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Seraphine Allanach

If you don't know the way, walk slowly

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a character in “The Never Ending Scourge”, as played by Terraformer




What is Bliss if you are too Ignorant to understand Woe?



Full Name:Seraphine Allanach

Nickname or epithet:"Sera"or"Little Flame"


Age: 645

Species: Mature Vampire

Kingdom: Vampire


Hair Color:Flame red

Eye Color:Black


Tattoos:One small celtic knot arm band. She also has a large celtic piece that runs down her back and around her legs.

Piercings: Ears

Scars: none

Description: Tall and slender, she stands above average men and women, as if her eyes weren't intimidating enough. Her flaming hair hangs in variations of loose waves and small dreadlocks down to the tops of her thighs.She sticks to greens, blues, and blacks when she wears normal casual wear. However, her favorite style is the modern couture and she has very expensive and sophisticated taste.



{Cool, Calculating, Smart, Sarcastic, Fiery}
Seraphine Is a full-blooded woman who demands respect and, more often than not, received it in abundance. She is no where near the oldest living vampire, but her age has matured her like fine wine. She is calm and calculating in battle, but if crossed, she is extremely sharp-tongued and sharp-witted. She has a strong sense of justice and will do whatever it take to do the right thing for her and her people, despite those who would say otherwise. She often keeps to herself, finding it boring in her old age to maintain relationships with others.
-Severe fear of starvation
-Extremely neat

  • A full stomach
  • Hypnotic, meaningful music
  • Philosophy
  • Playing the violin
  • Her brief moments in the sun
  • Those who would harm her people
  • Spiders
  • Ignorance
  • Drama
  • The reactions when humans see her

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Stealth and Espionage
  • Small weapons and bow
  • String Instruments
  • Persuasion/Seduction

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Long Period sun
  • Starvation of any kind
  • Two-handed or Heavy combat
  • Her Loneliness

Secrets:How she became a vampire



Place Of Origin:Shores of Ireland

Birth Date:August 15, 1369

Seraphine grew up in a rather large kingdom on the stormy shores of Ireland called the Northern Ui Neill. There were times when we had plenty and there were times when we had very little, for it was very cold and the sea was treacherous. Connor Allanach, our leader and my grandfather, led with both an iron fist and a gentle hand. He was a kind man and would always tell Seraphine many stories of sea monsters and vikings and distant lands ripe for the taking. He sometimes even told her of her mother, who died in childbirth, and her father, ever the adventurer. She would always listen in awe as girl and a young woman to the same stories her Grandfather told. But one day, the stories stopped, her grandfather grew ill after the stress of a recent war with an enemy clan. Soon, he succumbed to his sickness, leaving no male heir, only Seraphine.
Seraphine's grandfather had an advisor, a snake of a man, who had always wanted the title of clan leader. After the death of her grandfather he finally got the chance. All of her life, Seraphine was taught how to be a leader and all the ways she was expected to act. However, the night before the feast that would mark her as the new leader she was taken in the night. She fought all she could but it was no use, the arms around her were like chains that she had no hope of breaking. She cried from the realisation of the fate of her people and of her own mortality.
Soon after traveling for what seemed like hours, Seraphine was dropped roughly to the ground with the sack she was carried in. Shen she was uncovered by the bag and laid eyes on her Grandfathers advisor. "Traitor." He laughed and knelt down and brought his face close enough to where she could smell his rancid breathe. " If I were you I would shut that pretty mouth of yours before I remove your tongue personally..." He looked me up and down," Or at least put it to good use." He chuckled and she gagged. "You will not get away with this, snake." She spat, it landing on his face. He became angry and slapped her so hard she saw stars. "You pathetic child. You think anyone can stop my plans now? You?" He grabbed a handful of her hair and drew her up against his engorged form. "When I am done with you, you will feel it in the afterlife..."
And it was no time before she woke up in a strange cottage. No marks, not wounds of any kind, but...thirsty...

So begins...

