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Harrison Aiken

"The soft melodies make more sense to me, then the words you speak."

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a character in “The Neighbors Grimm”, as played by HOLYCRAPAGHOST


Harrison is 25. He was born and raised in South Africa, with a white mother and black father. His light eyes are the direct product of his mother's genes and has given him great popularity. He speaks with an accent.


Harrison was always a "different" child, who listened to the world differently from others. He heard music where ever he went, whether it was the ticks of a woman's high heels on pavement, or the bustling sounds of the underground tram. He fell in love with music at a young age, and his mother enrolled him in several lessons. He plays several instruments, including some that are strictly African based. He loves to communicate with music, rather than actually speaking to someone. He believes that music conveys emotion in a way that words never can.


A guitar on his back, and a phone in his pocket. A wallet with a couple of bucks.


Harrison was born in South Africa to a black father and a white mother. His mother was kind to him, while his father was strict. At the age of 3 he had picked up his first instrument, and began lessons under his mother's supervision. At the age of 13, his father died leaving his mother winding down into a painful depression. Harrison did his best to cheer up his mother, but there was nothing he could do. Finally, his mother decided to move back to the states, feeling that being in South Africa reminded her too much of her late husband.

After moving to the states, Harrison went through school easily, using his music to help him learn. After graduating, he went to college for a music degree. He graduated with flying colors, and is now pursuing a career in songwriting. He hopes to one day be able to sing his music on stage for all the world to see.

So begins...

Harrison Aiken's Story


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Harrison Aiken
Room 302

Harrison sat in front of his piano, his fingers running over the ivory and black keys fluidly. The soft music echoed throughout his apartment, hopefully he wasn't disturbing his neighbors next door. They were known to bang on the walls and ask him "knock it off". He stared at the window across the room, enjoying the view of the city in the twilight night.

The wind swept in, blowing the dark curtains up. He felt the breeze on his cheek as he continued to play. It was a beautiful compliment to the wondrous melody he played. He closed his eyes, letting the music carry him to wherever they wanted to go, when a knock on his door shocked him back to reality.

He stopped playing, glancing at the door, wondering if he was visitor would knock again. It was probably that blonde across the way. She had no problems yelling at Harrison to stop playing his "stupid" music as she so kindly put it.

However, no knock came, so Harrison pushed himself away from his large piano and walked to the door. He opened it cautiously, waiting for the onslaught of words, but they never came. Confused, he opened the door all the way to find not a single person in the hallway. He sighed, about to close the door, when he spotted a small trinket on the ground.

He lifted it up, staring at it in the light. A large purple pendant hanging on a bulky silver chain. It was wonderful, the way the purple stone caught the light of his kitchen. Harrison shut the door before slipping on the pendant, letting the cool materials shock his warm skin. He went back to his piano, letting his fingers move across the ivory keys.


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Ollie Cross
Room 306

Ollie sat on the couch, hugging the small teddy bear to her chest. She couldn't keep her eyes off the storm raging outside their window. The lights had long since gone out, and Vincent was in the process of finding candles or flashlights to help light everything. She kept the small toy clutched to her chest as if it was the one thing that could save her from the storm.

She was terrified. Absolutely horrified as to what could happen. "Vincent, can you hurry. I'm really scared." She called not wanting to be alone for too long. She was about to get up and find him, when the small teddy bear starting glowing. She stared down at it, her eyes widening.


And just like that, she was gone.

Vincent Chess
Room 306

Vincent stumbled through the small storage room, digging for their flashlights. Why they didn't keep them out in the kitchen was a complete mystery to him. He cursed as he smacked his leg against something hard. Finally, he grabbed hold of one of the flashlights he needed. He could her Ollie out in the living room, calling for him to hurry.

She was terrified of storms. Always had been. Now, with the aid of the flashlight he had just found, Vincent would be able to find the others quicker. He turned it on and let the light light up the entire space. He found the last one easily, standing on top of the top shelf.

"I'll be right there Ollie," He called turning on the other flashlight to check the batteries. Worked great.

He made his way back to the living room to find the space completely empty. He called her name, searching for her through their entire apartment. "Ollie!" He called again.

Suddenly, his stomach started glowing.

He dropped the flashlights, shocked by the sudden light. "What?" He cried lifting up his shirt. He glanced around his apartment trying to see if there was something shining on his stomach, but there was nothing. The light was definitely coming from within.

He cried out, but he was already gone.

