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The Mysterious Caller

Earth, A Dark Small town called Sunset Vale


a part of The Mysterious Caller, by mattixz13.

The City is covered in darkness, with only the moon to light it.

mattixz13 holds sovereignty over Earth, A Dark Small town called Sunset Vale, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Earth, A Dark Small town called Sunset Vale

The City is covered in darkness, with only the moon to light it.


Earth, A Dark Small town called Sunset Vale is a part of The Mysterious Caller.

1 Places in Earth, A Dark Small town called Sunset Vale:

3 Characters Here

Rachel Moore [4] "Tch, I don't believe in death..."
Detective Joushua Reins [4] The Main Protagonist and is trying to solve the "Dial-Tone" Murders.
Dialtone [2] "Ring-ring, your nightmares are coming..."

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*Walks to office and unlocks door slowly*

A sound of a man, happy in tone, exudes the phone. A chuckle, as if Joshua had said a funny joke.

"I did it, Detective Joshua Reins."

Dialtone. The psychopathic murderer. Killing innocent teenagers, seemingly for the fun of it. This was becoming a new tradition; rather than wait for the police to show up, Dialtone called them in himself, but doing so in the form of a riddle or limerick.

"I killed two birds with one stone."

Steven and Stephenie Bird, twins at birth. These were Dialtone's targets for tonight. Unlike the other murders, though, he stayed true to his word--once the Detective figured out the victims, and went to investigate with police, they would find the two siblings strung up by nooses in the living room, arms supported open like wings to give the impression of flying. The cause of death, though, would be found not to be the nooses, but by blunt truama. The teenagers were bludgeoned to death with a fairly large stone, also to be found at the crime scene.

A detailed search would reveal that there was no signs of breaking and entering, nor even of struggling. No prints, no trail of any kind.

"Hey diddle-diddle, the cat and the fiddle, fearing the coming full moon; Water cat fears, the fiddle has no ears, but will soon be broken and out of tune."

His warning. Maybe, if they could figure out who his next indended victim was, they could protect the teens...or catch him.

"Good luck, Detective."

With a click, the phone was hung up, the dreaded dialtone sounding as the call was disconnected.

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Detective Joshua thinks deeply about what the clue could mean, after an hour of banging his head against the wall for the answer he goes to the one place a cat would fear and also remembered that on the beach there is a little bar called "The Broken Fiddle" He arrives at the Broken Fiddle and.....

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Upon reaching the broken fiddle, Joshua finds the body of a young girl who lived a few blocks from his office, he remembered her because he bought lemondade from her, she is covered in whipped cream toppings and blood, a closer look reveals she was struck in the head with something heavy, he remembers asking the girl her name, her name was "Kat Williams" and she lived with her mother and was selling lemondade to buy a new bike...

"This fucking sicko!"

Suddenly Joshua's cell phone rings from a restricted number he answers it and hears Dialtone's voice say.....

"...congratulations, Detective. Unfortunately, you missed my grand concerto. I admit it was a little bit flat, but no matter. Perhaps you will be able to see the encore. It will be a bit sharp, methinks, but that is again no matter."

The deep chuckle resonated phone, out of context sounding almost like a warm purr. But with this context, it would only send shivers down one's could a human being sound so warm and happy at such a vile act? Murdering a small girl, desecrating her body, violating the security of her family.


The riddle.

"The mouse ran up the clock."

One could almost imagine the sickly sweet smile upon the male's face, amusement running the course of the vile villain's veins.

"The clock did strike, the mouse did fight."

The fear running through the veins of the victims, realizing this was their demise.


How was this possible?


The existence of this man?


Who could kill in cold blood, and seemed to have endless resources, every case seeming to end with a


This would be the last that the Detective would hear of Dialtone for tonight. The only other message would be an electric kitchen timer, found on the Detective's desk, set for seventy-two hours, along with a note stating, "START ME". However, this would not be Dialtone's last he waited...waited...


Ah. She picked up.

"Hello, is this Miss Rachel Moore?"

Rachel was meditating quietly in her room when she heard her telephone ring. She stood up quickly and picked it up before her grandmother got to the phone. "I got it Nan! Hello?" "Hello, is this Miss Rachel Moore?" She looked at the phone and spoke again. "Yeah? Who's this?"

'Honestly, who can be calling for me?'

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Dialtone gave his signature chuckle, which sounded warm as always.

"That is not important. For now. In time, you will see..."

A clicking sound, not of the phone, but something else rang in the background of the phone call. To an untrained ear, it could have been anything. To the trained ear, the slight sliding of brass would have been heard as a round entered the chamber of metal, a rifle ready for firing.

"Did you know that your grandmother is afraid of the dark?"

A shattering of glass, a scream of terror as the kitchen light exploded, the fragments raining like fairy dust over the old lady. The shots were repeated, over and over, as every light source visible through a window was shot out, moving methodically. While not all the lights would be put out, it was enough to dim the lighting of place from a safe, comfortable home to a dangerous place of mismatched light.

"Oh, yes. And the Lord's enemy...yes, she does not like that. See you soon."


The phone went dead, and Rachel rushed into the kitchen to see her grandmother lying on the floor, covered in glass shards. "Nana! Get up! This glass is dangerous to lay down on!" She helped pick her up off the floor, feeling her forehead. "Nana, you're really cold. Let me get you some warm milk."

Walking over to the couch in the living room, her grandmother kept yelling, "Rachel! It's dark! Help! Save me!" Sitting her on the couch, Rachel went back into the kitchen, turning on a flashlight that she found in the drawer. "Nana, I'll get you some nice, warm milk to calm you down. I'll go get your medicine too, okay?" "So...dark...."

Rachel warmed up a mug of milk in the microwave and stood by the refrigerator. 'Who would do such a thing like this..?'

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A call came in to Detective Joshua's office, it was from a young girl named Rachel Moore, she explained of what had happen at her house and he rushed right over, Rachel was an inteligent looking young lass, but his only found evidence was that the grandfather clock in her granny's hallway was shattered and the pendulium was missing.

"What could this bastard be up too?"

"Rachel I would like you to stay away from the phone at all cost, unless it's my cell number okay"
Rachel looked up at him and knodded and he left.

On his way out he found his car's door was torn off the hinges,,,,

He noted read: "Answer Your Phone"

Once again a blocked call came in on his cell....

(OOC: Don't be a jerk and start god-modding me.... People who do that kinda piss me off -_-)

Rachel looked at the number and sat on the couch with her grandmother. She had already passed out from being frightened, and sprawled all over the couch. 'Geez Gran, at least look moderate when sleeping like this....' Picking up her grandmother on her shoulders, Rachel hauled up to her room on the second floor of their house.

Opening the door to her room, the distinct smell of her unique perfume spilled out of the room. 'Damn... Stinks so much...' She tucked her into bed, leaving the small night light by her bed on. Rachel walked quietly out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Walking down the hall to her room, she heard her cell phone ringing. She answered the phone without looking at the caller ID and said, "Yo, Rachel."