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Serl Rodetan

A tall, quiet man in full plate. He is rarely without it. His face is covered by a visored helmet. An aura of good surrounds him now.

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a character in “The Mystics”, originally authored by Serly, as played by RolePlayGateway


Description: Image

His eyes glow lightly beneath his helmet, a dull yellow-green. But it seems taht they do not always glow, for most of the time in the shadows of his visor there is nothing.

His face is almost never visible.

When you see him without his armor on, He looks completely different from the large, intimidating figure he is in it. He isnt overly buff, but not quite a weakling. His face is best described as gaunt, features sharp. His ears are slightly pointed, marking his heritage as a half-elf.

A broadsword, glowing runes carved into it that allow it to harm monsters more. A shield, With no decoration, wood with metal plating. A tall, Ten-foot lance with a blue scarf tied just bellow the tip, generally left with his horse, Oak. His armor, looking plain at first, has intricate designs patterned into it that glow when he goes into combat. Their glow matches the glow of his eyes, in both intensity and color. He is generally quiet, not talking to anyone unless directly spoken too, or ordered. He walks with his shoulders erect, clanking around in the dreadful suit of armor. Sometimes a thick leather riding cloak is attached to his pauldrons; But most of the time it isnt.

He is driven now to protect Arcadia and its inhabitants; It is his duty as a Knight. Monsters are his target, Though he only fights the ones who threaten the peace. This seperates him from other hunters.


Broadsword: Or arming-sword, single handed cruciform sword. The blade is three-feet long. Rather plain, save for runes etched into it that glow when he does battle.

Armor of the Rodetans: His family's armor, passed down from generation to generation. It has been in service since the Rodetans first gained nobility, and yet looks newly-forged. Small, intricately carved designs in the armor glow when he does battle, much like his sword.

Oak: Serl's warhorse, which carries all his equipment as he travels the land.


Name: Serl Rodetan.
Age: 19
Origins: Ignal, City of Ruins
Race: Half-Elf
Class/Specialty: Knight.

Bio: Born and raised in Ignal. From age six, he has been training to take up his father's place as a Knight of Arcadia. At age eighteen he was Knighted, and left to patrol the land, killing monsters in defence of the Kingdom. Besides all this, he lead a rather normal life. No major trajedies; His Father still lives at their estate in Ignal. He has no siblings. His mother died giving birth to him.

Sample post: To be added later.

So begins...

Serl Rodetan's Story