Harrison Aiken
Room 302

Harrison was too engrossed in his piano music to notice when the lights went out. Too focused on the beautiful sounds mixed with the thundering storm, to notice the charm around his neck.

The purple gem had glowed gently, almost pulsing with the music. He was at the very crescendo of his piece when the charm glowed bright than ever, engulfing Harrison in a pool of light.

The music stopped, no sound except for the raging storm. The apartment, for the first time since Harrison had moved in, was completely silent.


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Miranda Choi

Shouting, echoing moans of tortured souls, woke her.

Shivering and smelling rotted flesh, Miranda gagged and sputtered as she sat up off of the cold, stone floor. She found her feet, twirling about in a panic as the voices wrapped around her from all sides. Soon she realized she stood in a cell, bars long and close together, at the very end of a hall with more cells lining each side to the end where a set of stairs curled off to somewhere unknown. She gripped the bars, cold and metal under her shaking fingers and she felt tears come to her eyes. The yells circled her mind, echoing off the stones. The other inmates were in a frenzy.

Miranda turned about, hyperventilating and searching for escape from the tiny square space. But the only solace she found was the face of another dressed in clothes like hers, normal clothes, clothes from home. She dropped to her knees, staring at him and trying to find words that weren't coated in despair. She was so scared. First the storm, then Grayson glowing, and blacking out to wake

"Wh-what happened?" she asked the young man.


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Ollie was awoken by someone shaking her arm. She jolted up, glancing around. She didn't recognize anything. Her mind wondering. Dancing lights bounced in front of her face and it took her a while to finally focus on the girl who was shaking her.

"Stacey?" She questioned recognizing the blonde. "We...we live in the same apartment building, right?" She added. "What? Where are we?"


Harrison had awoke to the sounds of screams. Screams that echoed in his mind, creating an image of tortured slaves. People screaming out. Calling for someone to help them. When he finally opened his eyes, he was greeted by dark, dank surroundings. Bars around him, dirt and grime on the floors.

A girl was shaking at the iron bars, her clothes surprisingly normal. She turned, her brown eyes boring into his. "Wh-what happened?" She started questioning.

She looked panicked. Crazed even. She ran her hands through her black hair, the strings catching on her fingers. Harrison stood from his spot crouched on the ground and stepped over to her. He placed his hands on her pale shoulders and looked deep into her almond eyes.

"Relax," He said quietly. "Panicking will not help us get out of here."


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The boy's words, though somewhere comforting because of their gentle, twisting nature, didn't calm Miranda down. Pulling at her sleeves and tasting dried saliva on her tongue, she peered through the bars to the fingers and arms sticking out, waving for food. No one with food saw them. Their cries only fell onto one another, spirits dwindling into hysteria.

"Where are we?" she whispered cautiously, no clues visible. "We're in a prison but...this can't be a real prison...its like...out of a movie."

Just then a figure appeared, increasing the volume of shouts tenfold, along with manic waving of dirt caked limbs. A man, burly and gruff with a black beard, strode forward. His black eyes glared to the inmates as they begged. He gave no response out loud to them, but had no issue with kicking or punching at any exposed body part he could. Though stoic in expression, he seemed to enjoy it.

Then his dark gaze fell on her and the boy.

"An' what do ye think yer doin'?"

Miranda had no reply as she shrank away. She saw in his eyes the confusion and frustration. Bounding forward, he quickly unlocked the barred door and forced them stumbling into a corner. He big hands snatched Miranda's sleeves and she lost her breath to her short scream.

"What kind o' creature are ye now?" he demanded, lifting Miranda off her feet to hold her face to his as he analyzed her features. Miranda had seen the look before when a white person was confronted by her Asian features.

"What are ye?"

Miranda cringed from his breath, shivering with terror.


Miranda and her apartment vanished. And after blinking against sudden sunlight, Grayson let out a shout at the sight before him. A man with a drawn sword charging toward him. Ducking to the ground and tripping as he fell flat on his face, he twisted to see the man had been attacking the straw-filled dummy restrained to a post. The blade taking out an arm, Grayson gulped and met eyes with the attacker, heart sinking.

"Didn't mean to interrupt."

The man narrowed his light-colored eyes, mouth frowning. He was dressed like from a Robin Hood film, cloth and leather wrapped around him expertly with strings here and there. A dagger hilt stuck out at his hip. Again, Grayson swallowed hard.


The mysterious man lunged, grabbing Grayson's shirt and lifting him with a grunt to his feet to slam him into a tree. Grayson choked for air.