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Nagihiko Nara.

A quiet genius.

0 · 298 views · located in Naruto Universe.

a character in “The Naruto Adventure!”, as played by Jadebud98


Nagihiko Nara is a quite pale and fair skinned person. His face is fairly round and smooth. He has a quite a moderate body figure and does not have much of a muscular build probably because he barely does any physical work and stays inside playing shogi, drinking tea, and studying. He has kind of long black hair slightly going over his eyes. His eyes are narrow and slightly slanted. He also has pitch black eye balls and people who have looked into them say that they are like pools of black nothingness that don't care about what is going on. Lastly you would barely ever see Nagihiko with a smile on his face.
Nagihiko, while not in battle or on missions wears a turtle neck shirt with the Nara clan symbol on the back, blue jeans, and black shoes. However, while he is in battle or on missions he has a pale black sweater slightly open so that you can see his fore-head protector tied around his neck with a black band, not blue. Under his sweater which you don't really see much ever is a white t-shirt with the Nara clan symbol on the back. He also has a belt with a white weapon patch on it.


At home, Nagihiko barely ever speaks, most likely because he is trying to appeal to his father who enjoys peace and quiet occasionally but not all the time. He tries to appeal to his father because he knows that even if he doesn't show it all the time he knows that he to is quite sad at times over the death of his wife. Even though people think that he is lazy because his eyes look as though they are pools of black nothingness that don't care about what is going on it is actually because he is in deep thought and doesn't care about the boring things that some friends of his mother in-laws who are snobs are telling him. Though most male members of the Nara clan are lazy and don't care about what is happening he is not lazy. However he does not really care too much about what is happening unless, like other Nara clan members it is crucial that he cares. Outside of home however, he wants to be in charge because he believes if he believes the other person will screw up but, that's only the case if the person is an idiot or the situation is really bleak. Lastly the reason you will never really see him smile is because he believes that he has no reason to because he is quite the sad person but on occasion his mood will be brighter.


Mini Tracers
Timed smoke bomb-
Ingested Poison-
Tear Gas
Pepper Grenade

Nagihiko Nara was born into a middle-class family on an extremely dark and foggy day which is why his father jokingly refers to him as a creature of the dark.

When Nagihiko was five his mother, a medical ninja, died before his eyes trying to heal a man attacked by a rouge ninja of Konahagakure. What had happened was while they were going to the Nara research lab deep into the mountains she died because he noticed that she was healing the person that saw him clearly and since he could tell her after being healed and they could tell the hokage so he lunged a huge shuriken at her chest causing her to die. His mother’s death is mostly the reason for his inner-turmoil. The only reason that Nagihiko didn't die was because he used the jutsu, Bouzenjishitsu no Jutsu (Stupification Technique) on the man so that he thought it was a dumb idea to kill him but since his jutsu was weak at such a young age he only had enough time to run away and hide. All Nagihiko can remember of him now is that he had long white hair, black eyes, and an outfit that most chunin wear. Though when he was running he noticed several odd looking shadows until he realized what the shadows were... monsters! After noticing the monsters he had no time to waste so he ran faster and faster. When he got home he told his father all of the gruesome details.
At age seven his father re-married to another medical ninja who is quite strict and really dis-liked Nagihiko a lot. Nagihiko's mom most likely because Nagihiko never talked to her and when he did it was in private when is father was not home he normally called her a self absorbed witch while she normally called him an idiotic sloth.

Nagihiko asked if he could enroll into the Ninja Academy, and his mother thought it was a brilliant idea so that she could see less of him in her life and spend more time with his father. His father also liked the idea and said "fine you can enroll" and this was one of those extremely rare occasions when you could see Nagihiko smirking on the edge of smiling. So Nagihiko enrolled into the academy but when he found out that he knew almost all of the stuff he decided to barely ever pay attention at all unless he did hear something he did not know for once. It even looked as if he was paying attention even if he was not, which was a trick that he learned when is mother in-law's friends started criticizing him for not paying attention.

When Nagihiko was ten years old he went with his mother to go to the Nara research lab in the mountains again and on there way there a person zoomed behind Nagihiko and put a kunai to his neck and the man said in an insane voice "Give me the antidote... this potion is unfinished! Tell me woman!" and Nagihiko's mother had said "I don't know what potion you're talking about." so the man had said "Then I will kill this child!" and before Nagihiko's mother could say anything Nagihiko already had trapped him in
a Kage Mane (Shadow Bind) and moved his right arm so that the hand that the mans kunai was in would go away from his neck. His mother started running to him she did this because she noticed the sun was coming down and Nagihiko's Kage Mane (Shadow Bind) would release without a shadow which it did. But before the man could hold Nagihiko hostage again his mother stabbed the man in the stomach with her chakra scalpel technique. However the man fled before they could deal serious damage when the man fled and Nagihiko could notice that the man had the same eyes and hair as the person who killed his mother and with that since he saw the man again it became his goal his destiny to find and kill him. With this Nagihiko and his mothers bond had strengthened such a great level that Nagihiko could feel as if she was not his mother but as a great friend.
At age eleven Nagihiko Nara graduated from the ninja academy with the highest marks surprising many people including his classmates and a lot of instructors. After that Nagihiko also received his fore-head protector with the black band that he requested.

So begins...

Nagihiko Nara.'s Story