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Itō Yukina

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a character in “The Nascent Shinsengumi”, originally authored by Eris, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Itō Yukina's Story


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#, as written by Eris



The room was brightly illuminated, leaving no room for a shadow to hide. Paranoia planted itself deeply in Toshirō's mind as his crimson gaze flickered around the room every few seconds. It was as if he were silently reassuring himself that it was only Makoto and himself occupying the room. The kitsune, however, merely remained quiet, watching Toshirō as the man continued the quick and fluid motions of his wrist. Satisfied once more, Toshirō stared down at the note before him, reading over the contents before folding the paper and sealing it.

"Take this to Kitamura and have him deliver it back to Kyoto," was the only sentence out of Toshirō's mouth. Makoto stared at the man, holding Toshirō's gaze before simply taking the paper. They continued staring at each other for a moment longer before Makoto stood from his position, bowing softly and exiting the room. Closing the shoji door behind him, he turned with mild surprise, bumping into a smaller frame. He blinked down as he started at Yukina, watching as she stumbled backwards a bit. He offered a hand to balance her back into place, and to keep her from falling over.

"My apologies, Nagamoto-sama," she spoke, her voice soft and timid as usual. Makoto merely frowned at her choice of words, but only made his discomfort known through the soft sigh that passed through his nostrils. Yukina glanced up at him—being of a much smaller stature than her kitsune bodyguard—and smiled brightly. He knew she was here to see her father, to speak with him about small things, however; it was his job to protect her from everything. And Toshirō made it very clear to Makoto that everything included himself as well. "Are you here to visit otou-san, too?" she questioned.

"I was just leaving," was his curt reply. If it bothered her, she did not make it known, however; she merely continued smiling at him, and made to move past him. Instead of moving, though, as he knew he should have, he remained. "He does not wish to be disturbed, Yukina-sama," he spoke, his voice dry and bitter with each word. He could see her visibly flinch, and closed his eyes for a moment. "Wasn't there something you need from the village, today? If you are not adverse to it, I shall accompany you into town after my task is finished here," he spoke, watching as a light grew behind her eyes.

"Actually, there was. Thank you for reminding me, Nagamoto-sama. Since otou-san is busy, I'll wait for you to finish before we head out today," she replied happily. He wondered, just for a moment, how a creature such as herself could be as she was. He had expected her to grow into a hardened woman, living under her father's care, but he supposed the hand Hana had in raising the child might have had some affect. "I'll be waiting in the front," she continued, bowing before making her way back towards the front of the home. Makoto shook his head softly, allowing his muscles to relax before pushing his feet forward.

It was only a matter of minutes, and Makoto was finished delivering the letter to the Kitamura man. What the contents of that letter held, was something Makoto wanted to find out. He didn't have enough time, though, to open it—nor to reseal it if he did open it—and sulked somewhat. "Nagamoto-sama, this way," he lifted his head up to spot Yukina waving at him. A frown marred his face as he realized his feet had led him to where he was needed. He made his way towards her, stopping a few feet from her, and merely stared down.

"Are you prepared?" he questioned, watching as she nodded her head before leading her out of the old Itō compound. The village of Edo had once been a prosperous village, the streets lined with vendors of all kinds, and people walked around freely. Today, though, the streets seemed dark. There was only a handful of vendors out, and most of them looked ready to leave. He couldn't blame them for feeling that way. Things had been different under the Itō, but now that Yukimura was leading it...

"Nagamoto-sama, is something bothering you?" her voice pulled him from his thoughts as he turned towards his mistress. She had a look of slight concern, and her hands were unfolding just slightly before one laid itself upon his arm. It stopped him from moving further, and contemplated her words for a moment. The frown on her face deepened as he remained quiet, but softened when he shook his head and continued walking. "Oh, look, Mako!" she spoke minutes after silencing. Makoto turned to see what had caused the slight curiosity from Yukina—she only ever called him Mako when she was excited about something.

"It's a bird," he stated as he watched her grasp a phoenix-shaped pendant. It was jade, from what he could tell, with sapphire colored eyes. She held it gingerly, inspecting it for its authenticity, he supposed. "What about this one. It would suit you better," he suggested, reaching down for a necklace with a single onyx ball. Yukina scoffed slightly, not attempting to hide her amusement as she placed the pendant down, and took the one Makoto held. She glanced at it for a moment, pondering, it seemed, if she wanted it.

"If you say so, then it must be true," she responded, taking the necklace to the vendor to pay for it. Makoto only shook his head and sighed for the umpteenth time that day.