Jacquelyn "The Terror" Alexander

"You now face your greatest nightmare!"

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a character in “The Mutated and the Experimented”, as played by CutestWitch


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Username: PoseidonEmployee51
Password: *********
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[Opening File: alexanderjacquelyn]
Name: Jacquelyn Alexander
DOB: 6-12-2017
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Redish Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Mutated/Experimented/Human: Mutated
Power Rank: S-Rank
Powers: Ability to manipulate the mind of others. She can totally twist a person's version reality just by being around her. She can create illusions, while they can't physically harm people they can cause psychological harm. Her most deadly ability is that, by making eye contact, she is able to enter a person mind and permanently change their version of reality, causing them to go insane.
Crimes: Is linked to over 150 deaths: either causing people to commit suicides, go on homicidal killing sprees, or just killing people herself. Her death count is the highest of any known superhuman.
Threat Level: Extreme Red
Group: Armageddon's Shadow - Left Hand of the Shadow
History: Jacquelyn Alexander was born in San Francisco, California in 2017. Her parents committed suicide not even a year after she was born, most likely due to Jackey's mind manipulating powers. Jackey spent her childhood jumping to orphanage to orphanage, nobody wanted her because when she arrives to an orphanage the suicide rate of the kids and staff went up dramatically. When she reached the age of 10, nobody would take her in and she was left to live on the streets. She would eventually be found by a Mutated named Aaron Worshal.

Worshal was a B Rank superhuman with the power to calm the mind with touched, making people feel peaceful and happy. He was a man of peace and preached love, and had a few followers and was considered a small cult. His people found Jackey and brought her to him. Seeing that she was a tortured soul, he used his powers to make her feel calm and happy. She was part of his cult for a few years, and around Worshal she learned to control her powers. But a tragedy than struck and Jackey's powers when beserk, and she ended up killing Aaron Worshal and most of his cult.

Jackey was once again alone and went on in search of something new. She found the Shadow Man and the Armageddon's Shadow. She happily followed them as an underling. A few years after she joined, the former Left Hand of the Shadow was killed by an S-Ranked Superhuman named, Victor Ronchestor. The Shadow Man order the death of Victor Ronchestor, who has allied himself with humans and called himself their protector, and who ever does so will be his new Left Hand. Victor had the power to turn himself to a material harder than diamond and become strong to left entire land masses. He was a man of great brawn and is able to defeat anybody who faced him physical combat. But Jackey doesn't fight with physical force, and was able to cause Victor to kill himself. Jackey was now the Left Hand of the Shadow, which she has been for 3 years now. She has killed many people for the Shadow Man, and out of pure joy of killing. She is one of the most feared and dangerous Mutated alive, is often as an example as to why Mutated are so dangerous and need to be eliminated.

Trivial Information
Other names: Jackey, The Terror
Personality Traits:
- Fun-loving
- Joyful
- Adventurous
- Flirtatious
- Cruel
- Ruthless
- Psychotic
Sexuality: Pansexual
Love Interests: None
- Street Hoverbike Racing (Hoverbike are like motorcycles that hover)
- Playing the Guitar
- Sex
- Kills for Sport
Favorite Food: Chocolate Cake
Favorite Song: Bleak - Opeth
Battle Theme: Endless Despair
Other Info:
- If she isn't trying to kill you, she's trying to bed you..
- She cares to for life, and kills mercilessly.
- Because of her powers, she herself doesn't have a firm grasp on reality. She's quite insane.
- She has many phobias, that if learned can be used to manipulate and control her.
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