John Blake (Nightwing/Robin)

"I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just A Mutant"

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a character in “The Mutant Plague”, as played by TeenTitans


John's Character Sheet

Name: John Blake "Nightwing/Robin"
Age: 24
Type: Mutant/ MIA Police Officer
Powers: Weather, Elements
Fears/Weakness: His Family's Death


John Blake's Personality

John is a nice guy and very protective of his people and team mates, he'll make sure that they will be safe for life until her perishes. Which is never because he's one of the mutants that resist pain and injuries and can live forever.


Escrima Sticks

"Eskrima" or "Escrima" refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick and sword fighting. The term and the art most probably originates from the Spanish word "esgrima" which is the term for fencing.

Escrima sticks are made in many different styles. They can be traditional skinned or skinless rattan sticks. This is the original fashion. There are also varieties made of very dense and heavy cocobolo wood. Derivative materials can also be used to make escrima sticks. The very heavy escrima sticks are good for training and real combat. The skinless rattan sticks are good for training combat. The skinned rattan sticks are ideal for stick on stick practice.


Nightwing uses a modified type of batarang as a throwing weapon.


Nightwing does not employ a utility belt. Instead he houses his crime fighting gear inside compartments in his gauntlets and boots.


John's Life as A Police Officer in Gotham City

John Blake is a young police officer whose instincts lead him to believe that there is trouble on the horizon. Seeing something of himself in Blake, Commissioner Gordon promotes him to special duty. Blake represents the idealism that Gordon and Bruce Wayne once held, but soon lost in their battle against crime in the city. He is portrayed as being intelligent enough to deduce Batman's identity, and is disgusted by the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding Harvey Dent's death and Commissioner Gordon's role in it. The film reveals his legal name is Robin John Blake.

So begins...

John Blake (Nightwing/Robin)'s Story

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Hello we are Cyclops and John Blake welcome to the roleplay.

What is A Mutant

A mutant is an organism (usually otherwise human) who possesses a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows the mutant to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. Human mutants are considered to be of the subspecies Homo sapiens superior, an evolutionary progeny of Homo sapiens, and are considered the next stage in human evolution, though whether this is true or not is a subject of much debate.

The History (A Study)

(The history is by Rulke, thank you Rulke for the history for this roleplay)

There is a plague going around striking mutants. The young mutants succumn slower to the plague. This is explaining why so many key people out of the picture. The Plague also often mutate. It sugessts that the plague will eventually spread to humans. The Friends of Humanity hate mutants and will do anything to continue the plague. They go their usual spiel with religious flair, saying this is our judgement for not removing them for good well-known mutants are gather up. Humans are gaining abilities to do this. So FoH have got people riled up and wishing for mutant annihlation. Humans are gaining abilities due to illness, but due to hate many are afraid to admit this. You then have the main issue, no one else for the younger people to turn too.

Your Objective

Your objective is to help get the cure. All the mutants in the prision have been posioned and only have 1 year to live. Unless we get to the cure in time. There is enough for pretty much all of the mutants. But every month they destory one of the vials. Also you must save Angel and Storm before they kill them.

The Experience

Scientists want to become mutants by stealing it from you, so they tracked you down and took and DNA test from you. They injected them into volunteers but failed. The only way for it work is unknown which is why they are keeping you under their control. You are just locked up like a animal.