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Brenner Kastner/Alan Wallerman

"You're my sugar pie, honey bunch~ I'm almost proud of myself that I managed to say that with a straight face."

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a character in “The Neighborhood”, as played by Taunbon




Full Name: Brenner Davis Kastner
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
Height: 5'9
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: November 3, 1992



Cover: Alan Vicker Wallermen
Cover Career: Computer Engineer
Cover History: Born in Lansing, Michigan. No siblings. Divorced parents. Mother, Lisa Cormack, remarried to a butcher, Samuel Cormack. Father, Andrew Wallermen currently going through midlife crises in the Dominican Republic. Strained relations with both parents. Graduated from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Best friend from college, Ricardo Gareca. Employed by Michelle Pom.

Cover Contact Numbers
  • Lisa Cormack: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Samuel Cormack: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Andrew Kastner: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Ricardo Gareca: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Michelle Pom: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Handler: Handler 1392
Handler Name: Mercedes Ortega
Handler Contact Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Code Phrase for Blown Cover
  • "Looks like it might rain today."
  • "I hope you brought an umbrella."
  • "Would prefer a poncho."
Code Phrase for Compromised Partner
  • "I think my wife is staying late."
  • "Will she be home in time for dinner?"
  • "No."
Code Phrase for Emergency Evac
  • "I think I might have to bring my car into the shop."
  • "Do you need a ride?"
  • "I'll grab an Uber."
Code Phrase for Strike Team
  • "My dad is coming to town."
  • "When?"
  • "[Insert Time], I can't wait to see him again."



Forensic Analyst
Cryptography [Code Breaking]
Criminal Psychologist
Criminal Investigator

Psychiatric Evaluation

Agent 3130 seems to suffer from numerous feelings of inadequacy especially over his physical capabilities. This seems to stem from childhood trauma which causes him to constantly compare his capability against his friends, family and coworkers, often, using unreasonable standards to justify his placement. His sense of humor stems from his desire to hide these inadequacies as well as deflect attention away from himself before others can criticize him further, after all, what better way is there to stop someone from pointing out his flaws and failures then if he does it first? This barrier he has put up around himself is hard to see, at first, as his friendly and open demeanor make it hard to tell that he is subtlety undermining any attempts to get closer to him. From what I can infer, his relationships with people outside of his family are likely very shallow ones and I doubt he has ever had a fulfilling romantic relationship in his life. Despite this barrier he subconsciously puts up around him, Agent 3130 seems to hate undercover work. I'm not sure if the idea of pretending to be someone else eats at him due to his own dislike of his limitations or if it is the act of lying that he finds so detestable. I do not recommend moving him to such task as his current position in aiding local law enforcement agencies far better fits his skill set and fragile ego. Creating short-lived working relationships with numerous strangers and then leaving before it gets too real is far better suited, however, I worry that this is only pushing Agent 3130 further into these tendencies. If he were a patient of mine, I would want to explore this further, but this is merely an evaluation to his ability to work within this field.

I will say that his dedication to his work is admirable if not bordering on obsession. He seems to have quite a few hobbies, from video games, writing, reading, playing 'wargames' and other such tasks, I will note that many of these hobbies seem to be very solitary and, I suspect, allow him to still work whilst engaging in these 'time sinks'. I do not believe this is good for his mental health, everyone needs a break from stress and if this job is anything, its stressful. I believe Agent 3130 should be put on leave and a family visit would be highly suggested, he needs to let those barriers down and relax and indulge in true human contact. Despite this being a path I believe would help, I do not think it would work as well as one would hope, thanks to his skill set, it would be all to easy for him to gain access to his case files and resume his self-destructive behavior. While Agent 3130 may claim to the contrary, I have been noticing disturbing signs of substance abuse in the form of alcohol. Using it to manage his stress and anxiety as he delves into his obsession. Finding what he dislikes proved rather difficult as Agent 3130 wasn't comfortable talking about it, and it seems he is the type of man to pretend to get along with things if it means he can move past it easier, but from our talks and observations, I have noticed he seems to hate the sound of snapping, heavy rain and the smell of smoke, which seems to stem from trauma from an unknown earlier case. I firmly believe there are many, many others, more then he even realizes, but he simply pushes through them as it makes it easier for himself.

While he is very passionate about his work, I do not recommend Agent 3130 be allowed to return to the field until I have had more time to truly work with him.

