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Yuri Kamatama

"For the last bloody time! Just because my name is Yuri, DOES NOT MEAN I...LIKE...WOMEN!!!"

0 · 551 views · located in Naruto Conquered Earth

a character in “The Naruto Occupation”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Name: Yuri Kamatama

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 16

Appearance: Well I have red hair, purple eyes, my height is 5’3 and I’m very light.

History: Once upon at time there was a girl name Yuri. She was never noticed in middle school, even with her childhood friends she was constantly just mistaken as a foot stool or not even there. It got so bad that when there secret hiding place crumbled to the ground she was so unnoticed and unwanted that her best friends assumed she was dead and she lived the middle school unnoticed by any student, rarely the teachers. One day, she was noticed, this was in fact the greatest day of her life for, not only was she noticed but it was a anime producer that wanted to make a anime about her life. This would make sure that Yuri would never go unnoticed again. Few days later, Naruto and him army took over everything and her anime was canceled. She then became mercenary and developed skills that she mastered in middle school to high school. She then came to the view that her life had no meaning but to help others… So with that she accepted her new life and secretly hopes that she be hired by the resistance so she can take down the people who ruined her only chance to have a non-cursed life of nonexistence.

Her mother, is one of the few who can notice her completely, she is still alive but Yuri has but her in hiding. If anything, her mother is Yuri main weakness, for no matter what if you have her mother hostage she will be putty in your arms. Her mother was an artist before the occupation...


Undead fire blast- Uses sprits to fire blue flames at enemies.

Signature move: Rocket pockets- Hair style shoots off as rockets targeting enemy with boom!

Mimic- A abilities that allows Yuri to mimic a battle style, a attack, or even movement but with much weaker effect on enemy.

Special move: Invisibility- Do to her curse, during battle, the enemy tends to lose interest in Yuri and she may appear invisible when in reality, she been there all along. Only the ones with the pure of heart and the perception of level ten may see past this major skill/curse.

Sword training- Basic training with a sword... Any other weapon she can't use effectively...

Fun Facts: Did you know at some point I was going to be in an anime? No? Most likely because Naruto took over the world and banned all the other animes and mangas other than Naruto. Grr…

“You- You really didn’t see me there? I was standing there for two hours…”
“Super happy fun time yay~”
“I will kill for food, and acknowledgement.”

Love Interest (?): Well… I… I… Don’t ask me such questions! Love is stupid! It’s useless and it never matters. In fact, lovers are just drugged or brainwashed! Love is bad! Love is- (Non-stop rant about why Love is a waist of space.)

Theme Song: Stranger By: Thousand foot Krutch

It's just the state of affection
Just need something to cure the infection
I don't want to be your misconception
No, no, don't want to break the connection
It's just the pent up aggression
That drives me into this direction
If I had to ask just one question
"Oh no, how come they don't listen?"

I don't want to slip, I don't want to fall,
I don't want to care, or be here at all,
I don't want to crash, I don't want to burn,
I won't want to forget what I've learned

I'm a stranger that no one can see
A stranger to every part of me
I'm a stranger to all that I know
A stranger, everywhere I go

Sometimes I don't hate but I want to
Blinded by the reason I found you
It's just a feeling I get when I'm around you
Can you relate to what I'm going through?
How much farther will I get?
Man, I feel like such a moving target
how many times will I slip before I find it?
Until then I guess I'll just keep climbing

It's so hard when you're a loser
Heaven help us find our way
and it's so hard 'cause I'm a loser
Heaven help me feel okay


So begins...

Yuri Kamatama's Story