Seraphine Allanach's Story

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Music vibrated the walls of her high flat over the streets of Chicago. It was a Friday and she was...thirsty, at least for blood. The rest had to wait. No one complained, no one who even lived near her bothered to inquire or wonder about her strange habits. As much as humans claimed to be the top of the food chain as well as intelligent creatures. A prey always knew a predator when they saw one. There was no one way to tell when it came to a vampire. It could be their perfect skin, perfect bodies, deep hypnotic voices, or their black hollow eyes. Everything both repelled and attracted. It was all so very strange, so most turned away. Good for them, because as soon as you look into the black orbs, there's no going back. The huntings have become more frequent. The entire race is under stress over the new war with the magic pests. Wizards. They will never understand how it is to live when someone tells you you can't eat. Needless to say, the situation has escalated rather quickly without much kindling. The recent spell-murder on Lord Druganin, Recent transfer from our russian brothers. He was a good man.
Seraphine would not allow herself to mourn any longer. She had just finished fixing her thick and long fire red hair and was now getting dressed in her best little black dress that showed off her intricate tattoos over her back and legs. The boys didn't stand a chance tonight. After clipping in her stockings, slipping on her pumps and refreshing her lipstick, Seraphine ran her tongue over her fangs and was out of the door in what would look to be an instant. Once she was down stairs, two of her fellow vamp friends we waiting on her. The were definitely a site walking down the street to the new goth club in town. The shorter one, Aaliyah, was about 5'3 with cocoa skin and a bad attitude. The second ,Milka, looked like she belonged in the Moscow Ballet. She was tall and willowy with impossibly straight blonde hair. They quickly arrived at the club and walked in with no objection from the large gentleman at the door who was , coincidentally, one of them. Bodies were convulsing on the dance floor as the music made their chests quiver. Seaphine smiled and closed her eyes for a moment. They had no trouble finding willing partners to dance with. A tall man with a spiked collar and mesh shirt beckoned Seraphine too him and she almost scowled. The arrogance. At least male vampire had something to be more proud of. This young man was wearing more mascara than her. But alas, nature was calling and she could feel her fangs lengthen at the process and she glided to him and led him to the dance floor. Not surprising to anyone, he had Roman fingers that liked to test the limits of her garter belt, but unlike most women, she didn't mind. Let the poor soul enjoy a touch before the finale. % songs and one billion grabs for her ass later and he was sweating like a pig. She, of course, was not. She made eye contact with Milka and Aaliyah. They all lead their partners to the rear exit.
"And where are we going now gorgeous?"
Seraphine batted her eyelashes and brought her face to his neck and inhaled before giving it a flick of her tongue, enjoying the way he tensed beneath her like a kitten. "We are going somewhere more private, my dear. I cannot wait any longer to devour you." The statement made in her thick Irish accent was the closest thing to the truth she could inform him.
He looked as if he was going to squeal like a small boy at the prospect and she finally led him out of the door, trying not to roll her eyes. No matter the generation, men were always the same and was always the same technique. Hey, don't fix it if it ain't broken. She was in a deeper part of the alley than her two friends but they could all see each other, not that any of these men knew the difference.
The mascaraed Don Juan pushed her against the disgusting alley wall and she grunted, pushing him off of her and pulling him so his back was too the wall. She was always in charge. She kissed, no matter how much she didn't want to, but it didn't last long before she trailed her lips down his neck. He was very eager at this point which actually made Seraphine a lot happier. The faster she could drain him, the quicker she could move to her next meal. She lightly bit on his neck and judging from the sounds he was making he was extremely grateful. She raised her head and bared her fangs, whether the young man saw them or not, the slight stench of fear waft into her nose, but it died as soon as her fangs sunk into his jugular. Luckily for the hunted, the bite is one of the most pleasurable things a human can experience...before they died of course. He was tasty enough, she supposed. It wasn't like the old days, when blood was pure and mostly clean. Now if it's not the over-the-counter's dulling their senses and pounding through their bloodstream, it was the illegal kind.
Seraphine drank as quickly as she could and let the boy's body drop with a thud as she licked the remaining blood from her lips, she took the mans wallet and sliced the front of his neck with her retractable claw. It was of the utmost importance that we stay in peoples nightmares, and out of their reality. Smoothing out her hair and dress she turned to face her friends.
"Sera are you finished?"
"It looks to be that way"