Brenner was born in Littleton, Colorado and raised by a single mother. His father was in the military and lived in New Jersey. Brenner has never met or even spoken a word to him. The closest thing to a father figure he had was his grandfather whom was a member of the local police force. Raised alongside his cousin, whom was three months older, they were raised with a strong sense of moral obligation and family duty. It was always Brenner's dream to be a cop, just like his grandfather, and make him proud. Of course, he wasn't perfect as his grandfather was very into cars, landscaping and other such manual labor intensive work while Brenner... wasn't. He always preferred pursuits of the mind and preferred to spend his time reading and playing on computers. After graduating from the Colorado College, he joined the FBI along with his cousin. While his cousin went on to become one of the best field agents in the bureau, Brenner became an analyst. He spent the majority of his time either with his time pouring over evidence and data to complete algorithms to find their suspect or he would be 'loaned' to various local law enforcement in order to assist them in high profile cases which is something he enjoyed doing and excelled at. He has a remarkable case closure rate, however, every cop, his grandfather would say, has that case that plagues them, and Brenner has his. It was two years ago when he was assigned to a case involving multiple missing children after one, who had since become an adult, resurfaced bloody, shoe less and shell-shocked. He poured his heart and soul into that case, trying to find the other missing children, the syndicate that was abducting them but it became cold and his prime suspect was able to walk. Failing that case, and those children, despite promising the survivor, Katherine Anderson, that he would bring it down caused, as his mandated psychiatrist would say, an obsession to grow in Brenner. Most of his free time went to the cold case that he was long since pulled off from and he even used bureau resources in his unsanctioned crusade. At the advise of his psychiatrist, he was pulled from his department entirely and assigned to the special operations where he was made an undercover agent. He has only done a few assignments and.. he doesn't like it. But he knows why they are doing it, the longer they keep him buried in alter-egos, the further distance they create from him and his cold case. Its not that Brenner doesn't see his new cases as worthwhile, its just he can't let it go.

So begins...

Brenner Kastner/Alan Wallerman's Story

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Hedda was awake. Her fierce blue eyes blinked in the darkness, staring at the red straight numbers that illuminated in front of her. They read 3:27AM. With another blink, 3:28AM. She sighed, letting out an audible breath of tension. Her eyes wandered for a moment, trying to make out the dark shadows of the room. Across from her was a large window, the thick curtains were drawn, making the room even heavier. A sliver of light shown through from the street lamp, creating a crooked line that stretched from the ceiling across the bed and just barely brushed the floorboards.

Emma. Hedda needed to become Emma in the morning. A gnawing pit flipped in her stomach as Hedda shifted in the bed. Her blue eyes now studied the face in front of her. He had dark hair that was usually well kept, clear olive toned skin, creased smile lines, and mysterious chocolatey eyes. He was handsome, in that suspenders and glasses kind of way, but it was enough for Hedda to make it believable. She had argued for separate beds, but Hedda's handler quickly nipped that argument in the bud. Bonding was vital to the success of the mission.

There was nothing more that Hedda wanted than to be alone. Was it too much to ask for a solo mission? Thinking about this she rolled her eyes. Yes, it probably was. "Play nice." was all her handler could say before sending Hedda to this God forsaken cul de sac. Granted, it had only five days, but she could already tell that this was not going to be some walk in the park.

Hedda rolled over again, facing away from him and closed her eyes.

It was a Saturday. Some civilian in the neighborhood was throwing a welcoming bash for the Wallermans. Emma had met her briefly upon moving boxes into their new home. The woman's name was Georgia. Georgia and Greg Gilbertson. How quaint. Emma stood in the kitchen, staring at a recipe for 'belly stretcher salad,' which really wasn't a salad at all. Whipped cream. Marshmallows. A variety of fruits. Walnuts. Bananas cut up on top. Emma shook her head. Cooking was not her strong suit. She let out a sigh of annoyance. She could kill a man twice her size in under 20 seconds, but ask the girl to follow a recipe and you're screwed.

Emma looked around for a moment, self-conscious that Alan might see her struggling. "Okay." she said to herself. Emma's clean hands reached for the apron with a trendy cacti print on it. She effortlessly tied the ends behind her as peered down. She frowned. After second thought, Emma shrugged her shoulders and tried not to smile.

A knock at the door interrupted Emma scooping out a tub of whipped cream. Instinctually she wiped her hands on the apron, though there wasn't a trace of misplaced food. Emma opened the door to find Georgia. "Well, hello! She said in a chipper tone. "Hon," Georgia started "I just wanted to tell you that I invited nearly everyone on the cul de sac. It's turned into a really neighborhood fling!" Georgia exclaimed with her frail hands thrown up in the air. She was a petite woman, with a subtle twang in her voice. Standing at about 5'2 and plump as a peach, Georgia clearly had the body of a woman with more than three kids.

"Oh," Emma said, thinking about her cover. "That is just the sweetest thing you could have done for me and Alan." Emma looked over her shoulder, with the idea of Alan magically appearing at the right moment. "So," Emma cleared her throat. "Who else is going to be here?" She asked sheepishly. Trying to hide her true intentions, Emma leaned against the door frame with big curious eyes. "Anyone I should... watch out for? You know?" She asked in a hushed voice, bending down slightly to get closer to Georgia. The short woman laughed. "Oh honey, no. All the new folks in this neighborhood are just down right fantastic. The Jacobs, the McKenzies, the Sheffields. Every one of them. Nothing to worry about my dear. My kids run around the neighborhood and I know they're safe. I can see how you might have your guard up though, with wanting a baby and all," Georgia reached her hand out and grazed Emma's empty stomach. Emma awkwardly jutted back before turning the reaction into part of a nervous laugh.

"You can't be too careful," she said. Looking behind her again, then out at the lawn Emma was purposefully distracted. I really must go. There's a only a couple hours, and I was just making up something for the barbecue... and... Well..." Color rose to Emma's pale cheek. Blushing was a skill she was particularly good at. Emma whispered this time, "I'm ovulating. Georgia grinned at Emma before turning around with a wink. "You go and give that boy some fun!"

All Emma could do was mumble some agreement before slamming the door. She stood with her back to the door for a moment. "Alan!" She called in a guttural quality. Emma took off the apron in a rush. It was time to do some research.