Evie Emory

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a character in “The Mutations”, as played by EnchantedHeart



Name: Evie Emory

Code Name: Archangel

Age: 7

Physical Appearance: Evie is 3 foot 2 inches and slender. She has long strawberry blonde hair that falls in soft waves at her waist. Her eyes are an illuminating aqua blue color. She has pale translucent skin that flushes easily. Evie's facial features are rounded and cherubic. She often wears cute frilly dresses with a matching bow in her hair. Her favorite color is pink.

Mutation: Evie has a pair of white avian wings growing from the shoulder blades on her back. Her wingspan is 8 foot. Evie has the ability to restore and regenerate living cells in organisms. This gives her the power to heal others and herself at will. Evie can resurrect a person whose heart had stopped beating, as long as the brain is not yet dead. The human brain can survive for up to six minutes after the heart stops. Ever since her powers developed, Evie has not aged or grown.

Background: Evie was on the rooftop of her apartment building when the infected rain started. She was there to set free an injured dove that she had been nursing back to health. Within a minute of direct contact with the rain, Evie saw the light leave her dove's eyes. In a desperate attempt to save the bird, Evie coddled it close to her heart and huddled her small body over it in order to shelter it from the rain. She could feel the dove's tiny heart beat slowing to a stop. Overcame by devastation, she prayed with all of her tormented heart for God to bring her bird back to life. It died... She cried until her eyes were dry. The bird's body had stiffened up from rigor mortis, and the rain had long stopped when Evie finally pulled herself up from the concrete. She felt helpless and powerless to the ways of the world. Little did she know of the powers she would come develop in the months to come. She wanted to make a difference. She started small, healing pets scheduled to be put down due to severe illnesses. Then she started healing patients from the terminal ward of the hospital. Her good deeds did not go unpunished. Soon after, the government caught wind of her actions and kidnapped her from her apartment while her parents were at work.

Goal: Her time at The Facility made her lose faith in humanity and in God. Now she lives day by day one foot in front of the other. Disheartened and hopeless, she accepts her fate of torture and impending doom.

So begins...

Evie Emory's Story