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Lillian St. James

Didn't anyone ever tell you to pay attention to your teachers?

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a character in “The Mysterious Plague”, as played by AvaLovelace


Image Full Name:
Lillian St. James

Name you'd like to be called:
Lil, Saint, Lily



An old metal bat she got when she was younger when she went through a softball phase. She doesn't possess it at first, but when getting a chance to make her way home after signs of the world being destroyed, it was one of the first things she grabbed. She hadn't parted with it since. She had a few items such as a few water bottles, snacks and all the medicine and supplies in her medicine cabinet. Along with a few clothes and some hygienic things, her and Alli were set for this new world. For the time being.

She was a daycare teacher who worked in class Two A, a class for Two year olds, obviously. She formally taught self defense and yoga before realizing her dream of teaching and being able to interact with children.

Special Skills:
-Handling Children
-Using a Bat
-Comforting Others

Image Appearance:
Standing at 5'1, Lily was a tiny and sassy woman to deal with. Her shoulder length hair, slightly dulled from it's usual healthy shine, was blood red and pulled back in a ponytail or high bun most of the time. Her eyes a soft brown with a heart shaped face and full lips, marked with a scar from her temple to her jaw and a cut marring her upper lip. Her once pale and smooth skin of her arms held defense wounds from her attack, deep, pink claw marks ran across her forearm from where she held them up to block against the Demonics. She was lucky they hadn't been shredded off. As for her usual attire of cute tops and skirts, she's traded them in for a dark hoodie and fitted jeans and shorts, whichever she can get her hands on once her house was invaded by her zombiefied family.

Before the plague, Lillian was different person: She wore make up, dresses and heels. She cared and styled her hair everyday, did her nails and loved to shop like most young women loved to do. She was full blown girly girl. After the plague, she was a whole new person.. Her flirty demeanor changed, her heart hardened, no longer being able to be the carefree girl she used to be. She took on new responsibilities and had to abandon the love and peace side of her, because now it was a eat or be eaten world. And she'd be damned if she'd let herself or Alli become dinner.

Lillian, or Lily as she prefers to be called, has always dreamed to work with children, it was her passion. Her specialty was Two year olds, it started as volunteer work during her church before she completely fell in love with the job and began working at a Daycare. Shortly after did Lily start hearing about a new experiment being worked on by scientist, but she rarely paid any attention to it, even when the new constantly talked of a 'virus' and a 'cure'. She had heard it all before, and usually the news blew all their information up, but Lily soon got to see it with her own eyes. She still recounts this day; her kids had decided that they all wanted to share a coloring sheet with Lily's favorite animal on it, a panda, and color it together for her. Being banished from the table of angry two year olds, Lily began making snacks like they usually did around that time while keeping an eye out for those crayon eaters when a banging sounded at the door. Lily had only taken two steps before it simply shattered and these.. things... came charging in. She would later know them as the demonics. Almost her whole class was lost that day, including herself as she fought to defend them, but when noticing the she had lost the will to fight, they thought her dead and moved on from the bloody mess they made. Sniffling caught her attention as she snapped out of her daze and noticed the youngest, Alli, peeking from a cabinet, her usual hiding place. Her shy Alli Cat. The two made eye contact, and from then on, they never separated.

So begins...

Lillian St. James's Story

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"No! Don't look yet Teacher!"

"Yeah! Don't look!"

Multiple protest fill the room from the tiny table full of familiar faced two year olds, causing Lily to chuckle as she backed away, her hands raised defensively. "Fine! I won't look, I promise!" She chuckled, sneaking a peek over her shoulder when moving to the kitchen to start preparing snacks, luckily for her, there was a window there purposely there so she could keep an eye out on the little ones. Came in handy for the little ones who like to eat the crayons rather than use them. As Lillian began arranging tiny cups of juice and what the children liked to refer as 'fishies' when suddenly, red began to illuminate part of the kitchen. Her eye brows scrunched, Lily turned her head to the screen.


"It turns out that the "antidote" that scientists have been working on have actually posed a new threat! No need to worry though, they say it's just a small plague that they-"

With a click and a roll of her brown eyes, Lily turned back to preparing a snacks, slipping the remote back into the drawer as she did so. "'Small plague', right. Freaking scientist and their cures.." She mumbled under the breath, making faces as she brushed some of her crimson hair behind her ear before her eyes caught movement and made eye contact with child hidden in one of the lower cabinets. Face frozen in a very child like face, Lillian quickly straightened up, a smile stretching across her face when realizing who the little girl was. "Hey Alli Cat. Napping in again I see?" She asked the girl softly, walking over with a juice and a cup of fishies to the little girl who nodded silently, her blonde hair falling into her eyes. Once handing Alli her snacks she retreated back into the cabinet that Lily specially stocked for the shy girl with a blanket, a night light and coloring books and crayons. Lily only smiled softly at the door before standing to gather the rest of the snacks to bring out to the others, that's if she was allowed to approach the table. One day, she was going to get Alli to finally leave her cabinet for good, not realizing that her hiding place would save her in the future.