she is never with out it. The locket holds a picture of her mother holding a newborn, the newborn being Lily of course. She can be found looking at it from time to time and if it goes missing she goes ballistic. Lily once tore apart her apartment to find it only to realize she dropped it in her laundry basket.


I Like Dreamin - Kenny Nolan: When harmonized A blinding light emits from around her and if stared at can cause unconciusness.Typically last about a minute
Landslide –Fleetwood Mac: Will cause very small near-by tremors when harmonized. Strenghth of small tremor depends on her mood at the time of harmonization.
Runaway- Bon Jovie: Ability to run faster than normal for a short period of time typically used to escape fom danger
Snowbird-Anne Murray: Lily transforms into a small snow white dove she is vunerable to wild animals in this state.
Barracuda –Heart: A fish like barracuda comes forth to protect her. Barracuda will dispear after 6 minutes if not near water.


Lily grew up much like any other child oblivious to the troubles in her world that is until her biological father died. At the age of five Lily lived with her mother -who remarried right after Lily's father died hoping to spare the child of a hard life without a dad. Lilyt's mother was murdered when she was ten the muderer was never found - although now that Lily is older she got a sneaking suspision it was and inside job. Lily's step father had seemed kind enough when she was young but perhaps it was all to save face under the watchful eye of her mother. A year after her mother died Lily's step father began acting different towards her more rough and abusive over small insignificant things. She ignored it thinking then he was just sad because her mom had died when really it was much more than that. Lily was often told when she was young that she looked just like her mother and when she turned twevle she really began to see it for herself unfortunately she wasn't the only one.

Lily ran away from home one night going to live with her godmother who raised her till she was sixteen. One the moring of her sixteenth birthday Lily rose at dawn and left a note for her godmother reading : We see each other again. And that was all, she left and never looked back she moved to the city where she lived in a small dowtown apartment working as a bartender.

So begins...

Lillian May Victoria's Story